Monday, 29 October 2012

Bloggy bloggy oh what to bloggy

So as now the christmas period is coming and well beauty boxes are not the same quality they were, ive changed my blog and its posts. So im going to be adding more blog posts on everyday life with regards to still trying new and wonderful products i find plus as im an avid reader always on the look for new books i thought yeah why not write some book reviews and also reviews on smaller companies offering quality new products that you may not even know about.
As we all know the branching out for companies with products far and wide is growing on the mass media world of twitter and facebook and why not rave about these little diamonds in the rock. We all have a passion for something and its so nice to find a person who whole heartedly has passion in something but it maybe chance or fluke that you find it. So hey i love to blog and try new experiences so why not share that ?

So i hope you enjoy the posts as they come and the direction in which my blog is now heading .. but dont worry beauty lovers my passion is definatly trying products ;OD xx

October Glossybox

So that time of the month again girls and this months Glossybox was the theme of DIY beauty.

So this months box contained :

I must say i was really impressed with this box. I will use all these products. So we have.......

First up Dr Jarts BB cream

Now this is a 15ml sample and im so happy to test this BB cream and i usually dont steer from my full cover foundation and with this sample i can actually do a proper testing as it has more then enough to do a full coverage.
Now as im in my early 30's which this product is aimed at im really intrigued to see if this will offer the coverage im after as i find i have some skin tone changes.
Now this premium BB cream offers a SPF 40 protection and anti oxidents added, plus anti aging and too be honest your never too young to start protecting your skin from the signs of aging.
So very impressed with this sample.

Anatomical - Body scrub, Pink grapefruit

Now ive seen the anatomicals range and i really cannot wait to use this as i really love body scrubs and i like the smell of this , so i will of course report back what i think of this when i use it.... (if my bathroom ever gets finished lol )
Plus i love that this is a proper size product !!

Yves Richer - Moisturising Cream Lipstick
Now i love this lipstick and was really looking forward to using it, unfortunatly its just not my colour, i was expecting the red as the cover shows but it is very hard to apply and bleeds so much with the slightest of touches. Im going to give it one more go with a lip pencil and makeup brush to see if its just the fact its so creamy that maybe you cant apply it without tools.
So try 2 we will see ......

Skinetica - Anti Blemish
Olay - Olay regenerist 3 point treatment cream

Now these 2 ohhhh dear me what can the matter be ??? Well 1 i am lucky that i rarely get blemishes and when i do i tend to stick to the same product i know works as to not confuse my skin and that is a cheap and very practical Zit zapper by ELF which i will review at a later date.
Now Olay i have trialled this brand till the cows come in and really i think im using a great skin regimine for my age now and this is a bit .... woooo hold your horses sunshine i aint that old kinda reaction to this one. Great for the older woman and yes its a maybe for the future but i just gone past the 30 barrier ... dont add age to me by freaking me with Olay lol I can say though i really dont mind olay just not my first choice when comes to thinking of brands aimed at the just turned 30's.
So overall Glossybox .... *Claps* I commend you for listening to all the comments on the dire boxes we have had to suffer and up your game for october... lets hope this is a corner turned and a sign of better things to come from Glossybox.
I really enjoyed my box this month and am very happy.

Urban decay Mariposa Palate

Well to say im addicted to Urban decay palates is a frank understatement lol ..... im always on the look out for the palates at great prices and i could not believe my luck when TkMax were selling them off for up to 53% off..... Bargin !!!

So the thing i love about Urban decay is the pigments of the colours is so vibrant and just amazing to get definition and blending with these. Its brilliant if  you use them with the eye primer potion, it helps to aid the adding of eyeshadow to the eye and blending in the colours and you can use this with any eyeshadows you use as a fantastic base.

So the colours have a discription on the inside underneath and the cover aswell
Plus the tin is so pretty and sturdy so you feel like your makeup is encased and protected.

So with halloween coming up i decided im going to have a play with the colour and was told a great tip to bring out your green eyes. Using vibrant purples and greens so i picked the vibrant teal in the palate and infamous purple.
This is what i achieved with very little on my brushes.

So pretty and i forever will love Urban decay palates. I will bring you more looks with the feminine palate i have.

Now i have Done a look with the smoked palate and this is what i achieved with the smoked instructions in the booklet.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New trial of Liz Earle and LP Skin

So now my Collin has ran out I'm going to trial my contents of my latest in beauty box.
Now the Liz Earle super skin is a lavender smelling face oil which you take a few drops, I found 1-2 drops enough then warm in your hands and massage into the skin it's best use is night time as the lavender will send you to slumberland.
Then I used the LP skin as my moisturiser on top of that and on my neck aswell, its a lovely creamy texture and again you don't need much.
So I can't wait to see the results of these two products.


Collin skin regenerist

Well I've used this product since receiving it in a glossybox and its fab, its jelly water texture means you don't need a lot and it just leaves your skin fresh looking and soft.
I adore it and is on my tick list of products I'd use again without a doubt.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

ELF cosmetics

Now this company is new to me but I saw a 50% offer on any order of £50 so effectively only spend £25.
Now they do a studio range which is the top end price range and a normal range which is usually around £1.50 per product or brush.
Now I got a lot for my money and bought mostly from the studio range,.
I must admit the packaging is sleek and professional looking with a definite aim to impact the market of affordable makeup.
They have regular offers on there Facebook page and offer everything from mineral makeup, brushes,kits and nail produce. So there is no shortage of choice.
Now I've used the brush cleaner so far and it's effective at cleaning smaller brushes and only really recommended if using a few times not a daily cleaner nor has the power to shift heavy cream makeup such as foundations. Would recommend as a brush daily cleaner tepid water mild shampoo or soap and never immerse your brush as could damage the shape, always leave to dry and if possible with the bristles not touching anything so they dry even and quicker.
The nail polish remover pads are impressive they smell citrus like and also clean the heaviest of polish off with ease I use both the back and front and can get away with one pad for both hands unless its a purple or red colour which will need 2 as the colour pigment can stain the fingers when turned over so use 1 pad per hand and you won't get this problem.
So this week is fun fun fun week with this big box of goodies to play with, will of course as always update as I go through the products.

New olia trial

Well I'm awaiting my new hair colour trial from garnier called olia. Now I picked the red to try and I can't wait to see what this new, natural dye has to offer.
So il update with photos of the results plus my thoughts of the olia experience.

Latest in beauty/beauty bible box

So we know the beauty bible is the book that guides us girls in this realm of skincare and Beauty products, now they have joined for a one off special box with latest in beauty and its amazing.
Latest in beauty really have a great finger on the pulse of what beauty box lovers want and that's choice plus great quality.
So there collections section offers a variety of different boxes which you can view before you buy.
Now this box has the must have anti ageing products as recommended by beauty bible.
It includes brand such as templespa, LP skincare, elemis etc and I adore it.

October Amayra box

Well after a fab September box I must admit I'm a little gutted by the October box.
Now this brand has been flooding the beauty box and fashion magazines for at least 2 months now and after getting 2 of the wonder eye cream last month I was a little depressed to see a whole box full of balance me products.
I admit the citrus and spice products I have not tried but overly powerful rose lip balm I've tried had put me off
a little.
Now it was again a wonder eye cream, citrus and spice body wash and body lotion and the balance me wonder cream.
Now the products are great sizes, it's just now getting to the stage where beauty box addicts are just dreading seeing this brand.
Roll on November as Amayra due to the quality is one of the beauty boxes I decided to keep on subbing to.
But like the others if November does not improve then bye bye subscription.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

MUA cosmetics

Now I love this company, for an amazing price you can get high quality makeup.
The eyeshadow is pigmented and feels lovely plus with some palates only £4 you really can't go wrong.
I love the finish of the gel liner and its little brush is in the lid so can be washed and stays very silky soft with many applications. I really love that I can stock up on these cosmetics having a lot of choice and not feel like its cheap makeup lacking in quality.
I would recommend this brand massively as I regularly buy plus it's perfect for anyone wanting a treat but with low income ( as we all have experienced).
They are currently doing a promotion on Facebook to get 50k followers and with every step towards that is a treat, now the next treat at 35k is 35%off plus free delivery so get a ready for a marvellous bargin this month if you take the offer up.
Just like Academy MUA cosmetics to help get that little ticker up 😊

Friday, 12 October 2012

Now on Instagram

Well I'm moving the blog up and hopefully get more followers, so follow me if you have the app.
It's @tarastreats

Thursday, 11 October 2012

L'occtaine pamper sets

So now I love the body shop but now I've found a new love in home pampering and just pure lushness when showering and body creams, now I was so impressed with my first order I re ordered the set again. So it consists of the harvest celebration basket and 3 lavender bath pebbles and with codes I recieved the cherry princess set and radiance hair set for free with free delivery, gift packaging and 2 free samples.
Now I totally am in love with the cherry blossom scent of the cherry princess and with this whole set only costing £35 and a £28 saving on the cherry princess and radiance sets being free its a total bargin.
All hail L'occtaine !!!

October boxes

So now I've pretty much un-subbed from most of my beauty boxes I will be doing my October reviews tonight on the ones I've recieved so far.
Amayra came yesterday and also I'm going to review the latest in beauty's beauty bible box which to be Fair I'm in love with the boxes latest in beauty release as you can see before you purchase them. So till after christmas my loves i bid the beauty boxes fairwell x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Frontcover cover go set

I'm in love with this set the colours are vibrant and the kit is full of eye lid primer, removable colours with a transportable palate. Also genius eyeliner clear fluid which makes any colour a gel liner.
Now the colours are amazingly pigmented and just quality products enclosed.
The cover includes looks to try and to get the best use out of the set Aswell which is an added bonus as some colours you may think wow they are quite bright but with the right look applied it can send a usually plain look into a amazing eye catching transformation.
Well worth the money and if your looking for a new set to play with bold colours then this is well up your street. I will post some pictures of looks I achieve with this set in the coming days.

My new love

Well all the lady gaga fragrance hype is rife? But what so you think?
Now glossy box did samples of the new fragrance and immediate love I here is my lovely bottle of miss gaga's perfume in all Its glory as a lush pressie I am truly spoilt this

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New direction

So now I'm finding the quality of beauty boxes if falling, I'm going to be starting blogging on products I test individually.
I'm still going to be writing about all things beauty as now I'm testing for beauty bible and clicks research panel.
Also I will be doing a lot of posts on makeup I have purchased or received samples of and skincare etc.

I love all things makeup especially and have invested in some very good quality products which I can't wait to blog about In the coming week.

I still have subscription to glossy box and joliebox plus still actively trial products for buzz agent.

I hope you find this new format interesting and as exciting as I do and thank you for your continued support and reading.

Till the next blog xx much love
Tara xxxxxxx

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