Sunday, 30 June 2013

Illamasqua - Hydra Veil

Having been a massive fan of illamasqua and the boldness of the shades they offer. The innovative and amazing creators of illamasqua have done it again with the paranormal collection. Along with this collection came the release of a new and innovative Hydration and primer system. 

They say 
Create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil's instantly rehydrating, gel formula. Providing the optimal base for your make-up, apply before foundation with an Illamasqua Brush.

The product I wanted and was most excited about was hydra veil and yes it's pricey ( £27 for 30ml ) but for a dry skin lass like myself, I needed to see if this holds up to the claims. 

Illamasqua new paranormal collection has been the most exciting and inspirational collection I've seen this season. I really love the boldness of illamasqua products and already own the metal 4 palette as a bit of a difference and boldness to my collection. I am contemplating buying ESP and the palette but I defiantly wanted the new and innovative hydra veil primer/moisturiser.

Now not only is the product innovative but the packaging too is something new too. There is a spoon included so you can measure out a portion size (Pea sized) dot. Now when i say this was very clever of a approach it was, the consistency is a runny jelly and when you remove some. There is a slight indent in where you removed the small amount but the jelly reforms and then becomes one smooth surface again. Its really something to be seen, if you can visit your local store then try it. 
Now this small amount you may think is crazy that it could even cover one cheek let alone your whole face but believe me do not be over tempted to add more or use another spoon as it will be too much. One spoon is plenty and spreads over the face in a delicate and light fashion that its really quite cooling as well as being soothing to the skin. I could also feel it tightening as well so the plumping actions must be working. The pores were not visible so i was very impressed. It moisturised my skin so well as a primer that the amount of foundation i needed was cut down and also concealer was minimal. I really am impressed with this product. 

Yes, its not a cheap product but the amount you need and the spoon provided make sure you wont over-use and then end up scraping the sides for the last drops. I defiantly made the mistake of over using and didn't take a exact spoon just let it flail over the sides. It was far too much and i had to then wait ages for it to dry and the tightening feeling was quite apparent. So yes keep to the spoon amount they have given you as its the right amount.  I will repurchase this when its finished as for dry skin this is a god-send. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Amie Skincare - Morning Dew Matte finish Moisturiser

So having tried Amie skincare's Facial masks before i was keen to trial the Moisturiser that is part of a 3 step programme to help combat acne and problem skin. As my skin is not too badly suffering from blemishes (I do however get bad acne around the monthly time which is quite sore). asked to try the moisturiser as i have a dry skin type. This is the area i felt i could see if amie would really help me in. 

What Amie say 

Amie is the natural skin care and beauty range for sensitive skin, created by top beauty expert, Fiona Parkhouse. Bursting with natural plant and botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals, Amie products are gentle yet super-effective,  Ideal for sensitive skin that can be oily and prone to breakouts or dryness, they have been especially designed to work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant. Amie’s high-quality products are completely free from parabens , sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Lovingly created in the UK, Amie – meaning “friend” in French –  is truly “your skin’s best friend”.

So the 3 step programme being that of most starting with the Cleanse, Treat then Moisturise. Having gone for the Moisturise i then sat and read the information regarding the cream. Now its said that the Moisturiser contained 90% natural ingredients  and works hard to revel a soft and dewy, shine free completion. Containing Bilberry, Vitamin E and rose hip.
Given that this is a moisturiser to help with oil control and maintaining a moisture balance i did use this as a moisturiser before i applied my makeup, after washing in the morning. I would then apply this before anything else, as although i do not suffer from oily skin i do find in the summer my skin can become oily in places around my T-zone and i would apply pressed powder during the day. We all know this can look cakey if applied over the day layer upon layer. Now its not been that hot to see that sort of appearance to my skin. However my skin does get dry and this moisturiser did help with that. Making sure there was a sufficient layer of hydration being given before i would apply my primer. It is a light cream that soaks in really nice and absorbs well into the skin. Plus it didn't build up which is another area that can cause skin to become blocked and create skin blemishes and acne. Again this didn't clog the skin in any way. 
I really liked this cream and have been using it in the morning for my makeup routine so that its light enough to use before makeup plus absorbs in quickly. Now i have even used this in the evening when i don't have anything to hand and my skin hasn't broken out in dry patches.
I'm really thinking that naturally I should be including more chemical free treatments into my regime as with environmental factors, how much good am I doing my skin? Not alot is my guess , so with this being said I will be using this up (nearly compleate already) as I found it made my nails just as soft too when I was massaging this into my face and decolatage area. I would recommend this as a staple moisturiser and I am not of an oily (bar around my monthly period time and also now my hormones are imbalanced) complextion to comment fully on if this will leave you fully matte but I can say that its been lovely to use and the real test to see if this keeps everything matte will be come the end of summer and we have had more hotter days where my skin is more oily in places. For dry skin this is a lovely moisturiser that will quickly absorb into the skin with ease. Plus no clogged pores with my heavy full coverage had ensured that I do not end up with out-breaks all the time. 
This will be coming with me in my handbag when I'm on appointments. 
So im loving including more natural creams and skincare systems as I'm finding that they do keep my skin hydrated and wont have it breaking out as i would believe my skin might do. More naturally sourced ingredients and kinder to the skins natural balance is what we should be going towards. I found this to be really light and at only £4.25 for 100ml its is a affordable skincare to purchase and upkeep if you find it works for you. 
Do with my blog hitting a year soon will this make my 
*Taras treats summer bag selection
*Taras treats top 5 Natural products 
*Taras treats top Makeup releases
Or not so great lists coming up in the end of August ? What products would you see on these lists and have you tried Amie ? 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cresty Brows and Mascara set - IMATs contributor

So with IMATS upon us I thought I would see if I could review some brands showing there this weekend. So my posts are going to mostly be makeup inspired this next two weeks to hopefully preview what is going to been shown. Now Cresty cosmetics are not known to me and I did notice that the majority of IMATS companies showing are USA or European based. Cresty being based in the Netherlands are showcasing a variety of products.
Cresty is distributed by Perfect Products .

Cresty says 

Cresty delivers a variety of high quality beauty products
Our trendy cosmetics are a guaranteed sales hit. the profits margins for our products are excellent.
Our productline contains popular beauty products and are made with quality in mind.

They kindly sent me samples of the eyebrow kits they offer and mascara with an additional double ended brush. 

Now the eyebrow kit contains a Brow powder with brush and stencils included. It's simple and basic packaging which I like as it serves the purpose without being wasteful. I would have liked more of a case to contain the stencils and kit in one place so its not lost in a makeup kit. Also with double ended brushes you need a case to maintain the brush better I feel. The powder is dark brown and the stencils are labelled to the style wanted.

Now I found the stencils brilliant and really useful for a makeup kit, I have gotten used to doing my own freehand now so I don't use them however I may to show the difference in what each offers as a individual look.
The brushes unfortunately were not of a high quality, the one in the kit was like a fluffy brush and not stiff enough for my liking when doing brows. I prefer a sharp angled sturdy dense brush to do a firm line. Now the brushes included sheded before I even washed them. The only side that didn't was the angled side.

I found the powder up close was a deep brown but on the blending and application it was very brown and then had a tinge of auburn/red to it. Now I don't have any red in my hair so I needed to apply a little more then normal so it seemed more browner then reddish. The powder is very creamy and easy to apply and blend. I was really happy with this powder an will continue to use this happily.s

Now I tried the mascara and cannot say I was impressed, it is extremely wet without actually applying onto the lashes. So I was a little confused as the tube top was so clogged with mascara that I suspected the tube does not close properly at the top. So leakage happens and then its not a attractive mascara to use and I wouldn't want to risk this in my bag. 

So overall the kit is good in the sense the stencils and brow cake powder are amazing and add colour to the brow with no removal during the day. I didn't like the brushes and found only the more dense side of one brush didn't shed, which was disappointing. Also the mascara just i could not see a difference enough for me as i like very bold and obvious eye lashes so if you want a light and natural look then i would think that you would like this mascara.  

Paper Themes bespoke Poster

I've been given an amazing opportunity to review the most beautiful personalised service. 
Paper times offers a bespoke service to make to order sentimental art work or personal focal points for rooms. There website offers posters for many occasions and you can pick from contemporary or something a little more edgy. I personally love the feel of the poster I chose.

There history is mostly wedding stationary but they say

The Paper Themes brand has been in the wedding stationery market for over 100 years. We have been successful at designing and providing personalised wedding stationery for happy brides to be across the land (and overseas!) With the growing demand for one-stop-shops- because we’re all doing more, but with no extra time we decided to get together and formulate a solution to this problem.
With a talented team of designers dedicated to creating quality and style, we are always introducing new stationery, accessories decorations and even wedding advice! There's no need for an expensive wedding planner when Paper Themes has everything from wedding stationery to advice on best man speeches!

It comes wrapped in a cylindrical tube with tissue paper rolled up to protect the high quality print. Some have a choice of colour background and others are set tones. The writing on this picture was totally personal and also received proofs before the print was sent to me so you can see and make changes of you wish. I was so happy and had one minor change which was happily done for me and sent. It's perfect for a 1st wedding anniversary present as its paper and myself and my husband have said this is an extension of the paper gifts we exchanged. It will defiantly be framed and put in the bedroom. 

As you can see the poster has mine and my husbands name plus marital. It also has our wedding date with the venue we exchanged vows. It's very vintage inspired to me and as I was picking the style the writing in the middle just screamed "gatsby" to me. So I really did think its lovely and striking, really happy with the personal service. It felt that I was  being given a beautiful gift and also the message within the poster is lovely and handwritten by Liz the maker.

So if your looking for a personalised service with a bit of a difference, stylish and also a decorative focal point for your home.

So lovely service offered with loads of choice on the website and I'm really grateful to be given this lovely opportunity to review. Plus have such a lovely addition to our home.
Thank you Paper Themes.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Helen E cosmetics

My passion is about building confidence and my plan is to convert the nation to Helen É. My make-up is good for all ages and skin tones, for everyone... everyday!
Helen Elowe, Founder and Managing Director
Helen - E cosmetics are well known at the moment for alot of glossybox subscribers whom may have had the nice surprise of a product this month.
I have already used and love my Helen-E eye pencils as they are smooth and pigmented. 
So I was so happy to be given a chance to review some more of the range.

The eye lights pen is a brightener and takes a fair few clicks to get product to show. It is quite a liquidy highlight and can tend to need alot to be seen but used in the right place. It's too liquidy and transparent for me so i did not find this effective at all. I would not purchase this on use as it didn't make my dark circles or bags any less noticeable. As you can see below the consistency and the very pink toned liquid. Now I don't know if its because I'm cool toned this isn't working as I would need a more yellow based concealer to balance out the greyness. However i do know a pink toned highlight is better as works more in favour of getting rid of grey so i think this is a product i need to work with more and maybe my bags are just a bit beyond and need heavy duty polyfiller. 

Next was the Eye primer and this I love, it reminds me of Mac's paint pot in soft oche/painterly and totally gives a skin toned flesh base look that was brilliant. I have some red and blue veins as most of us do on my lid and this made my lid one consistsant colour. I only needed a dot (the one above would be 4-5 applications  easily) it literally is a dab on your finger then blends in like a dream. 
I found it took the packing of eyeshadow on very well and also I liked that it didn't dry quick so I could use this for really intense looks and will be using this in next weeks IMATS inspired looks to really get an amazing base. I would repurchase this product and also look if more shades are available. 

So with the Oil free compact it is a creamy and although looks very dark in the compact blends out to a really nice coverage. I still will need to warm my skin a little with a touch of facial tan and use this within some makeup looks I'm doing this week. As I'm very eager to use this compact and i think it will give a heavenly base for some of the looks i have planned to showcase for IMAT's. 

The love blush is a pressed powder and it has a warm tone to it, very soft and easily blend able this powder is very sheer and hardly noticeable to touch however it is pigmented so a light hand is needed if of a pale complextion. Easily blend able I found this to be the perfect powder when I needed a little light colour and warmth to my cool toned skin. It can easily multi task to a blush or bronzer given is warm light dusky pink tone. I would be able to use this very lightly to give a warm glow and not need much or any facial makeup for a very natural summer look. Very impressed with the feel and nature of this powders capabilities. 

I have put the eyeliner in grey above I have used and also the lipstick on to show the amazing pigment. It's a rich deep red on the lips and less orange looking then in the tubes picture. It's in the shade Vegas and I really love this. It's a compact tube plus it makes the lips look plump and heathy. Not drying at all and it didn't make my lips look dry, considering red can be pretty unforgiving.
They grey eyeliner is very soft and applies well too the upper eyelids as well as the bottom with no dragging or scratchy feeling.  Blends out if you don't want a harsh line but also is a nice finish to a smokey eye look and can make the black pop. 

I'm really surprised by the quality in general of Helen-E cosmetics. The blush powder is a buttery cream feeling powder with easy blend ability and pigment, so its great value plus the compact is really classy looking. I love the eye primer as a base and also the eyeliner which I found rich and pigmented, as was the lipstick. I only found a problem with the eye lights which was far to pink and loose consistency for me to see any evident difference.
I will be using a bit of tan to showcase the oil free makeup better in a look as I really think this creamy base will be amazing at giving a great coverage and it feels light when I have tried it in my hand. So I think with summer this will be a fantastic one stop compact for a hydrating coverage and lack of oil so it won't slide on oily skins. Yet its creamy enough for normal/combo and dry skins. 

So I will do my next look with this compact to show coverage. Plus also Helen-E supports cancer research UK and there brand ambassador Katrina is below with a bit more about her and how she came to be the face of the brand.


The beautiful face of Helen É Cosmetics
We're so proud to have Katrina Leeder as the continuing face
of Helen É Cosmetics and are honoured to work with someone
of such courage.

Katrina has fought life threatening cancer on several occasions and undergone
many major operations as a result. Despite her illnesses she has gone on to raise twin
daughters Freya and Clarissa with here husband Julian and star in the BAFTA Award
nominated documentary 'Airline'.

One episode, featuring her marriage to Julian, was watched by over thirteen
million viewers. Wherever Katrina goes she creates a huge buzz with her
energy and charm and her flawless natural beauty makes her the perfect
ambassador for Helen É Cosmetics.

Helen É supports Cancer Research UK donating 25p from every website

order received to the charity.

Original Source - Pink Grapefruit (Seasonal Edition)

British made ethically sound Original Source is by far one of my favourite shower products to use when i need some good aromatherapy or a shower gel i know will get me feeling fresh and alive in the morning. The Lemon and Mint have been ones I've used in the past and they are so amazing for the morning routine that i often wonder, how did i then come to pass by and not go back. When lets face it they are affordable plus amazing quality. Its obviously one of those brands you as a beauty blogger get forgetful of ( meaning me) because I'm starting to wonder what was my head thinking. lol 

If you're wondering why all our products smell so good, the answer is very simple. They're made containing either pure and natural essential oils or extracts from different parts of fruits, roots, trees, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit peels and plants. So every splash of Original Source is packed with natural stuff.
Essential oils are renowned for their physiological and psychological benefits, and you can read all about them here. You'll soon discover that as well as being good for the inside of your nose, they are great for body and mind too.

They were so kind to allow me to try one of the new Seasonal editions and in looking more on the website I'm loving these, i WILL be stocking up on the vanilla and Raspberry as they are my 2 favourite scents and if its a seasonal then i will probably need a crate to see me sanely through the next year. Plus with the new information I've read that they work in close relation to the Aromatherapy council, it will just be what i need from surgical recovery later when I'm called in. 
Im a firm believer in scents and candles especially can help get the body in a relaxed state to help in all things and rest can promote healing. 

So with all products being Vegan and only made from the best natural ingredients i know this was going to be a lovely and non-harsh shower gel. I love it so much, this is very oddly not over zingy and almost of a mix with organgy/grapefruit smell to it. As i suspect its a merge of a lot of ingredients but i was surprised how well it lathers up with very little needed, considering this has no added nasties that usually are associated with being needed to get shower gels and soaps to lather up. 
This offered a lovely wash, didn't give or leave any residue on the skin. Plus left me feeling incredibly soft and fresh. I also note that my skin did not feel like it had been stripped down of its natural barrier therefore moisturising after was a pleasure as it absorbed with such ease. Im stocking up next shop as i am nearly out of this bottle, its been my favourite winter to summer shower gel. It makes me feel alive and its been what I've needed as with low levels and being tired a lot of the time, i look to remedial remedies now to see if they will boost me. This has and i will continue to use it plus also look into to purchasing the hair care range as-well. 

If you are after something really quite mild yet effective at making you feel fresh and revitalised then i would look into this range. I will be getting back into really checking the Original source range out on my next online shopping venture. Stocking up well for the summer. 
Maybe look into this range if your looking to go into more ethically sourced and animal friendly produce, but also to support the UK brands that we have, whom make amazing products.

So you use or have tried Original Source ?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

ELF - Custom palette

So whilst we have E.L.F online readily and our USA counterparts also have this in certain stores. I saw this in a USA haul and could not see it in our website, so i bought the palette and choose 4 colours. Then low and behold in the recent sale the colours became 70% off at 45p per pan. So i had seen a YouTube Guru say these would fit a mac pro-pan palette. Now i can equivocally say i have the new flip duo case and the insert, unless you want a mess and one stuck fast e.l.f pan of colour, i would advise buying the proper case or Z-palette. However the compact is only £1.50 at the minute so i would be just getting 2 more of these to fill the colours i have now.

So as you can see its a white case with a elegant writing, not cliche or cheap looking. The quality of the  pigments in the face (cheek) and eyeshadows, are quite remarkably very pigmented, the payoff is excellent and with only a little dab, did i achieve such rich colour. Im surprised they have not sold out as for a cheaper alternative to mac plus travel size. Its a bargain for quality. 

Compact with Dusk, Mauve plus 2 cheek colours 

So these are the other colours i purchased whilst they were 45p and i will buy the pans to fill them. As they hit all the neutral colours you need plus lovely hints of blue and the dusk is a dark midnight shade perfect for smokey eyes. So il be doing more summer looks with these colours. 

 Navy, Periwinkle Aubergine, Moondust 

Ivory, Pink Ice , Ice, Wheat

Wheat to me looks like a MAC - woodwinked Dupe. 
Im so impressed with all the pigment and payoff all these colours show, they have no fallout,can be a little dusty but for 45p per pan, thats really quite a bargain. I did a look with the last pan of colours. 
So buttery and blend-able, I'm really impressed with these essential pans and i think they are perfect for travel if you don't want to risk a damage to a more expensive palette. It offered a lovely light look and wasn't overbearing with glitter, it was the golden light look i was after. Very impressed as always with ELF but i think these should be made more of a fuss of as they could be a real feature in there collections plus offer ladies on a budget or whom need to save the opportunity to have a treat without feeling they are wasting money on something that may do the job. These have all been buttery and pigmented so I'm sure the colours i lack will be just as pigmented. 

Have you tried the E.L.F makeup pans and what do you think ? 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Elemis - Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm

So its no secret to you all that i adore Elemis products and have loved the Pro radiance illuminating balm for a primer and moisturiser. Its soothing through my times when I'm a needing some soft touch to my skin so it seemed sensible to pair this with my cleansing routine, by replacing my fresh-skin face wash. Try the new Pro collagen Cleanser.

Its said to 

This powerful treatment cleansing balm dissolves make-up and daily grime. Developed first and foremost for its performance in Elemis treatments, this super-cleansing, luxurious treatment balm is expertly formulated with a 100% active base of natural oils grown within the UK.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm combines precious starflower, elderberry and optimega™ oils with rose and mimosa waxes, and anti-ageing padina pavonica to deeply cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion.

Now i used this with my clarisonic in the evenings and with using makeup to help remove the grime plus with the clarisonic being so intense you don't want a harsh cleansing wash with that. 
The Elemis Pro-collagen is a thicker balm which i prefer with my clarisonic as i find it doesn't slip or move as much as the liquid kinds. Its gives the cleaning system a chance to really dissolve all the dirt that the soap may escape in normal circumstances. It does have a almost herbal smell to it but a little goes a long way, literally a light scoop will be plenty. I found it to be refreshing and also choose to use this in the morning on a muslin as it made my skin feel awake and just very fresh.

I can see why it is so popular as with all Elemis, it just is helping nourish the skin in every way and breaks down all the pore clogging grime, plus left my skin feeling very smooth which is why i chose to use it twice a day. I felt like it made the perfect base to really ensure my moisturisers and primers (Pro-illuminating balm) absorbed fully and ensure that first defence in your daily routine before makeup is effective. Its a cleanser i know when i am testing other products if i succumbed to any breakout or problem this would balance my skin in no time. 

I love this balm and find it so effective in all the claims it makes. Its even multi-tasking as a facial mask for relaxation. If you so wish to use the balm lightly on the skin for 10 minutes to warm up then remove with a warm cloth. Its just like a aromatherapy mask with the oils infusing more with the bodies heat making the aroma intense to calm the senses. I have not tried this yet, as i know i would probably end up falling asleep being in such a relaxed states so i have just used it for one purpose. Im happy with the results and enjoy this product immensely. 

Have you tried any Elemis products ? What are your favourites ? 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shu-Uemura Eyeconic Collection 2013

Shu Uemura is a well known and respected company, which needs no introduction buy me. Well known for its high fashion and collaborations with Greats like Karl Lagerfeld last year, they are well respected in the cosmetic world. 

So with that being said with the 30th anniversary upon us, it was going to be a bold collection of colour and more exposure to the new "make your own" palette system, being introduced already at present. More for the line plus a limited edition holder are being released.

From the Promotional material the colours are bold, retro and obviously just an explosion of what Shu Uemura want to be, fore-runners to the fashion elite in looks. So the collection contains the palette which is separate to the pans of colour for eyes and cheeks. Amazing eyelashes with vibrant colour and rich matte lipsticks plus other additions. So you can imagine my utter joy and gratitude to being asked to review such a respected brand.  These are the people whom i watch make magic happen on the Runways in far away lands i dream of. Might be to personal but this was me thinking wow.

I was so lucky to trial 2 of the colour wave palettes plus a Supreme matte lipstick. 
The colours of the pans were 
Allure Mauve - A wave of light pink shimmer, Purple/Mauve centre and a White glitter
Utopia Pink - Peachy wave followed by the light pink then a off white/pink shimmer.

To look at they are visually stunning however they are small, plus initial cost shows 1 pan alone will be £22 without the holder which is another £10 on top. Its a lot so i was expecting so much in respect of pigment, payoff and just overall wow. The Supreme Matte's are to be valued at £19. 

So shall we start with the looks i did as i wanted to show this to the max, full and in depth review like i always do with my cosmetics, but when your talking these prices i want to inform you fully. I see my collection as an investment that i get great joy from, believe me i will buy drugstore and save for high-end. Because I'm that passionate, but its still 1 person (mines) opinion.

 Allure Mauve look and pan

Now we are purely basing the eye makeup, all else is the base i use for all my reviews to ensure fairness. I will always use the Urban decay primer potion plus i always have clean and workable tools for each review. No contamination at all for eye products. Well how can i say this without breaking my heart because i will tell you now, my beauty friends will tell you. I was in such a stitch with this, i expected them to adhere, be a marvellous pink in the corner to highlight and just explode my eye with these colours. I just couldn't, you know me i will pack eyeshadows on to show pigment and quality plus swatches. I could not get any swatches, my flash backed each try as the glitter was too intense. Now i thought hang on it must be me, so i looked into other blogs and the actual press release material on the looks, also the swatches of all the pans were barely apparent. So i knew it wasn't just me. While she seemed very enthused of the whole collection. So maybe this just is not for me.
Im going to put Utopia pink looks below, as the same problem i could not even get a pigment to swatch, they are so pretty and it does break my heart as i saw the blue and green, thought i will invest in these of the colour payoff is amazing.  However you can barely see the Mauve/purple to the depth of colour in the pan plus the fallout is intense. I looked like id just had a battle with the 70's, it was everywhere. Mainly accounted that to the pink as it was shimmer city and the white reminded me of the chunky old Urban decay glitter, where you almost have to press it to stick like gold leaf. Blending it only just made the colour less effective to a patchy mess, I read the press and i know that its meant to be a blend-able 3 step process but for the money i really would prefer to dip my brush lightly its that pigmented then have to work so hard. Plus i expect that from the price that is what i should be getting.
Honestly i know i will probably be shooting myself in the foot as its not a good review. I want to just say yes its amazing, 1 pan is worth £22 and feel good but it would be a lie. Plus I could guide you to a million other colours with triple the pigment for a look like this at a fraction of the cost. I have the feeling the Utopia pink will be the same. Just as i suspected Utopia Pink was the same and i tried it wet which only middy intensified the pink, however on blending the colour just ended up as one with no real definition. It was so glittery my eyes were so sore from it as you can see, i did get a lot in there scratching from just the sheer amount you need to make it show and the dent in all 3 colours means this pan wont last long.

Utopia Pink look 

Supreme Matte lipstick in beige 

The saving grace of this review is the lipstick, its not my colour as i don't suit nudes normally. I have to say though its lovely, richly pigmented and for a matte lipstick its surprisingly hydrating feeling. I own 1 matte thats how dry my lips are and as a result i don't wear them. If your after a high end lipstick, look to this end of the collection, the colours are more aimed to be subtle as the eyes are the main feature. However for £19 and if you have the budget for this then please go and check them out. They are lovely and thats coming from a person with such a picky taste in lipsticks.

So in all honestly i was heartbroken, I'm not usually heartbroken but when your given an opportunity to do a review for a brand such as this, you want the products to live up to the name and sing it from the roof-tops. I can only assume the purpose i can use these pans for is now as a glitter layer if i need to shimmer a matte shade. I doubt i will as the fallouts so intense so to a younger woman whom likes glitter these would be perfect or someone who is just starting out a collection with money to spend.

Whats your opinion ? Do you own any Shu-Uemura ?

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...