Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Memebox : OMG 3 box

So my first OMG box and i must say i am intrigued, excited and interested. I cant wait to see whats inside this box. 

If you’re a daring beauty pioneer that is open to exploring the wonderful wacky wows of Korean beauty, this OMG 3 Box is for you. Memebox has searched near and far to bring you the weirdest, coolest, most eye-brow raising beauty trends in all of Korea. 

The latest addition to the OMG series will bring even the most daring beauty devils to their knees. This OMG 3 Box will be a great conversation starter.

Contents :
On the body : Makgeolil soap
Cleomee : Donkey milk & Mist oil 
Migabee : Bee venom & honey
Tonymoly : Delight tint
Tosowoong : Platinum pore pack

 Cleomee Premium Donkey Milk & Oil Body Mist is a Body Oil and Mist. Its a fragrant triple layer milk, that provides an instant moisture surge with its organic mix. Beautiful with the three seperate layers. 

On the body : Makgeolil soap is an item that just well is what it says on the box. A gentle and soothing soap to help all skin type. Looks lovely and kind to sensitive skins in particular. 

 Tosowoong : Platinum pore pack seems like a really high end presented product. To help eliminate or reduce pore size. This is a size that will give you a good regular routine.

Tonymoly : Delight tint is a very bright and vibrant lip crayon. Its neon pink colour is enough to have anyone going OMG. I love bright colour so this was right up my alley. Cannot wait to try this shade. 

Migabee : Bee venom & honey is a product that has the benefit of bee venom and honey. Both well known for skin tightening and preservation. 

I really like this box and it has made me look at my skincare routine and the products i use. I cant wait to use these products and see what ive been missing. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Memebox : Cute wish list 3

Now i missed out on the past Cute wishlist boxes. So this one is a total parcel of excitement for me. I love cute packaging. Lets see what Cute wishlist 3 had in store.

This is a Memebox must-have for all you My Cute Wish-list fans out there. You’ll become weak to the knees at the sight of our box full of precious packaging, fun and cheeky names, and all things that are as cute as a button. 

If you haven’t already passed out from cuteness overload in our previous My Cute Wish-list boxes, be prepared for a dizzy spell from the explosive levels of adorable in this third box. In all seriousness though, snag the latest addition to the My Cute Wish-list series because it surely will not disappoint.

Contents :
Hope girl : Tinted lip balm
Shara shara : Sun cream
Ddung : Family foaming cleanser
Shara shara : Kissing lip scrub
Tonymoly : Red cheeks patch
Youngeoosa : Oh! Soft & gentle cream

Hope girl : Tinted lip balm is in hot cherry which is a perfect colour for me. I love anything bold and that will give me a nice moisturised lip.

Youngeoosa : Oh! Soft & gentle cream is a really lovely packaged cream. It really reminds me of Geisha for some reason. With the cute pot and writing, just makes it so authentic. 

Ddung : Family foaming cleanser in milk is described as a gentle rich foam. Infusing the skins natural features with the long and revered properties of milk. 

Tonymoly : Red cheeks patch are lovely patches of hydrating masks, helping to plump and give smooth skin.

Shara shara : Kissing lip scrub is perfect for winter when your struggling with dry lips. Natural and portable pot that can remove the most stubborn of dry skin. Beautiful and well loved addition to my collection. 

Shara shara : Sun cream is in a beautiful packaging, can be used a base primer to offer SPF to the face. It is not summer here so it will be a lovely product to adorn my vanity next summer. 

Overall I'm really happy with my box, I do think that maybe the cuteness was a little sparse this time. I expected a little more for what its famed for, when it comes to cute boxes. However i will use all the products in the box. 

Leighton denny - Light & Dark perfume

So Leighton denny's new fragrance release. "Light & Dark" is described as a sensually rich perfume, full and confident. 

------- Leighton Denny --------

Leighton is a leading expert and an internationally recognised figure in the beauty world; with a multi-award winning range of nail and tanning products - first came Leighton Denny Expert Nails, then the Sun-Believable Expert Tanning & Accessories range and now Lip Dual Expert Makeup.

In addition to his beauty credentials, Leighton has been recognised by the industry, having recently been awarded the honorary PHAB accolade. Rarely given as an honorary award, the PHAB standard recognises levels of excellence.

New 2014 Hollywood collection polishes

They describe "Light & Dark" as : 
A special blend of absolute oils including a fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense. Offers a warm welcoming unique fragrance, which can be worn day or night. With its heart of gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose, Light & dark triggers instincts. Allure, attraction and desire, which is merged with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper to stimulate confidence and distinctiveness.

Light & Dark is designed for women looking for something out of the ordinary. For those who want to seduce, this is the perfect weapon. It is wild, mysterious and intoxicating. A scent that women love to wear and that men adore on them.

Breast cancer awareness in October

Leighton is also a fervent supporter of Breast Cancer Care and continues to collaborate with them on initiatives for all his product ranges. Leighton says, “I am proud to be supporting Breast Cancer Care, the charity that makes a difference by helping people across the UK whose lives are touched by breast cancer."

Also just to let you know throughout the whole of October Leighton is giving 20% of all sales to Breast Cancer Care. So please visit the site, to purchase any christmas inspired gifts early if you can. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

My little "DVF" Box

So my second box from "My little box". Was in honour of well known fashion legend "Diane von Furstenberg". It includes fashion items this month and also beauty accessories.

Whats inside My little box ? 

- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 
- Our magazine (My Little World) 
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 

Must-have beauty products (including our own in-house 

  beauty range, My Little Beauty) 
- And other surprise's 

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises delivered straight to your door for £11 (+ £3.95 PP) per month.

Diane von F├╝rstenberg : 31 December 1946 (age 67) Brussels, Belgium

Diane von Furstenberg first entered the fashion world in 1972 with a suitcase full of jersey dresses. Two years later, she created the wrap dress, which came to symbolize power and independence for an entire generation of women. By 1976, she had sold over a million of the dresses. DVF has expanded to a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories including shoeshandbags, small leather goods, scarves, and fine jewellery. The company also offers luggage, eyewear, and home furnishings.

Diane's commitment to empowering women is expressed not only through fashion but also philanthropy and mentorship. In 2010, with the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation, Diane established the DVF Awards to honor and provide grants to women who have displayed leadership, strength and courage in their commitment to their causes. In 2012, Diane was named the most powerful woman in fashion by Forbes Magazine.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be" Diane Von Furstenberg.

So the first item in the box is this beautiful brooch. Its ruby red lips can be used to jazz up the most dullest of days or outfits. I cannot wait to find a suitable time to wear it. A wonderful addition to my collection. Also i do love the cards included with beautiful quotes, I keep these incase i ever feel the need to lift the spirits of a friend. 

Along with the beautiful brooch and illustration, there was this beautiful packet included. Whatever could be included ? Why my my .... A tres chic scarf. Mine was the black and white version. Also within the envelope, it shows you many ways in which to use the scarf. All of which are amazingly innovative. 

Then to top the box off, you revieve a lovely well polished magazine. This little beauty box from paris, is an amazing addition to subscription boxes.

I cant wait for my next edition to arrive.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Memebox : Halloween edition

So October is a definatly a month of Memebox's. I have a few more on the way, so in the meantime. Im going to show you the Halloween box, which has arrived in time for dressing up. Gothic looks at the ready and lets see what we can achieve with this box. 

This Halloween, your possibilities are endless with a chock-full of spooky makeup ideas. No need to drop loads of cash on costumes you’ll only wear once a year, just grab this Halloween Special box, loaded with fun and crafty makeup ideas that are fit for any party occasion. Whether you plan on being a sexy vamp, a pretty pixie, or just sport your trusty ol’ witch hat for the night, these do-able Halloween makeup ideas will compliment any costume and also be sure to get you a double-take.

Revecen : Liquid Lipstick Blood 
- Elizavecca : Lip tattoo
- Lalanc : Tattoo sheets 
- Revecen : Foundation (Shade 100 white)
- Revecen : Cake eye liner (Black)
- Revecen : Lining colour (Purple)
- Revecen : Eye lashes (No.6) 

- Elizavecca : Lip tattoo is a new product to me. I confess my last try with lip tattoo's (Violent lips) was long and messy. So i hope these will hopefully adhere better and give me a positive experience.

- Lalanc : Tattoo sheets are right up my alley. I love tattoo's and think these transfers are great fun for halloween. They have adult designs but also they can be used, by the whole family if you wish. I cant see any offensive ones visable. 

- Revecen : Foundation (Shade 100 white) is a cream foundation that can be warmed and used for costume makeup. Or it can be used to lighten a darker foundation. Its tacky on application but sets with a powder. 

- Revecen : Cake eye liner (Black) is a water activated makeup product. Where you use a wet brush, then take the product to your thumb joint to control and remove excess. As with it being black you dont want to apply this without first checking the consistancy, texture and ease of use. So i always just check first how much water i need, to gain a opaque nice gel consistancy. 

- Revecen : Lining colour (Purple) is again another water activated product. This is meant for body painting or art, this again does not need much water. These paints are so pigmented. That you risk washing the colour down, by soaking the paint cake. So i tend to go from one corner and then re-use that area, rather then move around. Plus i allow them to dry out completely, i just cover with a muslin to prevent any contamination by dust etc. Great for halloween. 

Revecen : Liquid Lipstick Blood : There's no need to purchase a bottle of fake blood, this Lipstick in blood colour.  It can be used for creating a bloody lip, blood from your eyes, mouth or for a fake scar. Very intriguing product and i cannot wait to use it.  

- Revecen : Eye lashes (No.6) are beautiful and dramatic. They look like cob webs and very spidery. So i could use these for a spider queen look. 

This box is fantastic and i can think of so many looks to do with this. Zombie, Spider queen, biker chick, vampire etc endless possibilities. 

LDN:SKINS - Tanning products

Highly popular and well publisised as the tan for the duchess of cambridge. This claims to offer a subtle and gentle tan, over a gradual period. Ensuring a natural and buildable tan. 

They say ;
LDN:SKINS is a professional range, favoured by leading tanning technicians.  

We offer self tan to use in the comfort of your own home. The secret to a good self tan, is to look perfectly natural. To blend with your complexion the moment it's applied. You control the depth of tan  by choosing the `Tone` you would like to achieve.

Our tans are easy-to-apply. 
Each tan features a natural-looking guide colour, to show you where you've applied your tan so you don’t miss any areas. Use the professional mitt (included) to apply our formula, simply apply in light circular motions. There’s no need for vigorous rubbing-in. Our use of odourless DHA combined with our subtle signature fragrance – English Lavender. No fake smell and ensures your tan is pretty much undetectable.

Kind to skin and clothes
Our formula won’t clog your pores and leave your skin feeling light with no tackiness. Transfer resistant means your clothes/bedding won’t discolour, while your tan is developing.

Well loved and very gentle gradual tan. Its a light texture with a pale colour. It smells beautiful and absorbs very well into the skin. I did find this gradual tan shade (Light) is for very pale skinned women. It has no orange or red tinge, its not overwhelming as it develops. The light shade did take a while to build up, it gave me a lovely hint of colour.

So it was easy to apply and absorbed well. Also washed off easily but still left some colour within the skin. Unfortunately i put my original picture over a birth mark that was faded. So the darker area is where my birth mark is. 

As you can see the change in colour is noticeable. Its quite enough colour for the winter and to look healthy as the picture shows im very pale. I would for my skin next time, buy the medium shade for over summertime. As I would like to be a little tanned in summer, seeing as i cannot go to the sun. I will let LDN:Skins colour to my skin to perfection. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Memebox : Snow white box

So the princess that insprired this box, is the beautiful Snow white. Famed for her pure skin and light spirit. This box contains items that should make you, the fairest of them all. 

They say :
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? You, with the Snow White Box, of course. The cooler months spell for the perfect time to brighten up skin, even out uneven complexions, and target pesky dark spots! Whatever shade of the rainbow your skin color is, optimize your skin’s radiance and clarity for luminous, glowing skin.

Contents : 
- Nella Fantasia : Oneday Whitener 
- Original raw First Essence : Vitamin essence 
- Faceflux : Anti-wrinkle revitalize cream
- Daltokki : Whitening Essence 
- 5 Seeds : Apple Water Brightning Scrub 
- Morningtree : Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot 

Nella Fantasia : Oneday Whitener is a facial whitening cream. Which can be used to help even out skintone, or even help lighten a dark foundation. 

Faceflux : Anti-wrinkle revitalize cream sounds lovely and refreshing. Especially for the eyes, when you can look the most tired and the darkest of tired bags. 

Daltokki : Whitening Essence is an item i didnt think i could use but with a few drops, this could be a dark foundations saviour. Being a essence it wont dry your skin. Which is a bonus for the cold months drawing in. 

Original raw First Essence : Vitamin essence is said to contain a multitude of natural essence's. To help keep skin hydrated whilst you sleep but also to infuse the skin with nutrients. Its the time when the body is repairing, it makes sense to have a night product. So im looking forward to the results.

5 Seeds : Apple Water Brightning Scrub is a product i know will be amazing, as apple is packed full of fantastic skin vitamin. This is marvellously refeshing to the skin and ideal for dry skin types. Packed with vitamins and natural ways to remove dry skin. 

Morningtree : Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot not found the need to use this as yet. However im sure it will come in useful to lighten any redness. Also help a spot thats healing to revitalise the skin. 

A lovely box with alot of products to give you a creamy fresh complextion. Also keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...