Thursday, 29 November 2012

Avon my new favourite products

Well Avon is probably the most well known catalogue brand.
It offers convenient home shopping.
I must say one of my friends is a rep and was a darling to send me a load of products as a get well pressie and wow I've never been so impressed.
The eyeshadow palate deep forest is lovely and pigmented with a light green and dark brown for a smokey kick ass look for all green eyed girls. The picture does not do the colours justice will need to replace In natural light not a powerful flash.
Adore it !!! Plus before I applied I used the anew eye shadow lift and omg on the brow bone it's amazing feels like an instant eye lift. Plus gives an instant glow to your eyes.
I'm so impressed with Avon I've put in for more anew skin care ( your never to young to have a good care regime ) and also more makeup to try as wow I'm so impressed.
Maybe give your local rep a go and see what you think.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ojon trade in

Well I saw this and nearly fainted, trade any used empty bottle of shampoo for a ojon repairing shampoo and conditioner.
Now as I'm housebound I was determined to track down a store near me that was involved in this promotion and ask if I could send my bottle in return for this offer.
Bentalls in Kingston are amazing and said they would happily let me send one in for a set. But never in a million years did I expect the package I recieved it was over generous.
I recieved the full size shampoo and conditioner along with a mini duluxe ojon hair mask, bliss body butter and Percy and Reed leave in conditioner.
So a quick and speedy thank you email was sent to bentalls for there generousity.

Burts Bees Rose Tinted lip balm

So whilst i know the Burts bees brand, ive never actually tried any of there products but heard rave reviews.

On first inspection the packaging is really cute and i love the outter casing which twists open and then you take the tape of the top of the lip balm and it slides out of the casing. As the picture shows.....

I really do love this lip balm, it has a tint of rose which i found really plesant and brightened my lips when they were not having a particularly perky day. Its feels amazing and soft on the lips and helps with cracking which im really prone too, Now beeswax is a known nourishing natural moisturiser and its a perfect product for lips as in this season of the winter months where the cold is setting in and you need your lipsalve more then ever.
 It smells quite nice not overly sweet and noticeable when applied but when you smell the actual salve it is lovely.

This is probably one of the best tinted lip balms ive tested as i find when there tinted they dont last long as a salve and you need to apply just as much as a gloss with it wearing off, this salve stays in place (and ive tried) whilst eating, drinking and all sorts of activity.
So lovely product from burts bees and ive really enjoyed this product.

My Stockist for burts bees Rose tinted lip balm is : 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Nica handbag win

So now the blogs moving along in a direction of hitting all things beauty then id thought id share my love for all things accessories.

My hubbie for my anniversary bought me this to die for jane norman bag all white and gleaming and i have not put it down since plus the purse to match.

Now i won this nica handbag on a twitter comp and to say i was like a woman gone mad when i found out id won is an understatement. I love the new revival of satchels and the fact there back in fashion as they are in my opinion a classic.

Now it arrived yesterday and I'm in love....the feel of the leather and the insides decorative material left me in a squiggly mess. I was inspecting all the pockets the clips on it and the detailing intimately and i was not disappointed, it is a high quality bag with exceptional quality. im definatly going over to Nica bags on payday to see what other little beauties i can find.

Comp on stuff and things with utterly personal x

WIN a Personalised Sweets Jar From Utterly Personal.
The lovely people at have donated a personalised jar of Swizzles Matlow sweets for one lucky competition winner! 
What's even better is this gift will get to you just in time for Christmas!

Utterly Personal is an online company with a HUGE range of beautiful and fun gifts just itching to be personalised and enjoyed. 
They have items for any occasion and if you're struggling to choose you can even buy someone agift certificate
I think you will find it hard not to choose something special with what they have on offer 

Personalised Newspapers are a fun gift which are suitable for any occasion. They can be personalised with names, dates and locations which are headlined and continued through the subheadings and stories. You can even buy this gift framed or in a lovely presentation folder. 
I can't wait to buy one for my loved one. It's bound to cause a laugh.

Take a look at these Personalised Diaries
Suitable for males or females and with a choice of covers. 
You can choose anything from 'Bang on the Door' to 'Zoo'. This means any ages can be catered for. You can choose any name or even nickname of up to 18 characters. At only £7.99 it's a fun gift for all

Sheepskin slipper boots

So again had a wonderful twitter win with debenhams.
These sheepskin boots turned up and I was thrilled, I love the feel of these boots there so soft and warm for these cold evenings. The suede makes them look stylish and really luxiourious, bit of a nice change to slipper socks. I will definatly be recommending these to everyone.

Now I'm thrilled to win these as I can trial a variety of products and steer my blog to all kinds of avenues of testing from fashion to looks as well as the accessories used too.
It's a real thrill to be able to take this new direction.

November glossybox

Now glossybox last month was fantastic and everyone was holding there breath would this month be as good or was it a fluke ?
Well happy to report glossybox is back in business.
I recieved a fantastic box which was named stocking fillers, I recieved

Dermalogica microexfolliant
Which was a duluxe sized 30ml sample
Alison Claire body butter
Which again 30ml sized pump dispenser
Nails inc
Clear nail polish (something I was desperate for as mine tan out)
Olay 3 point treatment humm
Now had this vial in last month and as a sorry glossybox is sending everyone whom recieved it an extra product in December as a apology (big thumbs up)
Wei facial serum vial
Small sample but fantastic to try this product and not alot needed.

So I'm really happy to see glossybox returned to form.

What do you all think?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week away

So been in the hospital this week and vastly behind on my blog so will be updating with loads of reviews I've done tomorrow. Hope your all well xxxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Techniques foundation brush

I cannot wait to test this brush, I love my foundation and my makeup brushes but I do find cleaning my foundation brush takes time and a lot of drying time. That much time to keep them good meant I felt like I needed to get a second. So I know I can leave a brush to dry sufficiently without compromising my brush nor foundation with damp wetness if I didn't leave enough dry time. I use cream foundations so my brushes need a full clean.
Now I have a BB cream to trial I think it may change the way I view my foundation but I'm one of these women who need full coverage. I have uneven blemishes that age brings and well its natural and part of life. I'm not lucky enough to be able to just use eye and lip makeup anymore as I did in my 20's. So piccies galore this week of brushes and new makeup swatches and looks, plus reading a new book release.
So busy week this week and I can't wait x

Sally hensen complete manicure

Now I didn't recieve this in my glossybox but was sent it from a girlfriends who doesn't use dark polish as was in her box and I love gothic colours.
This was black platinum so I was really entrigued and excited to use it. Boy am I a pushover with products I would see this and think perfect but it was god aweful to use. The brush was smaller and dumpier which I liked as it did cover the nail really well but the polish on first coat is like water and u need about 5 coats to get it dark black and level but even then when you know the nail is dry it seems when the last coats on to turn to gel ? Very strange and kept leaving little bits chipping off and I had to get the polish off it felt so aweful. Even as I took it off it came off in one sweep like mush and to get it out of the cuticle area took loads of cotton buds and cuticle sticks to just get rid if the discolouration.
I'm back to my aqua green polish now trusty polish 2 coat no mess not fuss polish thank the stars !
So Sally Hansen you steeply price polish not my kinda polish too messy and weird texture on drying. Us girls need a polish that you don't need to sit for ages like a nail bar and just run. If you have a fan you may get away with it.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The final boxes this month

So final boxes month and well its going to be a sad moment for me. I love to trial new products and I was really thinking finally something that addresses women who love to sample and blog as a passion. As we all know the box quality had been below par for me to actually unsub and buy singular products so I can trial companies and things I actually like and get a proper size to do a good review.
So I've been doing a lot with my makeup and well swatches this week I did in some green shades as a bit if fun threw up a major realisation that when you find a cheap version of a more expensive brand you may not even realise and this happened. Swatched an urban decay shadow only to find its a unmistakable match to a MUA shadow I own and as we know MUA is brilliant for pigment so I think now in future il be keeping a closer eye on shadows I want and find a colour on the MUA site that I think is close

Miners cocktail kiss range

Well now I'm very aware of this brand and knew that these lip glosses are in Harrods.
So was amazingly excited to win a set in twitter .
Now will be interesting to see how the marbleing transfers on to the lips.

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