Sunday, 31 March 2013

NARS Blush in Sin

So there is no surprise when i have to admit i love NARS the brand for there pigmented powders and high end makeup with its oh so beautiful packaging, however not good for my OCD clean tendencies. 

So i have a lovely friend who loves NARS as much as me and we have a mutual love for there blushes, she surprisingly gifted me this beautiful blush in the shade - Sin this week. I cannot thank her enough as it really brightened a tough week emotionally for me. So hugs to my lovely girlie xx 

So to anyone wanting to know about this particular shade, may not know i have Mata hari and orgasm already plus laguna that was in the recent, Happening palate. Now i love dusky blushes and tend to go for a more muted tone for the daytime. I do like corals for spring and vibrant hits of blush if I'm really doing a fun look to jazz it up so my blushes fall into how my mood takes me, i suppose.

NARS Powder blush -Sin

So with the usual black and white NARS packaging and the clear insert included to protect the blush, you really can see that the blush is a deep berry coloured with hints of gold shimmers, so faint and finely milled to NARS high quality. High pigment and colour payoff, which also means that blending is really easy to do and it really doesn't in my opinion call for me to contour my face. This colour is so berry/dusky that any contour would take away from the beauty of the colour of the blush. 


NARS blushes are so worth the investment in my opinion as they are so pigmented that the amount you use will be minimal so not likely to hit pan or need replacing for a good while. Plus i love fine milled powders that don't leave the skin feeling congested as you don't want to have to touch up to powder that feels heavy and clogging. Plus as I've used more NARS powders i can really feel the difference in blush with shimmers against competitors of the cheaper variety. Where you get a lot of fallout from the blush and down your face  not just on the cheek where you want it, with NARS the shimmer stays where you want it.  Now also I've rarely needed to touch up a application of blush during the day as the colour is so good in payoff and staying power. Now i have found some more affordable powders i love  as well so i have no aversion to high street blush, just sometimes a girl likes a bit of yummy in her life.
There formula is a cut above the rest, whilst i have some drug store blushes i do love and use for daily makeup i will always want to build my NARS blush collection to have more fun with looks and as part of my new year resolution to be more creative and bold with colour.

Now I'm going to be doing a review on The happening palate and the new light reflecting powder just released in compact form.

So do you own any NARS products ? Whats on your wish list ?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sensai by Kanebo - Lipstick

A japanese company that takes on all the technological advances made within the cosmetic industry and ingeniously then with the rich tapestry of colour from japanese imperial court to bring us these innovative and rich shades.

So The Lipstick as Sensai call them, encapture anti ageing properties by using Golden phyto extract to improve microcirculation and hydration. While Gold particles veiled in silk powder ensure a rich and brilliant sheen.
Now thats what the website says, but what does it all mean? 

So microcirculation from my understanding and a lot of reading is the process by which blood is delivered into the smallest of the blood vessels, now being that the smallest blood vessels will be in the lips and this in turn will help hydrate and keep the skin healthy. So promotion of blood flow is a really positive thing plus i can imagine it may help in plumping though I'm not medically inclined so i can say if thats all included but it makes sense in my mind.

Sensai Lipstick Packaging
Long lasting lip Colour

Now the packaging is beautiful and the lipsticks presented in such a luscious manner with a velvet casing to protect the tube. The tube itself is a rose gold and really beautifully embossed with the Sensai logo. It really does offer up a sense of luxury and makes it a special feeling product.
The long lasting colour lipsticks don't come with the velvet protector but it doest take away anything in the presentation as these are a black with gold finish casing. They are sleek and classy looking with again a real feeling of luxury. These are definite lipsticks that you would purchase if you were having a splash out and treating yourself., I feel like it is something worth investing in as the high end makeup i own does last and also i find I'm not touching up during the day as much. However we all have special makeup for when we go out or have a special occasion, meeting to impress people and makeup for regular days.

Sensai Lipsticks - Swatches Natural light and Flash

Now i can say these Lipsticks feel amazing and hydrating, the colour payoff and pigment is high. Plus they do not come of at all, i rubbed at these swatches for ages and they did not budge. Also on the lips they leave a stain and barely come away when you use a baby wipe so they are definitely long lasting lipsticks. I was really impressed with the longevity of them.

Sensai swatches - The Lipstick (02 - Sumire and 18- Koubai )

So the swatches above are of the lipstick in the colours ............ As you can see the colours have a sheen to them as set down in the description being that the gold phyto extract technology coming into play here. I can see in certain lights a slight shimmer but very subtle and it emphasises the lips rather then add a glittery effect. I can defiantly notice my lips look healthier and plumper by the colours plus they are very flattering.

Sensai swatches - Long lasting Lipcolour (103- Usuiro and 114- Kousome)

So the long lasting versions again are very pigmented and these colours are ........... I was really impressed with these as-well, they offer hydrating and creamy texture. So the lips don't feel dried nor does the lip crack with them. I feel they define my lips and the nature of the shape means that i wasn't faffing around with application and it applied so quick and easy. 

My conclusion is that the Sensai lipsticks are worth the expense as you can feel the hydrating property in the formula plus the definition and ease of application is second to none. This is the first high pigmented red I've applied first time, not needed to touch up around the corners nor had to inspect for bleeding lines. I admit they are not a daily lip colour as they are a luxury brand. I like a splurge now and again, these are defiantly going to be a brand i will want to splurge on. Due to the high quality and nature of the innovative technological advances the japanese have made in cosmetics, i do feel the aspects they promise in this product lives up the hype. I cannot wait to continue to add to my collection and also try more of the rest of the brand.

So have you tried any of the Sensai brand ?

Marine Beauty care - SkinTimes

Marine beauty care is a service in Hertfordshire that offers innovative treatments using peptides and hydolynic acids in its skincare to offer the best in anti-ageing and skin health.

So what they do and the ethos of marine beauty care is

Marine Beauty Care is a skin care company that uses state-of-the-art marine ingredients, plant extracts and latest technology to create the most effective results without using invasive procedures.
We supply qualified beauty therapists with proven anti-ageing and anti–wrinkle solutions, skin whitening and brightening, and problem skin treatments that are proven to generate the best results and keep their clients coming back for more.
Marine Beauty Care is available to salons of all sizes, clinics, mobile therapists and home salons. We also provide professional advice on technical issues and skin problems as well as business and marketing.

Calcium Repair Cream

Packaged in a lovely glass jar and protected with an inside cover to keep all the active ingredients fresh.
So the calcium repair cream with SPF is a really lovely cream that absorbs into the skin really nicely, it contains repair qualities for the skin in helping to maintain and help revitalise the skin. Using a mixture of marine biology which i know has a variety of qualities from helping dry skin and with the salts to help in the reguvinatation and restoration of skin, also most mud masks have derivatives of marine biology so these creams are an exciting to harness those properties. I was excited to trial these.

I really enjoyed using this cream as it doesn't feel to heavy on the skin and aids to my night routine just nicely. I was happy that it did hydrate my skin and help my little dry patches quite nicely so it is defiantly hydrating. I haven't noticed to much difference to my pores or any other change in the redness that i have had but it may take time to notice those sorts of changes.
I do feel like my skin is plumper and a lot more radiant in that its not as dull looking, so the constant routine is defiantly helping. Its very hard to say whilst reviewing creams which I've come to notice is the benefits overall. As one may use something for a time notice some changes then come to a standstill and not notice anything else. So il will finish the jar which is nearly up and then i can see more if stopping its use will have any adverse change or if it will just be that its all it could do to my particular skin. Not a bad judgement just an honest one of what to realistically expect in a cream.

 Calcium repair Cream

So then we move on to the Filler serum which again works with properties consistent to maintaining healthily and firm skin. Consistent with being a powerful anti ageing serum, it was made by dermatologists and therapists as an alternative to Botox. It contains 3 strong ingredients to assist in anti- ageing and they include the Marine collagen, hyaluronic filler and Oligopeptides.
Now in using this serum i can see why its been compared to the alternative to botox, it has settled lines I've had and also miniature fine lines I've had coming up for a while. 
I would encourage women to start using moisturiser and preventive measures against the signs of ageing, as once you start to encourage the skin to repair and also maintain itself then the battle is a lot less painful as you get older. Now I'm all one for growing old gracefully but if i can have a few more years of having a firm and flat canvas to work with i will be a happy and content woman.

Hyaluronic Filler Serum

So overall my review of the Products available for home use are that they are professionally packaged and for a while yes have worked on some areas ive noticed. Some fine lines have diminished some what and my skin is in better condition in that sense. However i haven't noticed any radical changes but i am one person to review only and it may work for others. I just goes to show which ever skin system you  chose to use that you should start soon and using one with certain ingredients that suit the nature of your skin problem plus ones that have anti- ageing properties. 

So if your looking to treat yourself to a facial or some sort of pampering why not give the women at the Marine beauty care a try. The products are lovely and feel amazing. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rimmel - Scandaleyes Khols in Nude, Taupe and lil Haul

Rimmel London has really been impressing with the Kate moss selections of lipsticks and other products but the standout that I've wanted in my collection is the scandaleyes. Now il admit i own load of kohl and I've not found any creamier then the Urban decay liners.
Boy was i wrong and I've now found a complete and cheaper alternative now to them, of course we all have liners like Urban decay we want to use as a treat rather then every day as they do cost a lot of money. Plus honestly i want to know my eye is not going to be stabbed with some stray splinter of wood when i sharpen it and with urban decay I've never seen or experienced this.

So when i heard about the Scandaleyes i was sceptical and thought humm , really better or on par pigment the Urban decay ? So i thought only one way to see if the hype is worth it and to buy some myself and try the theory. So i purchased the Nude and Taupe as again i own a lot of the Urban decay perversion (black) so i know if these work i can repurchase more.
So on swatching to feel the consistency and see the pigment up close, i was impressed as its a creamy formula and doesn't take any warming nor running of the pencil to get the start of the pigment running.
Also the pigment is really good and i was really surprised, i didn't expect that sort of quality from a high street brand of makeup and I'm glad its finally got a formula available at a fraction of the cost.


So the nude is a nice matte that i can use as a highlight colour and blend out if i want to multi-up this colour, also great to brighten up the corner of the eye too. So very versatile as i don't tend to have great joy with colours other then black to stick to my waterline, so these will be used when i don't want to use my black for a day look. The taupe i have used on my lash line as a lovely accompaniment to a neutral eye as there is a little bit of shimmer in it, so it really does blend into your eyeshadow lovely. So glad i diverted from the norm and bought these too. Really impressed and will be on my regular list of beauty items from now on.  

So other items i bought on my Rimmel 3 for 2 haul
Extra Super lash Mascara
Glameyes Liquid eyeliner and Stay matte powder

So the Extra super lash maascara is a change from my falsh lash effect but i want to branch out and see whats on offer, as i saw it was on the offer i just thought its not too expensive and i like the look of the wand it has plus if the pigments on the scandaleyes are good then the other products might be coming up as-well.  So i also got the Glameyes liquid eyeliner, as mine has run out and i wanted to branch out to a high street brand as an alternative. I use so much that i need a cheaper alternative. Now ive heard a few people say they like this liner and i thought lets give it a go and see if it helps me achieve the perfect cat eye and flick.

Extra super Lash and Glameyes

So another product on the Buzz that i think ooo i need that as well High end powder are fine milled and great. Feel amazing and offer a light and un-smothered feeling to the face.However the price is not friendly and id rather hit pan on a few of these Stay mattes if they do the job well then a NARS or MAC powder. So on first feel they are soft and non caking, lightweight and from what i can tell a great alternative, however i think this powder may need to be taken for touchups and the not so secure packaging would leave me reluctant to carry this around, as no one wants a bag full of powder.
So we will see in looks week what these products will bring.

Stay Matte Powder

So do you own any of the Rimmel brand ? Have you been impressed with the standard ?

Glamglow - SuperSexy Radiant Mask

So I've generously received a sample of the Glamglow masks that are being raved about by beauty editors around the globe and being hailed as a holy grail product of 2012. Now the super sexy radiant skin was released also to accompany the original Glamglow mask.

I wont kid i love a great mask in the evening every other night to hydrate my skin, also just to feel relaxed and enjoy the ambience in my room which usually includes candles, calming music and cushions on my bed. If I'm not listening to music, I'm catching up on TV I've missed via catch-up. More a costume call the midwife girl then soap land but you get my drift.

So ive seen on my blog friends blogs there experiences with the Glamglow and im so excited to report and show you my experience of the mask. So i was drawn to try the Super sexy Radiant mask first (white sachet) as i think it will suit my skin type. Plus out of the 2 masks i would be more then likely to purchase this one.

So GlamGlows Ethos is 

A serious WOW facial treatment for when you need great skin and a glowing complexion in just 10 minutes.This performance driven super mask is an absolute must for those who seek the highest quality ingredients and exceptional results, even if you have never used a mask before – GLAMGLOW is unique. It doesn’t just take care of one skin concern, it delivers everything you need for great skin, whatever your skin type. GLAMGLOW delivers both instant and cumulative results and leaves your complexion revived and glowing for 3 days after each application. With its heritage in Hollywood film studios, GLAMGLOW has flown off the shelves stateside and is now available in the UK.  
GlamGlow Masks

My review of Super sexy Radiant skin mask
So the 10 minute mask is supposed to tingle intensely and then tea-leaf (tea-oxi system) membrane will deliver constant renewal to the skin. Its mud infused mask is mineral rich and will minimise the pores and also help acne, pigmentation issues and imperfections needing exfoliation. So I'm expecting a hydrating and balancing skin experience with this mask. This is my understanding of the information I've accessed off the GlamGlow website.

GlamGlow - Applied
So the application of the mask was easy as the consistency is quite watery, has some leafs in the mix and you do need to work quite quick with it. It spreads ok but i did feel the sachet could have done with a pump or 2 more so i could get a really good coverage. It has a minty sort of smell. 
So after the first 2-3 minutes is when you feel the mask start to dry and somethings defiantly happening with the formula in that is it drawing things out. This mask does not get warm nor feel tingly which i prefer i think.

So the mask does take 10minutes to dry and you can see, where the dry parts are to your skin. Which is a good part to this mask as if you were unsure of the dry areas this highlights them for you. You can see where the moisture then its dried up. 
Now this mask really does feel nice and leave your skin feeling soft.
It washes off really easy with just plain warm water and patting dry with my towel, i found it did make my moisturiser absorb better.

I would like to get this mask as a treat or a investment, but it is really expensive to be a regular mask to use all the time but as a treat for a wish list product then i can see this being on there with other beauty loves I'm craving. It does perform well and of you can see its working plus the smell is nice. I also didn't break out the next day which is also positive.

Have you tried any of the GlamGlow range ?

Maybelline - 24 hr Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows

So american brand Maybelline who have always been part of the drug store brands available and known for there falsies mascara which is one of my favourites, they brought the 24hr colour tattoo cream eyeshadows out and BANG. The blogging and beauty worlds gone bat crazy for them.

Major point being that they don't crease at all being a cream and they are so pigmented its unreal. Most times you will get a cream eyeshadow that you can work with but it fades or is just to add an additional pigment too. These 24hr colour tattoos are the high street version of paint pots by higher brands. 

Maybelline - 24hr Colour Tattoo's

We have been lucky that boots do supply a lot of the colours but i do look at some american bloggers and look on with envy at the range they have access too. I really hope the rest of the colours are made available as i would love to own the whole set, as they are so versatile and not just for a night out. Some of the colours are easily to jazz up a day look or just add a flash of colour. 

I wont lie when i was picking my 3 (3 for 2 offer) i was thinking  oh god get them all while they are on offer, I'm now wishing i had lol Oh well next month i will be getting them all if they are on offer, i just wanted to see if i really liked the formula and it wasn't all just a hype. As i use a lot of eye products but like anything what works for some, doesn't work for others. 
So i picked with relation to colour i liked and want more off, so i really am loving my OZ palate and have a beautiful colour called Aura in the Glinda side which is a beautiful irridescent half baby blue and half baby pinky yellow mixed colour. I wanted something to use with those 2 colours and i have not much in pastels so thats why i got the Pink gold and Perfect in purple, which is more a light lilac.
Now i picked the Back on bronze as i love my neutral colours, so i thought this slightly gold shimmered bronze colour would be lovely to use as a liner or pat on a bit of shimmer to a neutral eye.
So im really happy with these, they do apply brilliant and don't crease at all. Which i will admit i was surprised they didn't as you look at the consistency and think ooooo this may need a lot of work.

Also the pigments are so lovely and payoff on the eye is just as good, the glitter is so fine that it doesn't clump of fall off in specks during the day, at the end of the day it was just as easy to remove.
So i will be purchasing more of the set and i am hoping that they bring the pomegrante pink and teal colours over as they are stunning.

So do you own any of the Maybelline 24hr Colour tattoos ? Which is your favourite ?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Benefit - Fake up

So a busy year for benefit is 2013 with already the release of "fine one one" only a month or so ago, now they spark our taste buds again with a release of Fake-up. 
An all in one Hydrating formula and concealer , It claims to be able to conceal fine lines as-well as hydrate all those problem areas you may have, to me this is a "finally" moment. I personally (as you will see in another post) suffer from dry areas under my eyes and the sides of my nose. So to have something that will conceal and hydrate is like heaven to me and my skin is probably doing a little happy dance. 
Now it comes in 3 shades 01- Light , 02 - Medium , 03 - Deep
So when i saw it go on sale on monday i was quick to snap it up

Benefit - Fake up 

I really love the innovative workings of this product and think its genius that it has the balm layer to help the skin and its what you wish for in all your makeup, the benefit packaging is becoming very pretty with the silver casing and again twist up mechanism. Even the outer packet with the swirls is just screaming "I'm a well thought out product" and i think with the younger influence of the co-founders nieces on board this is now shining through.
Now I've seen the other Blogger events that went on last week and the really clever promotions and adverts that benefit have been coming up with lately. Its nice to see something different and jazzy to add a bit of special-ness to a product, now i realise the products all good and well being packaged and presented. It has to perform so lets get into the fine details.

Benefits Fake up - Concealer with Hydrating ring of Vit E and apple extract

So Fake up as you can see below is a stick concealer but its been surrounded by a layer of balm which contains the hydrating properties including Vitamin E, apple seed extract. Now this to me as a dry skin to normal type is perfect. I ache for added hydration products and to have this hydrate for up to 6 hours without a need to touch up till then is just brilliant, I applied it and the balm is not oily after you tap it into your skin, I tap with my finger a concealer into my areas as you shouldn't i find rub a dry patch as the flakes or sides will irritate and ruin your hard work of concealing. The one thing i will do next time though is maybe apply this after ive done my primer and cover what i can see, as to get the full worth of the products hydrating properties. As i think putting it on a layer of foundation would defeat the purpose, as i want the balm to be on my skin and not barred from that by having the foundation in-between. So i will use this as a base concealer and then if i need more coverage after I've completed everything i will touch it up. This concealer wont cake if you want to build it up.

Benefit Fake up - Swatch 

 So all in all im really impressed, the Fake up hydrating concealer is something i will actively use daily as to offer my skin that extra hydration, which will hopefully help with fine lines not only in the short term but in general. It blends in really easy too, the balm also doesn't leave a sticky or tackiness behind when its been applied. It seems to lightly absorb into the skin. Smells of nothing and just a concealer smell you get. 
So from the picture below you can see it has concealed the second half of my eye where the bags i will admit are very bad and it does illuminate the eye socket, plus the area around my nose is defiantly less red and covered. So first impressions are really good and will be doing more picture reviews this week so you will see more use of this product in them. 

Have you tried Benefits Fake up ? What do you think of the product ?

Haute couture Lashes -

So Lashes have always been a bane of mine and something i find quite tricky, as i will tend to buy ones that are sparkly and glitterific yet forget you need to walk before you can run. So I've made it my mission to learn how to apply lashes better and use them as i think if done nice they can really set the eyes alive and who doesn't want more lashes ? So this and improving my liquid liner skills are 2 hotspots on my makeup tutorials list this year. 

Now i was kindly sent some Haute Couture lashes to review, i wanted to review these as they have a applicator which really seemed quite handy to me if your a novice and want to know how to get into the tighter areas to make sure the lash adheres well to the lash line.

Haute couture Lashes

So on looking at the lashes they are curled and luscious looking, the spine is not too bad on them. I would suggest thinner if you don't like the feel of something on your eye. I did find after a while i didn't notice it and you could curl them or just get a shorter set, as its literally the flutter you can see. I would say these are a going out lashes or ones you would use say if on a date and you want your eyes to be your main focal point.
Now application, I found the lashes easy to remove from the packet, as i have used some before and they have been stuck on so well they kink as you try to remove them so these didn't. The adhesive is underneath, affixed to the packet and the tube has a spatula applicator. Now the amazing thing about this is that most adhesives are clear so you cant see if you have covered some bits and you don't want your lash to hang off halfway through the night. Now the adhesive when it hits the lash turns a light blue to let you know where its been applied to and which bits you may have missed. I like the spatula as its easy to control the amount of adhesive, your in control rather then a squeeze tube that can easy dispense too much.

The contents of the packet plus instructions

Now when the adhesive is applied take the little pink tweezers and pick up the glued lashes (i glued mine whilst i held the lash as i didn't want them to fall from the tweezers with adhesive) the glue should be slightly tacky, by the time you do this and they get to your lash line they should be. If you place them where you want them and i found it easier to get a swing circular mirror, or any mirror you can have underneath your eye as your looking down. Apply the lash and i found another tip, to apply them in the downward angle your looking down, as they curve and will find the natural curve of your lash line approaching it from this way.(hope that made sense, if you would like a step by step pic tutorial comment below and il do that for you all)  I found i could see where it curved to my eye and i got it in one go. So if your on youtube i found some great lash tips. 

The lash up close

Then use the tweezers to lightly press the corner in and then the outer side, if your happy with the placement. Leave to dry then apply some eyeliner to the inner corner so the lashes look more natural to the lash line. I didn't apply mascara as i think they are dark enough and enough of a statement for me, but by all means apply some, i would  apply if i was using a smaller, natural lash.

My finished look

So i think i will definatly be purchasing more of these lashes as they have the right size spine for me to be able to control without being flimsy. I can use the adhesive and i like the way it goes blue on contact with the lash, so no loss of lash during the day. Im really impressed with these and as my look above shows the finished result.

So have you used Haute couture lashes ? Do you like lashes and what are your recommendations ?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yankee Candles - Second batch of love

So as you may know im addicted to Yankee candles now, I love my house smelling of exotic scents or yummy cake smells. I have recently put in another order and saw they were having a sale on some of the jars and candles i love. 

Now i like to get a candle either a jar or a tumbler which will do me the month and i then will recycle the jars for my makeup or in the bathroom to hold cotton buds and samples etc They are glass so protects from steam in the bathroom. The jars are like the old sweetie jars. So cute and i love filling my home with them. If your interested in recycling old candle jars then youtube have some extensive reviews and tutorials on how to do this plus id advise only adults do this as it involves hot water and the glass can get extremely hot too.
So this month i was so excited to see the new ranges out for easter, so you can get a Bunny cake candle or pick from the Eat cake first range.

Now i have no shame in saying i love my cake days as being diabetic i cannot eat cake all the time (type 2) so when i have a treat being a carrot cake or some form of lower sugar version i really savour the flavour. Now ive found having the Yankee candles has taken this need away. As i have the smell of the cake and brown sugars in my senses its eliminated the need for me to actually eat them. Plus its not like i can chew on a candle now.... i mean as much as they are yummy smelling, thats going a bit far. 

So i picked - Bahama Breeze 

I love having yankee candles in my home now and they make the ambience so much more peaceful and the smell they create is amazing. I prefer the fruity smells as they are so fresh and make me feel relaxed, like I'm sipping on cocktails. Plus you cant beat candle light, i think i prefer it to the lights we have in our room as its less harsh on my eyes and whatever I'm doing they seem to have calmed me I've noticed. I do my tasks in the evening and I'm not so panicked.

And my new baby - Banana cream cake 

So now i will as i said pick one candle unless i can stretch to treat for a limited edition, then i will bulk up with the little samples as i have the glass tumblers. These little samples are lovely if you want to try something and are not sure if you will like it. Or if you want to have loads of scents to mix and match then the samples or wax tarts are perfect.

Now i really love the fruit and food scents so i was umming on the red velvet cake and thinking it maybe really similar to the strawberry buttercream candle i get from the range so i thought humm try this, I also got the strawberry, christmas cupcake, vanilla cupcake and my personal favourite Wild passionfruit.

If your not too sure then i would recommend getting some samples for £1.80 you cant go wrong and they last 15-20 hours which i found amazing value.I bought my samples so i could widen the range of candle i purchase as when deals come out for 50% off or any discount i know which ones to stock up on for the year. I just bought 2 red velvet on offer as they are lovely scents. Its like taking a warm cake out of the oven and smelling the sugars and essences fused together in cakey goodness. (Only time il use the word cakey in a good sense)

So have you tried Yankee candle ? What scents do you love ?

Monday, 18 March 2013

NADS - Facial wand Eyebrow Shaper

So the Nads hair removal systems is a Australian family owned company, created in 1992 by Sue Ismiel. Created an effective natural, no heat way in which to remove hair. 

Its ethos being 

Nad’s always uses the very best ingredients from sources as close to nature as possible, and invests in extensive research to ensure the best quality products for both men and women! 

Nads - Facial wand Eyebrow Shaper 

So i don't know if I'm the only one who has a total aversion to tweezing my eyebrows, i hate the constant having to go in and pull every hair out especially those ones that over grow and end up being eye wincing.  Plus you have to wait until they grow to a certain length to be able to get a good purchase on them. Now i have used the pre-waxed strips before and ended up with either wax stuck on me or a eyebrow stippled with blood. Now I've looked at the Nads brow shaper and thought wow that looks great, as i can apply the gel using the pen applicator and be confident in only getting which hairs i want off. 
The kit comes with cleansing wipes to clean the area so the gel fixes to the area properly, then there is the pre-filled pen and the strips in which to affix and remove.

So the pen has a slanted tip to assure precise application to the hair on the brow, then you have a pack of re-usable strips. So you have to click the bottom of the pen and by the 20th click the gel will start dispensing. So i first sat down and looked at the line in which i wanted my brows to follow and also the hair i wanted to remove. Then i cleansed with the wipes and applied my first line of gel ( i did have everything laid out plus extra baby wipes incase i needed to wash any off ) then you rub the strip on leave a minute to set in and hold the skin taught and then pull it off in the opposite direction. So after i did the first strip and looked at how much hair came away i was surprised, there was the gel on the strip with the hair and also no rash nor irritation from the process. So i proceeded to do the rest and the other brow. Now what i love is that its easy to mirror both sides evenly as your doing sections rather then one by one. So it took me 5-10 minutes rather then 30-40min. Also its easy to remove excess gel with a wipe or warm water, the baby wipe did just fine for me. Plus your not left with a tacky feeling on your brows. Now if the gel feels like its becoming to stiff and globby you simply rub it between your hands and it warms it up to keep using.

My brows before and After 

So as you can see from the before and after how well the hair has been removed, now i have defined my brows with a powder as i do but i think it shows up how clean the line is. The strips have made the lines cleaner my skin is smooth also. It was pain free to an extent but it was simply a case of ouch and over. I didn't feel it hurt more then tweezers, plus id prefer to do this every 6 weeks then pull them one by one. 
Plus the strips are reusable, so i would get about 3-4 uses out of this which is a bargain.

So the legs are the next on the list as well hairy Mary is not the word for it but it will show the definite before and after better.

So have you tried Nads hair removal systems ? How do you shape your brows ?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow my second award  (First being the Leibster award) and i cant thank Angela from British, Bargins and Beauty enough for her continued support through my blogging journey. She is an amazing friend and fellow blogger who has an amazing blog which shows how to grab a 
bargain whilst also indulging in some amazing beauty. Fellow Yankee candle lover and button swapper she is a lovely blogger to follow.

                         There are some rules for accepting the award…

   1)  Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
   2)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
   3)  Tell us 7 things about yourself.
   4)  Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to  let them know.

So 7 things to know about me -
1. I am the proud bearer of 5 tattoos . A fairy with my initial and fairy on one shoulder, Chinese Dragon on the other shoulder, Bleeding blue rose on my back, Chinese symbol for strength on the front of my hip and shooting stars over my belly button.
2. I have a passion for writing with a folder full of poetry and song lyrics, I also like to dabble in designing and would love to bring some old era designs back to the world of fashion.
3. I have a aspiration to see broadway and New york before i die.
4. I love musical theatre, Les miserable being my all time greatest love and Wicked being my all time want list to see.
5. I had a heart attack at 31 / I'm fine and no time to dwell ;O)
6. My first stop when i win the lotto will be to buy a house and treat my friends to a shopping trip.
7. My husband is my hero, when everything seems to be falling down. Our strength i know will see us through.

My  7 Nominees -

Lou Lou loves Beauty - Lou Lou loves beauty
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So loads of love

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