Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mobile blogging now

Well with the power of smartphone I'm now mobile blog. Will mostly be me out in hospital or in my room but hey new blog experience.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Buzz Campaign- Handycans

Well the Handycans campaign is brands like Pepsi, 7-up and fanta....Seeing if people would prefer a 250ml can to a 330ml can. Now i can without doubt say yes i would much prefer a handycan to a full can as when i go to hospital i would take a 330ml can and its quite a heavy thing to take so you dont have to pay rediculious prices. Plus i would open the can and drink just over half and rather then carry it around throw the rest away and i hate waste.

Ive already drunk both cans loool :O)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Buzz Agent - Lambrini Campaign

So im doin the Lambrini Cider campaign, which is the new summer flavours being released and a general jazz up of the lambrini brand. So We have 3 new flavours coming Bright forest fruits, Tasty summer fruits and Crisp apple and pear. So here is a picture of the Buzz Kit

So us ladies are going to be doing blind taste testing sessions and a general good old fashioned get together to experience the new flavours. As lambrini is such a well known brand, these new flavours are looking to re-vamp and i can say im really impressed with the presentation.

So as this a blind testing i cant put what the drinks are described as tasting like but i can say...watch this space !!

All will be made clearer at chez taras next week for this brilliant campaign !!!

JolieBox August - Fleurs et Champs by Trina Design

Well the August JolieBox was designed with a various selection of coloured boxes Designed by Trina. The designs to capture certain types of summer experience but the contents were the same, which is a really plus point with beauty boxes for me and Joliebox in particular. Everyone gets the same and you know you can talk to other beauty box lovers and compare the products.

So my Box is called "Secret Garden" i must admit it was the box i was eyeing up and praying i got as i love the concept of the colours and design behind this box. Its green with the leafy garden and the pink emulating the summer flowers around. Fitted my personality to a tee....but i would have loved any of the boxes. They were innovative and just a lovely change to recieve mid year when usually box colour change when its a birthday for the company or a limited edition. So what was inside i hear you ask ??

  • DeBonner's Pure castle soap pillows - 3 very generous sample sachets
  • Phil Smith Be Georgous - Dry cleean revitalizing dry shampoo
  • So Susan Cosmetics - Lip cushion
  • So Susan Cosmetics- Wide awake face palate with tweezers included
  • Joliebox - Leather Hair styling lace
Now you also recieved a JolieMag and a free download for a summer song by The Nodz called Holidays. Now ive heard the song and i love it.

I love this box so much it is amazing, The palate was a pure delight to open and have that skippy joyful moment when you recieve a brilliant product in your beauty box and the same with the Lip cushion. The packaging was just fairy like with butterflies and pastel colours. The lip cushion has a glittery look and also smells like strawberries so with the concept of my box being a secret garden it just transformed me back to my nans garden as a child with all the colour and fresh smells.
The dry shampoo is a must for the summer when you need to spruce your hair up quickly and becoming a beauty staple for everyone including men who are attending festival season.
Now the Hair leather im not sure how to use so i will be keeping a close eye on the jolie blog to see what i can do with this and what i can do with my way-ward hair.

I really hope joliebox continue with the magazine ... i really loved reading it and seeing the up-coming and wonderful products on the market being recommended that i would otherwise be unaware of.

Plus the tips....we all need a little help sometimes ladies and this is a welcome feature to any beauty box on how to get the best and most out of your products..so hooray Joliebox to a fantastic concept,brilliant products and the stand out box of August so far.

Other beauty box companies..... take note. This is how it should be done and youll have happy customers, peace out joliestars :O)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Glossy box August box

Well Glossybox August caused much controversy. It was a international superstars and whilst i liked some products i wasnt impressed but im very hopeful that next month will be better. Plus i won the Glossybox competition to win a german box, now that box was amazing !!

  • All for Eve Balm - Full size
  • Lipcote- Full size
  • DHC facial cleansing oil
  • Glossybox Lipstick
  • Vera vivanti Eyeshadow
  • Whitening nail polish
So the products i loved were the Glossybox lippy...was a lovely colour and i like the slick packaging plus bonus product. The all for eve balm is lovely and i love the little mirror which will be good to use when the balm is all used and i can recycle with some more product. I liked the DHC oil it removed stubborn eyeliner easier then a facial wipe so this was a big thumbs up and no oily residue.
I was however not impressed with the eyeshadows but my daughters love them so none gone to waste there plus the Lipcote stung and hurt my lips so i really cant use that again.
So all in all was a mixed bag with more good then bad but thats the joy of a beauty box reviewer.

So sneeky peeks at my Glossybox prize
Was a fab prize with loads of quality brands and a surprise tote bag which i adore !! love them and hope they make an appearance in one of the UK glossyboxes.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Betrousse Summer beauty Box

This is my first order from betrousse, I really like this company they do boxes you can choose from so no surprises, just products you really want. So i was looking at the Summer beauty box as i really love the fact they are french products of quality and full size. But the box is a fraction of the cost.

I really was surprised by the sheer size of the box when it arrived, its the size of a shoebox. Inside was a lovely bright pink tissue paper protecting the products and i must admit i really wish other beauty boxes would follow suit. The sawdust to crinkle shreaded paper leave either static or a dust off the paper which cling to the products. Simple tissue paper is the way forward.
  • Lilas Blanc- Secret Eclat Jeunesse 50ml
  • Orhis- Nourishing face cream 50ml
  • Cinq Mondes- Rose petal rain mist 200ml
  • Cosmetoo Nails- Nail art kit with 1 pack of stickers, diamontes and boxwood applicator
  • Benta Berry- G-I moisturising face cream 30ml

I really love the quality and standard of this box. It is full with proper size products and a feel of care and proper thought radiates througth the contents and the information provided. I will definatly be using betrousse again. I love the fact i know what i am getting and its at a reasonable price. Quality adn quantity together.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

JolieBox July

So my first JolieBox arrived after a long wait but i wasnt disappointed and the customer service were amazingly helpful. So as it was my first box i recieved a extra gift added plus i love the fact the joliebox has a mini baggie in it. Its really a extra perk and would love to see other beauty boxes follow suit with this as its such a beauty box lover essential to keep your products nice and you can reuse them to your hearts content.
So the contents of the box were
  • Etat pur- Salicylic acid 300 - Sample size 15ml
  • Jane Iredale- Tantasia self tanner- Sample size doesnt say but looks like 10-7ml
  • Nail Girls nailpolish- Gold and Silver colours - Samples sizes again doesnt say
  • Wen by caz dean- Sweet Almond and mint cleansing conditioner-Sample size 60ml :OD
  • Extra product for first box- Institut Esthederm Bronze repair 20ml and joliebox toe spreaders for nail polish.
Now i was really impressed with the quality and effort joliebox have put into the presentation of there box. It was impressive to recieve a 60ml sample of the Wen conditioner and 2 nail polishes from nail girls. I dont suffer from acne so the salicylic acid will be going to the hubbie to help him. I will have to mix the jane iredale tantasia with another product as the amount given will barely cover my forarm so i will have to use another product so i dont end up with some tan line ending at my elbow. I love the fact that my freebie product was a bronze repair so that while your testing a tanner you also have a moisturiser that will actively help keep the tan in place. Joliebox really do think of everything from the bag as packaging to the toe spreaders for the nail polish which is a lovely touch and just makes you feel like your custom is important to them. They are happy to throw these little extras in. I love the products and using the nail polish as we celebrate the success of team GB and support our para-olympians in the coming weeks. Really well concieved box by joliebox and i cant wait to recieve the summer themed box in the coming week.

Well Hello,Finally did a blog

Well i finally managed to get round to doing a blog for all the samples and treats i review. So i shall start with an introduction, My names Tara im 31 from london and im currently on sick leave indefinatly for the forseable future. Im married to a wonderful man named rick.
So i started getting into sampling and comping about 3 months ago and decided to start reviewing products as well im at home with plenty of time on my hands apart from hospital and tests. So now i have signed up to Glossybox, She Said Beauty ,LuxBox, JolieBox, Latest in Beauty and whats in my handbag.
I also am a registered Loreal Insider (awesome for samples) and use alot of freebie sites which surprisingly will mount up,you wouldnt believe it but yes you get alot for nothing on these sites and if your like me and love having a little surprise in the post you wont be disappointed. So thats me hi and hello :O) Hope you enjoy reading my reviews ..........

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pure Potions Skin Salvation Sample Review

This is a blog review which will be ongoing to see the changes to my skin. I suffer from psoriasis and i have tried every cream, steriod ,PUVA you name it ive tried it. So when Pure potions were doing a Facebook giveaway of 200 sample pots i jumped at the chance.

So the product im testing is Skin salvation-
So I recieved a little 30ml tester pot to review and it is really nicely packaged, I love pots for cream they are easy to use and maintain, plus reusable.
The little tag has information on the emolliant and the bath oil that you would accompany it with for maximum results. As you would bath with the oil first then use the emolliant after for best results and the advice ive been given by my dermatologist. This ensures the layers of dead skin are removed making the emolliant much more easily absorbable.
So upon reading the product is mainly made up of essential oils and beeswax, which is all natural and has been certified as such. Its pale olive colour and the smell is quite hard to pin down. Its very subtle and not an over powering smell at all. Too discribe it is very hard as its so mild.
On touch it is like a hair wax where its hard to touch but then softens upon body heat so as you keep getting some to apply it becomes easier to rub in.
Before Application -
I choose my hand as its the worst area i have at the minute and you will be able to see the result as the days go on. So was easily applied, a little went a long way and i applied a generous layer on my skin. It was really nice feeling, as i scratch terribly as do most sufferers of a skin disorder do. This calmed it and i must say i havent felt it itch at all since application. I can still see the layer where i applied an hour or so later so its reminicant of a body oil but in a salve. You can see this quite evidently in the next picture.
After Application-
So as you can see the redness is brought down even after one application and its definatly nourishing and full of moisture. Plus i can see the difference straight away. Its less sore looking and raw, deffinatly calms the itchiness and it is all naturally done.
So heres Day 2 before

So as you can see the majority of the dry skin has come away, the itchiness is most definatly reduced and i cant actually remember itching it  now where as before i was going at it like a cheese grater. The flash is bringing up the redness but its definatly moving the lesser areas in the middle the bigger patch is going to take a few more applications but its going in the right direction.
After Application Day 2

As you can see after each application the rawness and redness is reducing considerably .

Day 3 Before

Well this picture will hopefully show the remarkable differance after 2 days application, the redness is nearly gone compleatly, I woke up and was amazed at how well it was looking. No irritation nor scratch marks from sleep scratching. The worst patch is now nearly in line with the other patches. I can positivly say maybe 2-3 more applications and it will be near enough gone.

Day 3 After application

Im actually amazed how well this Skin salve is working, and my skin is a stubborn lil cow just like its owner lol so after application the difference is very clear. So i can imagine with the bath oil this product will be very efficent at clearing and soothing when applying the salve. It definatly gives relief from scratching and the irritation of itching. Plus 2 summer days in a row i would be clawing myself silly with the pollen and the allergens floating around.

So here we are on day 4 and still amazed at the progress.
Day 4 before application

So as you can see the plaques are definatly become less raised and defined and lessening with obvious clear patches now. With each application the psoriasis is getting more moisturised and calmer. No itching obvserved, yesterday with the heat i would be itching myself silly. I can safely say at the end of this trial il be investing in purepotions bath oil and salve to continue this progress and maintaining of my skin, even if this was the best it got its worth it in my eyes, im more then sure come next week i will barely even notice the patch. It has overpassed my expectations and im very stubborn and will be honest with any product. This safely is best product ive used and im amazed its natural and non-steriodal. Its even more plus signs on my chart for why im going to continue using this. I hate steriods they damage the makeup of the skin leaving it damaged,thin and prone to breakage. This wont happen with purepotions.

Day 4 after application

So after application the change is more obvious,its barely recognisable from 4 days ago. Less red,more in keeping with my skin and going. Soon will be the count-down to going,going,gone !
So i will keep posting daily to chart the progress of my skin using the salve and post updates to the progress and end result on finishing the pot.

Day 5 Before application
Well unrecognizable ... im amazed, nearly there and its on the right track. Im so happy with the progress and the time its taken to ease and go down. Anyone with psoriasis will tell you when its stubborn its just plain pull your hair out senario.

Day 5 after application
Just amazing results in such a short time. I really hope this blog helps people see the progress and what you can expect to happen in the time.

Day 6 Before application
Nearly all faded down to my skin colour. So happy :O) only after nearly a weeks application this stubborn patch of psoriasis has nearly flown the coop !! Happy days.
Day 6 after application
No dry skin, no itchy patches....so much easier to maintain now and can see it going bye-bye very soon.
Day 7 before application
Fading fast now.....very happy even when i apply the salve now it is barely noticeable.

Day 7 after application
You really can see how much the patches have reduced down to the level of my skin and the lack of plaques on the psoriasis. The barrier really does lock the salve to the skin so the whole area is moisturised.  Little miracle in a jar .
Day 8 before application
Amazing right !!! nearly gone :O)
Day 8 after application
Not long to go, wow its now a daily amazement every time i wake up.
Day 9 before application
Day 9 after application
Its just unbelievable the difference from when i started to this stage. Near enough fully gone in little over a week. Truely is a very good procuct which lives up to its promises.
Day 10 before application
Day 10 after application
So as you can see its near enough gone. The journey from start to finish has been so amazing its left me totally flabbergasted. I never expected to see such results in such a short space of time.
Day 11 before application
Day 11 after application

Day 12 Before application

Day 12 After application

Sorry the flash was not playing ball, but the skin is near enough clear now. The patches are visably smaller and the tone is more in balance to my skin.

Day 13 before application

Now please as i said my skin is really stubborn being psoriasis so dont be put off its taking a while to get to this stage. I can imagine conditions that are less stubborn would be gone by now esp if yours is at skin level. My psoriasis plaques were at least 1-2mm above the level of my skin and as you can see the salve has brought it down immensly.

Day 13 after application

Day 14 before application
This is where its starting to just disappear.......its going to be gone soon yeahhhy
Day 15 before applicatio
Day 15 after application
Virtually un-recognisable from day 1 !! Amazing stuff thank you purepotions :O)
Day 16 morning picture
Day 17 Morning picture
 Day 18 Morning picture
New camera so its just zooming into the hand more and the background fades but you can see its near gone
My family cannot believe the results and neither can i , never did i think my skin could be clear. Thank you purepotions and good luck to everyone using it i really hope it yeilds the same results for you all x So my skin I've been asked how it is doing and it is still clear with regular applications and the comments I receive are proof of how much of an amazing product this skin salve is x so I'm fully behind skin salvation and its use x

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