Tuesday, 25 February 2014

MAC - Viva Glam Rihanna (lipgloss)

So my second post is regarding the lipgloss, that accompanies the lipstick from viva glam. It's beautiful and truly a unique shade. 

They say ;
Rihanna's frost blue-red in M∙A∙C's much loved Lipglass formula. Wear it alone or with a Lipstick. The full R.R.P less V.A.T from the sale of this lipstick and lipglass goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited-edition, soft-touch red packaging features RiRi's signature.

Packaging :
Again the packaging is a darkened red cap, which has a applicator attached to apply the gloss. It's beautiful as the clear half you can see the strawberry gloss with its sparkles glistening. 

Lipgloss :
The lipgloss itself is not overly heavy and can be applied thinly, to just give a sheen on the lipstick. Also can be built up to give more colour and shine, to really make the tiny glitters noticeable. I don't usually wear lipgloss, however most of my collection would look amazing paired with this. 

Overall :
I'm so happy that I could purchase the Lipstick and the lipgloss from this edition of Viva glam, before they sold out. I think the colour and feeling of the products are lovely. Plus they are so beautifully unique in the colour and mini glitters. Really will be beautiful to wear these in summer or the gloss for spring. 

Even with all that being said, this is a worthy cause. I'm happy to contribute towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.

LoveMeBeauty - February 2014 ( Box 1)

LoveMeBeauty has been my favourite box for a while as you get a choice of box. I think it's very fair as no two subscribers are alike, so to give the option is unique. I picked box 1 this month, as I felt the La Claree and Bakewell company options were more suitable for my skin. 

Contents of this box ; Box 1

- La Claree : Smooth day face care 
- Percy & Reed : Leave in conditioner
- Beauty Me : Suppliments 
- Bakewell soap company : Balm

Valentine Extra - Le soin purifant : absolution 

- La ClareeSmooth Day Face Care moisturiser nourishes the skin. Smoothing and firming active ingredients soothe the skin, restoring its softness and radiance. Which leaves it feeling durably revitalized and protected.  

- Beautify me - Suppliments are not for me and this is not a product I will be using. 

- Bakewell soap company - this balm smells of oranges and is a decent size. I really like this and think its fabulous for hydration boosts in the day. Really surprised by this offering. 

- Percy and reed - Leave in conditioner spray is a product I've used before. I love leave in conditioner but this product will just go in a ever growing pile of conditioners I have. So it's going to be passed to a friend whom loves the brand. 

Valentine extra - Honestly I was a little disapointed by this extra, when I saw people getting Art deco and Nip & Fab. I would have loved another Art Deco lipgloss in the valentine colour. 
I'm going to have to read up on the absolution as I'm not sure if it's a mask or concentrate ? It's a French translated bottle. However it's a great sample size. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Birchbox - February 2014 ( We love your style )

Box time of the year and it's febuary so all valentine themed boxes. Mostly makeup indulged I hope for that night with a loved one. Honestly everyday is nice and loved, so one day is not a deal breaker for me. However I hope you all had a lovely day, in whichever way you chose to spend it. So shall we see the birchbox contribution for the month. 

Taking a totally different route then valentines, birchbox went with fashion week theme. "We love your style" so was a box for all no matter your marital status. Bravo !!

Contents of the box ;

- Eyeko : Skinny liner (mini sample in black) 
- Leighton Denny Nail polish (Full size)
- Beauty protector : Protect & Oil
- Janijra spa concentrate - Facial serum 
- Gilchrist & Soames - The London collection shower gel
- Extra : Mini bar of Green & Blacks rich dark chocolate. 

Review and product overview

Eyeko Skinny liner in mini sample size, colour black is an item I have had in full size. Honestly I did not get on with this, as I found it dragged and flaked off. It didn't give a strong black colour pigment I like, so I'm going to try it again. Let's see if second time around it proves me wrong. 

Leighton Denny : Nail polish again ? Seriously ?? I'm not saying it's not a fabulous brand. Just every box it feels like nail polish is the staple item of the month. Please can we have something different. I have enough to fill a pool that I'm begging people to take them. 

Beauty protector : Protect and oil is just right up my alley as I love hair oils. I have dry hair as it's naturally curly so I do need to infuse it with as much nurishments as possible. This tiny bottle will not take long to use up, but it will last a fair few uses. You only need a few drops but with my hair being so long, that's why I'm saying it may only take me a shorter time. 

Gilchrist & Soames - Shower gel is not something I've heard of and I just think again, another shower gel. I have loads and wish I could mix up the products a little bit more. Id love something other then shower gel in every Birchbox, it's like the nail polish senario. 

Janijra facial serum - again is not another brand I'm farmiliar with, it is mainly spa listed. Also it says it should be a 30ml sample, yet the picture above is tiny. I look forward to trying this product, however for a facial concentrate there is only so much you can see with a tiny sample. I'm open minded though to see its effects. 

Other box plus's - 
I loved the cards in this months Birchbox as they were quirky, also the step-by-step guide for eyeliner. It was very impressive. So they were a plus in the box for me too. 

Did you get this months Birchbox ? What were your products ? 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Glossybox - February 2014 ( Be mine theme)

So after a frankly shocking January box which I didn't care for in the slightest. I was very pessimistic for February. With it being valentines, It's tends to be makeup orientated. So I just thought "1 more month and let's see shall we". 

Am I glad ...... Yes I think I am.

So the theme being "Be mine" in reference to valentines day. Even if it was a day late, it was presented in a lovely box. Ideal for lipstick storage. 

Contents of the box ;

- Ciate polish (Full size)
- Maybelline new lipstick collection (Full size) "725 Tantalizing taupe"
- H2K skincare : J'dore shampoo and sensual hydrating conditioner
- Sleep in rollers : Backcombing comb
- Nougat London : Sparkling body shimmer 
Extra : Lindt chocolate bar 

Review and product rundown

Sleep in rollers - A Backcombing brush is not something I would generally use, as I have thick hair. Plus is super curly so I don't tend to use these types of brush as they matte in my hair. Definatly more suited to someone with finer hair then mine. 

H2K Skincare : This shampoo and conditioner duo is a perfect size for travel and my hospital bag. Always glad for these as hospital shampoo and conditioner is ok but I like using my own. 

Ciate - As much as I love ciate, I have this colour. I feel like I'm drowning in polish. I just wish that we could receive another product then nail polish. 

Maybelline - Part of new releases from maybelline including a mascara, sent in other boxes. This new lipstick is probably the opposite, to the vivids series released last year. I recieved a beautiful colour called "Tantalizing taupe (725)". They smell amazing and this nude is perfect for me. So happy with this addition to my box. 

Nougat London : I have never heard of this brand, however the shimmer body lotion is a beautiful peach colour. It's perfect for the oncoming spring and summer season. I look forward to using this product. 

Extra product - Lindt bar which I've recieved in a beauty box before. My goodness beauty box, chocolate overload. Every box has had chocolate within it and thankfully no dodgy cheap heart lolly this year. 

So Glossybox you were hugely better this month compared to January, however your still not high end samples to trial. Your competitors are bringing boxes worth over £40 and this is sub-par in comparison. I loved this box but felt some products, maybe not suited to my profile for example the comb. I have a free box next month and decided, that it will be my decider box to see if I keep with glossybox. 
** Also don't forget to kiss your postcard and send that kiss to a loved one. For a chance to win a holiday. **

So what did you all think of glossybox this month ? Did you receive the same ? 

Resultime by Collin Paris

I really loved a sample I recieved in a glossybox quite some time back. So I was grateful to be sent some mini samples from Collin-Resultime. I love to try mini samples and get a first impression as to what the products like. 

Collin Paris - Resultime

They say 
Each Resultime product is at the forefront of cosmetology and contains leading edge technology combined with a sensory pleasure thanks to modern, delicious, sensual textures and scents.
No matter what your skin type, age or skin problem, Resultime has the products to suit your skin's needs.

Hydrating creme 

They say ;
This treatment cream is enriched with three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to nourish and hydrate, as well as our patented ingredient, Vectorised Micro-Collagen, to plump and firm all layers of the skin. Ideal for dehydrated skin types that are prone to dryness.

First impression
I really loved this cream as I found it offered me a light and well absorbed product. As I recieved mini sample sizes I can only give my initial thoughts on the products. This product I am very happy with and like the collegen serum I've used before. This is a definate possible product I would purchase as it didn't make my skin react. It was very light and lovely to use, for a boost of hydration in these cold nights. 

Smoothing resurfacing Mask

They say ; 
This mask offers a “second skin” effect using a combination of Ceramides and Micro-Collagen to smooth, repair and protect the skin, not only on the surface but deep down within the heart of the skin's cells* for instant and visible results.  For 30 years plus, use three to four times a week as a corrective ageing mask. Anti-ageing tip: before rinsing off the mask, energise the skin by penetrating the mask with lifting massage movements.

First impressions 
Now this mask is for my age category advised to be applied 3-4 times a week. So I got just about weeks worth of product by not using much, it was nice to pamper with when my skin felt it needed a boost. I'm in hospital a lot with air conditioning that makes my skin feel more dry. Also great if your skin is looking fatigued. Also I really like masks in the evening to just refresh the face. I found in my evening shower doing the massage movements, to remove it really felt lovely and plumped my skin up. 

Cleansing cream collagen

They say ;
A luscious, creamy cleansing wash that removes make-up and is an ideal 'in the shower' product that may be used around your eyes. Hydrating properties preserve the protective barrier of the skin, leaving your skin clean and soft. Its original formula combines Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid to maintain the youthfulness of the skin and leave it perfectly comfortable, supple and luminous. 

First impressions
I used this in the shower as suggested after using the mask, as was a perfect travel size. I found it washed my skin to a level where it did feel clean. The eye area was nice to get too, with a product that doesn't strip the skin of natural oils like some soaps. I did find that my eyes looked less grey where I am so fatigued looking at times. Also cleans very lightly and hydrating almost like a creamy shower body soap would. 

All these mini samples were lovely to use and I'm so grateful to be given some to try on my skin. As it can be difficult to find skincare that's right for you. I found these samples were just as lovely as the sample I recieved in my glossybox subscription. High quality and perfect for dry skin and all skin types. 

Have you tried any Collin products ? What are your impressions of them ? 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Eye of Horus - New goddess pencil additions ( Lazuli blue and Jewel Amethyst )

So I have had the upmost pleasure last year to review, Eye of Horus liquid define and loved the product. I was kindly allowed to trial one of the 2 new Goddess pencil additions.

A little about the Eye of Horus ;
The Eye of Horus range of Goddess eye makeup is based on Ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, including Carnauba wax, Rice Bran wax, Candelilla wax and the revered Moringa oil claimed by the Gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.

The Goddess pencils are 
- A creamy rich formula that is easy to apply and is long-lasting
-  Waterproof & smudge-proof
the smudger on the end enables use as a eyeshadow (be quick though) 
-  Resists oil and perspiration with no fading

2 New shades are ; 

Lazuli blue - Embellish your eyes with stunning sacred Lazuli Blue - Lunar stone of the Goddess, bewitches with a flash of vibrant blue immortalising your look to alluring desire. Our bright electric blue will immediately transform and intensify with radiant colour, smudge and smoulder for a serious pop of colour.

Jewel amethyst Our Jewel Amethyst offers a deep purple colour with intensely rich pigments and bold metallic micro-glitter. To instantly captivate like a jewelled Goddess, our smooth formula is bright and rich for a serious pop of colour, the ‘it’ colour for 2014.

Packaging : 
So the packaging for Eye of Horus products is beautiful. Comes wrapped in a black bag with embossed hyroglifics down the middle. The paper inside also is black with gold logos and writing printed. 

Goddess pencil consistency :
Is an extremely smooth and creamy pencil which is paraben, cruelty free using only natural ingredients. Made up of Moringa oils and natural ingredients, perfect if your on the look for sensitive friendly cosmetics. I didn't need to warm the pencil to do my swatch, it was a simple back and forward motion. It did not pull nor cause skin irritation, plus extremely pigmented. 

Lazuli blue swatch and packaging

Lazuli blue review ;
The pencil is extremely pigmented. I would say its a beautiful jewelled light blue. It comes with a smudger which gives a duel purpose, to be used as a shadow or an eyeliner. I would advise to do an eye at a time, if you wish to use as a shadow. I used brushes, as they were more gentle for eye smudging. I found the colour was beautiful for under the eye, to highlight the natural colour. I love the pencils as they are stunning colours. They are perfect for the waterline and don't move. Most pencils in my experience need reapplication, due to gradual fading in the day. The Eye if Horus products do not need reapplication.  *(It my personal preference as I find sponges drag no matter how soft.) 

Lazuli blue looks 

I hope you enjoyed this review. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MAC - Viva glam Rihanna edition (Lipstick)

So one of MAC's charitable causes is the Viva glam range. It's a charity that gives all proceeds to help world HIV/AIDS causes. Inspired powerful figures come together and collaborate to make a lipstick or lipgloss to raise funds. I happily and proudly purchased the lipstick and lipgloss. As with all the Viva glam lipsticks they are exceptional quality and colours. 

They say ; 
Rihanna's blue-red with frost finish. The full R.R.P less V.A.T from the sale of this lipstick and lipglass goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited-edition, soft-touch red packaging features RiRi's signature.

So Rihanna has been the "It" girl for the 2013 season with multiple collaborations being released. I did manage to purchase some of the collection and love the pieces I do have. However this final offering was a fine send off to a worthy MAC girl. I will cut the review into lipstick then lipgloss. 

Packaging - so the packaging is a darkened blacked red, almost ombré effect. Has a suede like feel to it and as with all collections by celebrities, signed tube within. 

Lipstick - Was described on the site as a frost red with blue tones. Now I'm a blue toned any lover as it makes my makeup sing. Just on my personal preference and why I probably own most blue toned MAC lipsticks. I just love how they look and feel. Plus the frost isn't so bad on and feels almost like a creamsheen to me. (again the creamsheens and amplified are what I gravitate too) It feels hydrating and looks in my opinion fabulous, little hints catch the light on this beautiful shade. I'm so happy I purchased this. 


I will be reviewing the Lipgloss when it arrives. 
Did you purchase the Viva glam lipstick set ? What do you think about the whole Rihanna collaboration over the year and do you own any of the collection. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Kiss lashes : Double pack "Wink" review

So Kiss lashes are not new to me and I've used the single packs before. They are ideal for beginners learning the art of lash application. I was kindly sent a double pack to review. 

They say ; 
Made with premium quality, natural hair these lashes are lightweight and reusable; add them to your everyday beauty regimen. The enclosed applicator makes them so easy to put on and this convenient double-pack is added value for the Lashionista!  

So this double pack comes with applicators, which do assist in really pressing that fiddly inner corner down. I have shakey hands so this really does help in maintaining the lash in place. Also with getting it as close as possible to the lash line.  The glue included also still changes colour to help you gage the application. If you need longer to place your lashes then this is helpful and also gives you a idea of when to apply. When they are at there most tacky you can apply then adjust. Which is a bonus for me as I can't apply lashes under pressure, also find waiting for glue to become tacky tedious. 
This double pack is also longer lashes so I did have to cut mine back. As they hit my glasses and looked un-natural. So a little trim was all they needed and the length is perfect. If you want long lashes for a night out, then the double pack can serve as a day and night pairs. So all in all this is a brand I still love and helped me in my lashes journey. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to perfect there skill and have comfy lashes. Also they are so comfy and the right band size, you won't even notice they are on.

As you can see by my pictures the length of the lashes. They really are amazing lashes so I'm really honoured to review Kiss lashes.

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