Thursday, 31 January 2013

Body shop Duo - Body butter

So body shop is a known natural and cruelty free brand. It's a store we all have a product we love and enjoy from and my personal favourites are raspberry ripple shower gel and the body butters.

I don't have one particular flavour I like as I love fruity and nutty smells. The latest one I have been using on my body is a duo as its winter my skins been hit and miss with dry patches here and there.

So using the macadamia nut duo, one side is the normal butter formula and the other side is a thicker almost like a thick balm which upon touch with body heat then rubs into the skin and soaks in.

The smell is lovely and if you like nutty aromas.

If your in a body shop then do try smelling a few if you haven't experienced any products.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dove Deoderant -Buzz Campaign

So Dove have been the lead in product thats, multi functional for purpose but also moisturise intensely.So now we have a new announcement that the dove deoderant packaging is being condensed into a smaller and more portable,lighter and easier size.

Much smaller packaging
Up close to the picture you can see its no bigger then an A4 folded in half.

Coupons for more bottles for my family and friends.

I cannot wait to try this product and report back on weither i think the packaging affects the performance of the product as i love dove deoderants. Non harsh on sensitive skin and non drying aswell. So cant wait to report back to you all.

My looks this week

Ok so i have alot to get through so im going to use this post to update my looks ive done.

NARS and Urban Decay Naked basics with a Cat eye tutorial i learnt.

Urban decay -OZ palatte Glinda look as set out by the Look card

Elemis Freshskin Mask pamper day

So later in the week will be adding the theodora looks and also some more to do with benefit's fine one one, Il admit i tried today when i did glinda and my skins having a dry day hence the face mask. This fine one one cream product will not blend great with dry skin as it will just with circular motions make your face makeup cake.

My hair care

So now i know i need to write more on the hair care i use as well im not totally mental, I have the curliest hair you did see so what does curly hair go in hand with .... FRIZZ !!

This is the bane of my life, if i want nice curly locks i need to literally take a full can of mousse and wack it on layer by layer. Its not so bad hair oils have come out, my hairs definatly looking more healthy from the introduction of a little treatment now and again.
I dont neglect my skin so my hair needs the same love.

So now i will tell you my experience, if i want curly hair wow i will suffer the next day, i cant just hair curly hair... go... then come and fall asleep. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOO i would be in tangle hell within about 10 seconds flat out. I have to then redampen and plait it to be woken in the morning with nest head going on at the top..then again unplait, redampen and spritz plus wide comb used. Its such a pain just in writing it alone i tend to do the old "yes hair dressers will kill me" scrape back in a plait after a shower and dry yourself luv type attitude.

I will batiste my hair in and out somedays as products in curly hair fantastic to weigh down but not much fun and giggles to feel your hair.


Now i like Blush and cherry most as they just perk your hair a little, plus if i have it i will also use percy and reed leave in conditioning spray as that is genius .... come on batiste jump in on the leave in conditioning sprays please.

So today flipping through my glamour... with not so glamourous hair, quite dryish i come across this

Loreal Extraordinary Oil in a 3.5ml sample sachet.
Usually i would look and put sachets in my donating box to go to give and makeup. This made me double take as i wont lie my Ojon oil is nearly out i got in a Glossybox and im not going to pay that price for hair oil as good as it is. I need a alternative.

So open sachet expecting honestly a piddly amount ..... nope wrong it was a good cup your hand dollop and fear loosing some at the sides. That kinda amount lol Its oil i dont know what i was expecting i suppose i hadnt kicked my brain in gear yet.
So rubbing my hands together and its silky yummy not oily yucky. Its went on my long hair and coated it. My hair is super thick and down to about above my belly button to give you an idea of the length this tiny sachet had to deal with. All my hair was coated and tamed down. So that little pump of a sample did my mane with no problems or hitches. Now i have 2 of these samples so im going to leave this one in and reapply the other the day after tommorrow as its just nicer to my hair not to overload it. As im product free at the min i want this to really settle in.
As it says on the back
A precious blend of 6 flower extracts, leaves hair with a sumptuous softness and luxiourious shine. hummmm on first look yes you do.... we will see .
See says rub 2 drops now unless i missed the dropper that came with this sachet you cant go by this by any means. Says 5 in 1 miracle hair protector. Plus lists like before shampoo and as a masque etc what you can expect. Well i know that in one word what i expect and thats condition. I want this to moisture and condition my hair till its screaming wash me off.

So we will see if this oil lives up to its Miracle properties and if this will be a good replacement to the god expensive Ojon oil.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Benefit - Fine one one

So benefit is a known and loved brand, known for its wide range of good makeup. Recent ravings have been for the its real mascara range.
Now its brought out the fine one one which is a 3 in 1 cream. Contour, blush and highlight.

You can use it to create a number of looks on your cheeks and lips.

So with the swatch below you can see the blending of colour and I will be updating a picture of it used on my cheeks tomorrow .
I've seen some amazing results in YouTube blogs and really am excited to try it.

So till tomorrow's more in depth review.

Urban Decays- The great and Powerful OZ - Theodora Palatte

Now we move to the supposed wicked witch of the 2 palattes.... Theodora.
I have a feeling this will sell more as the colours will appeal to more people and believe me, 2 colours in here sold it for me and something that to me made Theodora OUCH .... HOT !! . I admit it .. Im swamped with neutrals ... more brown then sand here lol

So like before she is Wicked but by no means any less pretty as glinda.... shhhh too me she is a sexier palatte, look wise. (Dont tell glinda shhhh lol ) More my kinda of look so thats the naughty and bad side of me exposed lol.

So taaaa-daaaaaa Theodora !

Stunning palatte it really is the colouring is just amazing, again like glinda i had to shut the glitter down as i was blinded lol
The back (The writing was too dark but you can see the best bits, and Mila kunis ? hello she is a sexy minx.. right ?? )
The Colours

Again how to get the look card and Theodora Super saturated Lip Gloss

Zero Kohl Pencil Included

Now yes persuasion is a lovely Kohl and Urban decays Finest, Better formula maybe in that its a softer and easier to work pencil. Yes for the above line, Zero is perfectly fine aswell. You need to push a little harder to get this thick line but think of Kohls before we had Urban decay, Scratchy horrible nearly poke your eye out pencils. So many wonder why its Zero, I just think another addition to my Urban decay Family.

Broken and Beware (Broken is the cream and Beware the light Brown)

Now the immidiate thing you notice with these two is there more Matte then the shimmers in Glinda and well when you think of these colours i really prefer the lack of shimmers and the texture is just out of this world when you swatch them. Yes there similiar to colours in another palatte but there popular and well used colours for me. I think these 2 have id say a little sparkle but not in your face sparkle i can see little flecks in different lighting and its really lovely.
Just lush neutral colours with Urban decay quality and pigments pay-off like you would expect.
Broken is a perfect base and highlight colour for any look you use. This is why interchangable palattes are amazing. Swaping your favourite or replacing them for travelling ... the uses are endless.

Now Bewitch confused me as in my light the opposing colour looked surprisingly similiar, maybe a tad darker in the next one.... now this is a bit sparkly, not full on glitterbomb explosion so the top 3 are perfect for day looks. When i wondered as to why so many browns in one palatte i was thinking hummm we all have loads of neutrals, its a staple so why not and also the bad witches makeup is not if you look dark its the skin that gives them away. Yes black is a big thing but the films clever its taken the parts where you cover the badness. So whats the girl next doors favourite colours ??? Neutrals ... well thats my thinking when they developed the palatte. I was overthinking this one more then Glinda colours lol


See on swatching its so important as to naked eyes 2 colours look the same but on using wow ... corrected. lol
So obviously west is more darker then the above colour and has got a shimmer, I could feel it more in this one. It wasnt the usual butter there was some grittiness i felt but funny didnt fallout with glitter madness, as you would expect. So maybe its just first use or the glitter is purposefully made not obvious if that makes sense. You can see it in lights but its a hint of a shimmer.
Lovely Browny colour i must admit and was with all the colours above will give a perfect look all blendable too which is bonus. You need eyeshadows to blend easy and these go without saying are in the calibre of just no question on quality.

Spell (Duo)

Now this is the most baffling colour to me totally, The gold is the same calibre as the silver in Glinda which is really confusing as that golds a bit gritty. So again i was like what is going on ??? As it is like a liquid metal again as you can see, the shimmer is more buttery looking and just looks like a nice feeling shadow.
Now the darker looks on sight Black so wicked witch like in my over thinking above i was like ooo its like the night sky and again if with tweeking Urban decay you can get a black and speckle it with silver you could have an amazing Night sky tone just throwing them ideas again lol
So as you can see the supposed black is not black at all is a mutey browny with like a spash of blackey/purpley. Hence spell the name its a mix of all tones its beautiful and again Urban decay out did themself with the duos colourings. Im not sure what id use this mutey dark colour for its for me a bit hit and miss ? The gold is fantastic its almost like your flaking yourself with gold leaf.

Jealous (Duo)

Ok hands up time this is one of the reasons i wanted Theodora ..... ok i love these greens. Ive never seen them but heard one green resembles a MAC colour Juxt ? Correct me or if its discontinued ? As i love this and ive seen a new colour in a palatte coming by urban decay that is a cracker for the bottom darker green called Mildew. So i can console i can find one of these 2 at least.
I mean there beautiful, The lighter green is just amazing as a tonal for your eye and with green eyes i can imagine this will make my eyes look like ive just embossed them with crystals.
The darker i mean its just stunning, i would use these 2 alone on one look as its that amazing with the Broken as a highlight, base colour. There like looking at just the better shades of a green swatching when your looking for a shade of green. However to get 2 in one pan ! Urban decay are you in league with the wicked witch ? I mean is this darker her skin colour and the lighter her bits that aint exposed to sun ? lol  How did you do this amazing spellbinding bit of magic. As this Duo is magical.

Theodora - Super Saturated Lip Gloss
This lip gloss also was another reason i wanted Theodora so bad, I know its been compared to F-Bomb and swatches almost Identical. However i dont own F-bomb so this was why i wanted this deep, sexy and drop dead amazing lip colour.
Again its why i can see why this palattes so neutral as i was always taught as a girl .. eyes or lips but never mix of you will look like your too much.. of that makes sense.
This colour is so vibrant to pull off a vibrant eye look would just be odd. If thats your style all power too you and if i was 20ish and i pulled some cracking feets of style crime plus experimentation. Im however in my 30's so i have to abide by the one or the other rule.

So theodora you may think is ahhh neutrals but the Jealous Duo and Theodora Lipgloss make it worth it plus the addition of the better gold in the Spell Duo. Its probably everyones more go to palatte and really its why its so good for opinions as people all have them.
Thats why there is 2 totally different catering palattes but if you want reliability with quality then please purchase it as you wont be sorry. You can flip the colours out and keep the palattes up to you and these are sturdy palattes with huge mirrors.

So Theodora is a lover of neutrals with some tricks up her sleve, so dont underestimate the girl next door ..... as the wizard of OZ did.

Urban decays - Great and Powerful OZ - Glinda Palatte Review

Well im positively and utterly nearly squeeling whilst writing this as i have been wanting and camping by my postbox since i ordered these bad-boys at the weekend. Now i have to say we were all lead to believe that the release was today and well it was as i saw them "Publically" be released last night. Now im a die hard omg if i want something i will not rest till i get it fan. I will tell you i waited 6 hours on google seeing all the hype from the USA and some deep feeling in me was like "be patient" a uk link will come soon..... and like the karate kid on a mediation with his sensai well "BINGO......HOUSE............WE HAVE A WINNER"
Deadication pays off if you believe, in the spirit of this palatte review.

So dispatched and arrived today.. yay !! sorry lol Review right lol

Prettiness needs no words so il just show you the amazement that is Glinda and then when i come to the swatches you can read the shade, feel and colour pay-off thoughts i had.

  • Glinda (she is my sparkly ball of yummy, now if i had not turned down the sparkle... believe me i tried and failed i was just blinded lol )

Back Cover

Inside .... Card on how to achieve the perfect Glinda and the super saturated Glinda Gloss
Colours - wowzers !!
(Sorry its Glitter-rific !! )

So Swatches and firstly the Pencil in Rockstar

Now im not sure as ive seen reviews and i think you need to see this in the flesh or go on the website to get a true reflection of how purpley this pencil actually is .... its like tornado a colour below in pencil form as ive seen said this is uttterly true !! Its smooth and lush. I love my kohl and i tend to be a total black (perversion) sticker ... i dont know why i havent moved to other colours as you would think hey this girl loves her makeup come on move on to a few colours you know will suit your eyes. meh ... but no longer... ive already been on urban decays suppliers in the Uk and have a list as long as my arm now ..... Its a bad move when i find a brand i love as i will buy it out like i need carribean chicken lol (Fav meal incase your wondering)

Well smack me silly.....tornado ! This colour is a purpley undertoney of a slight brown to my eyes only slight with this shimmer that just lush. Colour pay-off is instant and its Urban decay to its best again (small moment to applause !! ) 
Now with shimmer ive used so many brands and this micro-glitter you can sometimes feel it being scratchy on the eye and also fall all over your face and ruin your facial makeup. I will post my tips for eye looks later if you suffer from this as i do and even with fine milled shimmer still need help. Sharing is caring !
Anyway this Buttery lush shimmer goes on to swatch like paper and pen were married and made little babies and this is a grandchild. It sits doesnt just rub and blend out and your left with this amazing colour.
Urban decay are brand leaders for a reason and this shade as first is prime example why ! Your bored of smokey "black" jazz up up with some tornado .. hell yes i can live with that statement.
Fellow green eyed babes ... purpley shades and green eyes are marriage in heaven so go mental with this colour. I am going to be later in my pic up load of the looks i achieve.

Illusion and Magic (Magic is the Pinky and Illusion is the more Yellowy toned one)

Again im stumped .... I was i must admit worried i would love the other palatte more as im more of a neutral gal...Stop, rewind, erase im not i love glinda and these colours as i go down you will see why as i swatched them i was giddy, Like its infused with glittery laughing dust of glee. Its glinda it could very well be ?? Lol
Magic ... ooo its like a buttery, light shimmer to satiny feel. See the shimmer can be so irridesent to look at you can really not assume one shimmer is like another in this palatte. I just trust my pics are good enough to show you how the shimmers differ.  Its a pinky lovely girly stroke of colour to a dull and depressing world. Really it is .... I cant wait to use this and honestly ive seen a look im dying to use this for as ive seen a look where theres a neutral undertone and this colour catch just as a swipe to pop the eye. Its amazing and if i cant pull it off i will post the pic so anyone with more experience can try or if it suits your eye colour better.
Illusion.... Can i just take a minute to pick myself up and really just smack myself lol Perfect all round as a highlight for the brow bone, undertone to blend any look, just as a quick off and go colour on the lid.... you name a use .. this baby does the job.
Again a buttery lovely swatch and not as shimmered hence why you can multi use it .... dont worry you wont look like a 80's flash dance dress up with this as a highlight ... i promise. lol

Aura (Duo )

Now this i will admit is the crappest picture ever of this shade ... I could not get it to focus with the shimmer at all so please trust me youtube this colour for a intime review. If your in anyway confused if youd like this palatte as this colour alone (its a duo) will make you go "I need this palatte"
If urban decay fairies can hear me ... make these 2 colours please i beg you as i will cry when these are finished with ... im no lie considering getting another palatte just for this colour in the dire mentalness in my head that they wont. Crazy i know
Now the Aura lightest blue on the left ... it looks white but it has a hint of like a baby blue its stunning and i cant explain it any more. We know all these are buttery lushiness that Urban decay are known for but these shade are beyond OZ there heaven.
The pinky side again its beautiful but the blue is the one that makes this Duo special. I would not on my life circular rub this colour as god help me il be struck down lol to ruin this would just be like dropping it. By all means if you want to then do as im sure the little baby born from this Duo being swirrled is like a fluffly OZ cloud. Marshmallow !!
Best Glinda shades by far out a mile !!

OZ (Second Duo)

Now i have seen people say the gold of this duo is like flecked old formula Urban decays and i didnt want to agree but you can feel it... swatch it and feel it on your finger you can feel it instantly. Not to say i wouldnt use this as i think with some hints and tips you could use this as an amazing over glitter. One tip i heard was use a clear eye gel liner or a mascara on your brush and apply this after to make it stick and not fall over your face. I will be using these tips if i use this colour. I think i would use this under eye as a amazing popper colour. Jazz your waterline Kohl add this underneath.

The silver is in a totally different league and how they differ so has i admit baffled me ? The silver i can only describe it like eye shadow formed liquid metal.....Its that amazing and pigmented plus the colour payoff. Its just like it now i think of my liquid metals. It doesnt feel like the old style like the gold... this is as smooth as a babies botty !! Trust me this silver is a totally different feel, you wont feel the glitters like the gold. Plus i doubt i will get the drop off like the golds been making people think either so we will see when i use it.


Now i struggled to find a word to describe this as to me its like a greeny,goldy and brown all mixed in together. Pewter is what ive come to think now. However that name sounds dirty and i dont like it lol so South is amazing if you didnt want to risk the Gold in OZ then south is the go to colour. Its less in your face with none of the issues. So south would also be excellent alone on your eye. Again butter like texture and amazing.

Glinda - Super saturated Lip Pencil

I dont know why my camera is being a total cow today lets be honest lol As this is beautiful , its a nudey rudey colour ... Are we sure Glinda is good ??? As this colour is naughty in the sense it is rich, colour pay-off amazing and your lips go from chapped to like a models in a space of seconds.
This is not glittered as my camera makes out. Its not tacky gloss either. Its like lip buttery goodness...No other words.

So in review glinda is amazing and i cannot wait to use this tonight and upload pictures.
Its an amazing offering for Urban decay and i bow down your stars. No wonder movies want you to make ranges as you make them special in everway,shape and form.
Its unique with the colours and formulas in the shadows. Your getting a huge value for money with these palatte believe me. It may seem expensive but il do the math in a bit and update its not.. infact its an investment and it makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.
Ive felt it since i got them and blown away with the quality all in the same time.

If your sick of neutrals and want a change then spice up your life with glinda.... simples.

Urban decay is a genius like the wizard of OZ x

Monday, 28 January 2013

NARS Blush,Lippy and Illuminator

NARS is a high-end well known brand for its pigmented blushes with some well quite frisky names like orgasm,deep thoat and sin.
Ive seen and lushed over this range for a while and well took the plunge, i wanted to try it out for myself and really go to town with a pigmented blush and lippy. My burberry lippie is my favourite colour and ive been looking to find one similiar or stick to that colour catchment.

So products

  • Blush - Mata Hari


This is an amazing colour and i love dusky pinks as colours for blush so it really did call to me as i tried and i say tried, as picking a first NARS blush is like well picking a penny for a sweetie. You have so many how do you pick one ? lol
Lovely fine milled feeling with a little on a contouring brush you have alot of payoff colour wise. So with your first then please little and build up. I nearly went well over the limit lol
Is my first and wont be my last.

  • Nars Lipstick - Scarlett Empress


Wow if the blush is pigmented then flip me noodles, these lippies are just pow-wow pigmented. They are silky and lovely to the lip. It was easy to apply and didnt bleed as some higher pigments can do. Also it doesnt stain aswell as ive known again some to do. The colour i picked was because its not shocking pink again i thought it would look amazing with the duskiness of the blush.
I adore this and i know people rave about MAC but i felt the swatch pan over-whelming as too what to get where as NARS was just lovely to have a set and pick my favourite. Well this was my favourite of 2 shades.

  • Orgasm Illuminator

Now i know this is a well known product so i had to read abit about how to use this to its best, i wont lie it confused me as its really quite a watery texture.
So i applied a pea size dollop on the back of my hand and made a circle and then took a stipple to wipe my finger and dip on my hand then apply above the blush just under my eye. You dont need alot and it was a really brightener for the eyes.
Ive been told you can use this as a brightener to add to lotions and make tinted or boost a tan etc, i dont think id use it in any way for that as well im happy with the results as an illuminator.

and the finished result............

Plus i used Urban decays Basics palatte on my eyes to achieve this look so the review for this palatte is further down.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...