Sunday, 26 January 2014

Books for 2014 with a difference

My year is starting with engaging in some books that challenge you. Now the first book I've bought is called "Wreck your Journal" by Keri Smith. A book that encompasses and challenges you to break the boundaries. Certain pages I've seen have made me feel a little ansy. I have always loved books and to deface some pages will push me. However I'm excited by the book, I will keep you updated with regular book updates. Plus also pictures with the pages i have completed. My blog is my hobby like reading and I love keeping my mind active. As I don't have many months left on my blog till I sign off for a while. I am letting you into what keeps my mind going when I face the endless hospital appointments.

Now my second book is called "2014 Create your amazing year in life workbook" by Leonie Dawson. 

Which is a adult workbook and looks very cute inside, plus has a array of different pages to complete. I love workbooks as they are a great way too keep your mind active. I'm awaiting my copy to arrive with baited breath as I can't wait to get stuck in. 

Above are some of the pages and with over 100 activities, it's something I can imagine will keep me very mentally stimulated. I prefer reading to watching tv or doing mundane puzzles that get boring after a while. I will be doing the life sections as I don't have a buisness to plan for so this will all be life based. 

Are there any books your reading this year ? Do you like activity based books? 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

LoveMeBeauty - January 2014

So January is upon us and the next box up for review is LoveMeBeauty. This box is a favourite of mine as you have the choice of your box. This month was pretty impressive, I love how there is makeup items included. 

Contents of my box were :

- NYX : Single eyeshadow in "Black sparkle" (£5.50 Rrp)
- Weleda : Sea buckthorn hand cream (£8.95 50ml Rrp) 
- Anatomicals : Rose & jasmine cleanser (£3.00 full size) 
- Cosmetic a la carte : Mascara (£23.00 Full size)
- Pureology : Style silk Bodifier (£15.00  Rrp)

Anatomicals : Rose cleanser is a massive sample size, unfortunately an item I've tried before. I don't like rose as a scent so it's my main reason for not liking this. I also don't like the labelling, it's meant as a tongue and cheek joke. However it goes over my head. So this will be finding a new home. 

NYX single eyeshadow is a brand I really love and have some of there products. I have the shade "Black sparkle" which is a beautiful charcoal black with silver shimmers to it. Stunning and perfect for either setting a liquid liner or a beautiful smokey eye. Either way it's a great shade. It to me also has a undertone of some taupe to it but it might just be the light and how it catches.
Weleda Sea buckthorn hand cream is brand again I love and use. I love there pomegranate range and have yet to try this cream. However having used sea buckthorn before, I know its a hydrating and vitamin rich. Plus it's a perfect handbag size. 

Cosmetique a la carte,  Mascara is a well known and high end brand. I was really happy to be able to try this mascara. Even though I would not pay that amount for a tube, it's nice to have a luxury mascara every now and again. This is a rich black and once I have finished my tube I use now, then I will be indulging in this beauty. Lovely sample choice which is also full size. 
Pureology style silk Hair Bodifier is a product I've heard of and been wanting to try. It's a brand I have seen with there hair oils so to have another product to try is a real treat. As this is a decent sized package, which will give you a good amount of product to gain a definitive opinion on how it performs.  So again another amazing product within LoveMeBeauty. 

So 4 products I will happily use and 1 which will be passed on. This is no great disappointment considering I have a mascara, eyeshadow and hair item of amazing quality. This box also far exceeds the £12.95 price tag. 1 product alone being £23 worth of value. I'm happy that this box has a happy measure of makeup, skincare and haircare items every month. I'm very happy with the January box and find that I will be looking forward to seeing February's offerings. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Birchbox - January 2014

So Christmas is over and a new year begins. So with a new year comes New Years resolutions, plus detoxing from the over indulgence. So with lemons on the box, a favourite for detoxing lemon water this box is titled " Tiny tweaks". 

So the contents of the Box ; 

- Tommyguns : Fig, plum and marshamallow conditioner ( Rrp £5.50) 
- Benefit : Porefessional ( £24.50 Rrp)
- Noble Isle : Willow song bath & shower gel ( £20.00 Rrp) 
- Vasanti : Detox facial cleanser (£18.00 Rrp) 
- Premae : Nutrient body Oil ( £9.50 Rrp)
Extra : Miso Soup (£2.25 for 3 sachets) 

Now I won't lie I was disappointed with not having a Rodial sample to trial. My online surveys had said I was to receive the Rodial SPF, but then upon dispatch this had been changed with the Nobel Isle shower gel. So not impressed that I had my sample removed and changed. I've tried Noble isle before and honestly it's not something that amazed me. 

Benefit porefessional is a cult classic and honestly it's a great sample to have for travel. I like that benefit has joined birchbox and I'm hoping more brands take suit. I would love more Benefit samples for future boxes. Sadly no makeup to trial with the sample.
Vasanti Detox cleanser is a new brand to me and I will be interested to see how this works for my skin. As it says it will remove all traces of makeup. I use a clarisonic and I do have the odd trace left. So will be interesting to see if this does remove everything. 
Tommyguns Conditioner sounds amazingly yummy. I was glad I recieved this instead of the phillip Kingsley sample.  I love these scents and it's a massive sample being 250mls, so I'm interested to see how this conditions my hair. Being £5.50 it's expensive for conditioner but lovely for a treat.
Noble Isle Shower gel like I said is a sample I have tried before, so I'm really not too excited by this. I didn't really like the scent and passed this on when i recieved this before. I think it will have the same fate. I'm gutted this was not the Rodial as promised. 

Miso Soup (Extra) is something I can't use as I'm on a diet controlled plan for my health. I know miso is supposed to be great for diets but it's not something I can add to mine. I will happily pass this on to my vegan family member whom loves soup and light foods. Nothing going to waste. 
Premae Nourishing Oil sounds amazing and so great for my dry skin at the moment. I do love oils and as long as there is no hint of rose, then I'm sure it will be fantastic. I really love hair oils as they add something exotic and luxiourious to your routine. I'm glad of the  spritz bottle as I think it will disperse easier. 

So overall it's a lovely box and has some amazing samples. However I think everyone should have had the opportunity for a high end Rodial sample. There was 3 options and I was to receive the SPF sample, which I was so thrilled with. However the next day on dispatch, this had changed so i was very disappointed. It's not something I can get a chance to try, as I'm not able to go to a store to pick one up. So this was my only complaint with Birchbox this month. 

Brand introduction - Bella J

So as part of 2014 I want to introduce brands, that may not otherwise be known. I do think this is important to help brands, so the brand I want to firstly introduce is Bella J. A company that is deep rooted spiritually, with making products that make you feel good body and mind. Owner Sarah from her story (which if you follow the link will gain the full version ) explains how through dark periods of her life she found her path. So with valentines day coming, I wanted to introduce the newest collection added to the line. 

Brand story 

The symbol attached to BELLA J is a heart, that at first sight resonates love and happiness, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that a little segment on the right hand side is missing, and this is where my story Sarah Jones the founder of BELLA J unfolds. 

Life is a complex voyage that nobody has entirely figured out, its fast passed, constantly changing and an emotional rollercoaster of titanic proportions. However, every now and again life presents you with a sign. My sign presented itself to me in 2012 because of major heartbreak in my life. ( Full story at )
Where I am right now is the right time to tell you my story and inspire people with my beautiful products and gifts. It was through my dark times that I was able to realise that life is a gift, and the greatest gifts I have around my home are the meaningful sentimental gifts given by those whom love me.

"The best way to predict your future is simply to create it. My story, Your chapter, writing your memoirs”.

Products and collections 
So currently they are promoting the ‘Falling in Love’ collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. This collection is all about the story of love that results in you reconnecting with your heart. Just for the beauty sweethearts of the world, the "Falling in Love" collection offers four natural products that can be used separately, but have also been designed to work together in order to nourish your skin.

Included in the collection 

Bare: Body Cream (Scented of sweet oil mixed with natural seeds)
Beautiful: Face Moisturizer (Scented of rice and flower petal)
Blossom: Daily Facial Cleanser (Scented of honey bees and garden roses)
Blush: Face and Body Oil (Scented of fresh cut roses and raspberry)

It is principally about accepting and loving yourself, and nurturing a beautiful spirit to achieve beautiful physical results”.

As we all know there is a story behind everything, how that song became your favourite, how that scar appeared on your body, and how that boy you thought was the one, broke your heart. Sometimes these stories are simple, and sometimes they are tough and incredibly heartbreaking. But behind every story are your memories and this is the very spirit of Bella J - writing your memoirs.

Completely free from parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrances and colours... no wonder Sarah’s product will leave you feeling fabulous.

Social network links 

*******Brand introduction is a company promotional page - I have not recieved payment, products nor am affiliated with any links. This is my belief to help our buisnesses and I don't require payment******

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Katy perry : Killer Queen perfume

Now I had recieved a small vial of this last summer in the run up to its release. Honestly I wasn't expecting it too be that nice as I rarely find perfumes I like. However I was really surprised, like with the release. I do think celebrity fragrance can be gimicy and with most endorsed fragrance I just find sickly. However I was wrong on this instance. 

They say ; 

" Killer Queen, a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance, opens with tempting dark berries and lush plum that blend into an opulent floral heart. The softness and grace of the heart is highlighted by the Royal Red Velvet flower that leads into an intoxicating background of precious woods and sensual musk."

Now il be the first to admit that description of fragrance baffles me and I find it becomes a kaffle of words. However I do find that the description to start with on Killer queen to be spot on. It is a richly berry infused fragrance with plums, plus very light notes oriental flowers. It's not florally in the normal sense, it's Definatly an exotic mix of scent. The packaging is divine like a jewel of mixed colours and gold crown top. I would say this is stunning laid upon a perfume tray, but I would have loved a holder too set it into. I would worry after a while that it may go flying off my counter as it's pure glass so maybe not such a good idea. It's just stunning to look at daily amongst my other fragrances. 

I love fruity scents that compliment without over powering. This scent is multi-seasonal being that it's rich dark berry undertones, can carry the winter and spring being that they are summer fruits.  
It disperses so evenly that you get nice hints of the scent as it fads through the day. Now that is my only qualm in that these scents don't last the whole day, you do find yourself needing a little spritz in the middle of the afternoon. Now I say this as in 2 max as I'm not a 4+ spritz kinda gal, I like it too be subtle as honestly I can find any over scenting to be quite queesy. Also I can't detect the musk and woods it's describing, then again I haven't a conosouir nose by which to detect each undertone. 

So overall I'm in love with Katy Perry's Killer Queen scent. If you love berry rich scents that verge on the exotic without being overwhelming. Then this is your scent and I urge you to gain a tester vial from your local perfume supplier. Let me know any favourite scents or perfumes you loved in 2013. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Urban Decay - Naked 3 Palette review

So there was hushed whispers just before Christmas, about the new Urban Decay : Naked 3 palette. A palette of pinky, rosey gold tone shades. They are the usual Urban Decay quality, creamy and buttery plus ease to blend.  It also comes with sample "sachets not tubes like usual" of all 4 shades of Primer potion.

They say ; 
Experiment with 12 never seen before (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter.

Shades ;
Strange - Matte cream 
Dust - Pink sparkle 
Burnout - Light rose golden 
Limit - Matte light Pink/brown
Buzz - Rich bronzey pink
Trick - Bronze with pink sparkle
Nooner - Darker Matte mauve
Liar - Dark bronze 
Factory - Bronze/taupe shimmer
Mugshot - Light golden/bronze with slight taupe shimmer
Darkside - Grey with mauve mix shimmer 
Blackheart - Black with red/pink shimmers 

Now this is my run-down of the shades as I saw them whilst swatching. 

So firstly Strange is a matte shade of cream which is a perfect brow highlight or inner base for a highlight shade. I use this also if I need a light colour to defuse some darker shades. 
Then with Dust which is a pink shimmer shade. It really speaks its namesake as it's literal dust. You will need a cream or sticky base to get any colour payoff or show on this shade. It's one of the most disappointing shades in the palette. 
So Burnout is where things start to pick up with a going back to Urban decays great eyeshadows. Good pigment and ease to work with.  Nice light rosey golden shade that builds well and perfect inner highlight colour. 
So the next matte shade is Limit which is a light almost mauve colour that's perfect  to transition. Having a palette with bronzes, golds and browns mix in with pinks, Limit is a perfect shade which takes tones from the shades to make them merge. I love this shade as if you want a matte day look with not heavy shimmer, then this with just some liner can look fantastic. Or even take some Nooner to the outer V to add some dimension for a variety to day matte looks. Beautiful texture like silk and blends fabulously. Glad to see some workable mattes within the palette. 

So then we come too Buzz and Trick which are two of my favourite shades within the palette. Now they are similiar but Buzz is more the brown side and Trick is more golden. They both have tints of rose under them and also very creamy to work with. They apply to the lid beautifully with very little product and effort needed. I love to pack these colours onto the lid, as the feature to make my eyes pop. Blend perfect and excellent colour pigment.
So Nooner is a darker version of limit, matte transition colour to darken the crease. Fantastic creamy and workable shade. Favourite for day time looks and just adding depth, without shimmer. 
Liar is another favourite and I know they are all shimmers, the colours are what I've been craving. They make any eye colour pop and just are amazing to work with. Liar is going into the darker rose golds with more bronze tones to add. It's a stunning colour to use as a sweep of colour, across the lid with cat flick eyeliner. Creamy and high pigmentation.
Factory is more on the Bronze with taupe infused shade and shimmer. Again a high pigment, creamy shade that is workable. Blends well and also gives you an alternative to black to do a smokey eye. I love the last shades in the Naked 3 palette, as they are much more versitable in my opinion. 

Jealous on the inner corner, Trick on the lid then Darkside on the outer V. 

The next shade is Mugshot which is very taupe on first glance. However with all the shadows, you get with different lights the changing shimmers. It's why this palette is so versatile as you can mix them with shades, featuring tones of taupe/rose/golds and bronzes.  This definatly has a golden/bronze undertone which is highly pigmented and creamy. 
Darkside is a beautiful Grey/Taupe shade and also fantastic shade to do a quick smokey eye. Just taking you inner lid with a colour of choice, then add this too the outer V and blend out add a touch of liner. Amazing colour which has no bounds. Easy to blend and high pigmentation. 
Blackheart is a black shade with red/pink shimmers through it. It's beautiful and the shimmers are very beautiful. I just wish that the red was somehow also threaded in the black shadow, to make that shimmer pop more. It's very unusual but a perfect colour for valentines, so with a red base this could make the shade pop.  I'm going to try this myself for valentines day.

So overall I really am enjoying the Naked 3 palette. I have taken a while to write this review, as I did want to check the colours fully and use them over Christmas. I managed to use them and found that I was mostly disappointed with, Dust and also Blackheart in a way. I think Blackheart would be amazing if they had made the reds more prominent within the shimmer. It's so unique and I just wish it was a bit more punchy. Other then that it's an amazing palette with workable and creamy shadows. Rose golds are what everyone has been screaming for and Urban decay delivered. 

H & B Dead Sea Minerals : Multi Vitamin Mineral serum

So this is my second product in a series of 3 more reviews to come featuring H&B products. This next addition to review is the multi-vitamin serum. A beautifully light and hydrating serum enriched with minerals from the Dead sea. 

Multi-Vitamin serum ;
The revolutionary Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum covers facial skin with a moisturizing mixture of pure beauty ingredients, containing a rich complex of vitamins which nourish the skin, providing it with a firming effect. The serum contains vitamin A to improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and maintain an even texture; Vitamin E, a major antioxidant in our bodies, which depresses the natural skin aging process by neutralizing free radicals and reducing sun ray damages and Vitamin C, a leading anti-aging factor, which provides the skin with a healthy glow and protects from skin discoloration. This serum is enriched with natural oils, essential fatty acids Omega 3&6 and active Dead Sea minerals. It is highly recommended for usage by women ages 25 and up.

Packaging ;
I think the packaging on this product is very appealing. It looks very high end with the gold and frosted bottle. There is a little too much writing on the bottle, as I think the logo alone with "anti wrinkle serum" embossed would be sufficent. As all the product information is on the box which would suffice for me. However that's a personal preference, with the "less is more concept ". I like this bottle and feel this is a big improvement to the hand creams packaging. 

Results and texture ;
So firstly the texture of the serum is a gel based formula which is dispensed via pump. It's deceiving so don't multi-pump thinking you will need a lot, as this gel liquifies down. It becomes a very aquaous feeling serum and absorbs into the skin well after a little time. Hence why I advise only a pump is needed or waste will occur. I could easily use one pump for my face and the liquid feeling actually encouraged me to massage my face in the evening. This is good for stimulating good circulation, with massaging up to gain more plumping effect. It's very hydrating and over time it maybe beneficial with these factors being accounted for. Plus in cold months it can be good to have a high content hydration product, I can also see this being a great summer product for the same reason. The heat can cause skin damage and this serum would be excellent as an after sun repair. Helps to rehydrate all year round and maintain healthy skin with the minerals. 

I've enjoyed this serum and seen that this gel formula works for me, as I need hydration. Also I find that its great being that you don't need a lot of serum either, so it's great that you can be sure it will last you too. Overall I'm really happy and would repurchase this serum, as I would be interested to see how my skin fairs this year then to past years. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

H & B Dead Sea - Hand and nail multi-vitamin cream

So winter is upon us in true cold style. Now if anyone was too look in my bag for winter essentials, then you would find Hand cream and lip balm. So when I saw an opportunity to review for H&B beauty, whom distribute products from the Dead Sea I jumped at the chance.  I've inserted some facts about the Dead Sea below for everyone to see. As I have a few products I'm reviewing, I wanted my readers to have informative and reliable content. 

They say ; 

H&B manufacture, market and export top quality skin, body and hair care products all over the world. These cosmetics are based on Dead Sea minerals, enriched with vitamins, plant extracts and aromatic oils to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy and glowing skin.

Hand and Nail Cream :
The Multi Vitamin Treatment Hands & Nails Cream is enriched with Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Tea Tree extract (an ingredient well known for its effectiveness against fingernail fungus) and Evening Primrose oil. It includes Vitamins A & E and Dead Sea salt water minerals to strengthen the vitality of the skin and also UV filters to protect the skin of your hands.

Past experiences ;
I have used Dead Sea products before when I was a child for psoriasis. However it was in a much more raw form. My nan brought salts back and actual foil packed mud. So I was coated and then bathed in the salty water. As I also watched a video seeing people float in the Dead Sea, because of the salt content of the water. 

Properties of the Dead Sea ;
The unique qualities of the Dead Sea have been known from the early ages for its healing properties and great contribution to your overall well-being. It is the only place in the entire world which offers the exquisite combination of spa benefits: extraordinary sun radiation and climate conditions, enriched oxygen (at least +15% more than any other place in the world), mineral-rich mud and thermo-mineral springs. The Dead Sea is a good source of relief and healing for those suffering from skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Psoriasis-Arthritis, Atopic-dermatitis, Vitiligo (depigmentation), Arthritis and Asthma. The Dead Sea cosmetics products have been proven as good treatment and relief for these diseases. 

Packaging ;
Now the packaging I think on the hand cream is good but I would need a smaller one for my bag. The labels are a little dated but it's based in isreal so what is fashionable there may not be here. However it serves its purpose and I think as time passes, like all things the packaging will change. I do like the way I can control the amount I dispense with the squeezing action of the bottle. 

Overall opinion/Product capability ;
Now with everyone wanting more natural ways of maintaining good skincare, then where best to start then the Dead Sea. It's basis being that the mineral rich properties absorb into the skin. This is true of the hand cream in that it absorbs very easily into the skin. I found I could use this up to my fore-arms for a moisturiser in the evening as it absorbed so well. Plus only a little was needed as it goes such a long way, I was very impressed. Now my skin is very dry in winter, as most people whom suffer with psoriasis will agree its our worst month of the year. I need highly concentrated moisture within a cream but not so heavy that it sits. A good moisturising trick I do is to apply my moisturiser then using a spritz bottle, just mist myself with coconut water to help pull in moisture. 

Happy 2014 and present reviews to come

So I hope you all had an amazing festive season and new year. Mine was quiet and just filled with love. So I was a very happy woman. 

From having jolly laughs to decorating our tree in "wrecking balls" and enjoying the company of family. I was blessed with some amazing gifts and some sale items come boxing day.

I used my newly Naked 3 palette, with a green from Urban decays Theodora palette. This was my Christmas makeup look. 

So I will be bringing you reviews from Naked 3, Urban decay, MAC magnetic nude collection etc through too No7 and fragrance. Exciting year 2014 with some personal issues too. So I'm thinking of doing a separate vlog, daily on a experience that other women may feel close too and also be dealing with too. 

2013 was a year of loving and amazing ups- downs plus all arounds. However hello 2014 and I hope you all are well and blessed. Xxxxxx oh and any blog idea post below as il happily try to include any items your wondering about. 

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