Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yves Rocher : Serum Vegetal (Wrinkle and firmness set)

Yves Rocher is a well respected and french company that endorses the use of naturally made products. I love this brand as it is natural and uses botanical knowledge to make the most beautiful products. I was kindly sent some products from there new Serum Vegetal release. Using a new and innovative new plant, which can improve skins integrity. It is really quite interesting and i was happy to try and also tell my readers about this new find. 

New Wrinkle and firmness set

They say : 



Wrinkle & firmness : Day cream

Rebuilds skin to regain plumpness

Even deep wrinkles are significantly corrected. 
Skin regains plumpness and appears firmer. Skin is hydrated throughout the day thanks to the product’s smoothing texture, which provides an excellent base for makeup.

Ive used this as a base moisturiser for my morning routine and makeup days. Its really hydrating and refreshing, plus i noticed it really wakes me up. Especially my eye area where i can find they get sore, if i dont have enough sleep so this is really cooling. Ive really enjoyed using this in the morning. I can see my eye area is improving. Its not looking as blue and tired as it used too. I really am impressed as i never have seen creams actually work with solid time run use, yet just give a slight quick fix. This i can see is actually repairing the area and helping it to replenish. I think the mix of the night and day cream really is essential, as the consistency of the night cream i think helps with the hydration process. 

Wrinkle & Firmness : Night Cream

Plumping Night Care 
Restores firmness every night. Even deep wrinkles are corrected. Skin appears firmer and more toned when you wake. Skin is intensely nourished thanks to the product’s corrective balm texture.

This texture is most definatly a lovely balm and i can only describe it as a gel/balm and cream mix. It makes your skin so smooth on application and absorbs very quickly. Yet it doesn't feel at all greasy or  slippery on top of the skin at night. It has a slight floral note to the earthy scent it gives on application, but its very soothing and not overpowering. It didn't cause any sensitivity at all when i used during the night and my skin was smooth too the touch. I defiantly think that it refreshes the skin and gives a lovely firmness around my eyes. Ive noticed that the creases have subsided and my forehead is not ageing as fast as it seemed to me now. Im really loving this system of creams and its very much worth investing in. I need to replenish my pot soon and cannot wait to recommend this to everyone. 

To finally say then that once you find your cream match above i would firmly recommend this. It's natural and Yves rocher as a brand is really making some excellent products. I can see why its such a household and loved brand in its native France.  Ive really enjoyed trying this set and seeing the results from this innovative and new discovery. It is most defiantly one that is a recommended and will be a holy grail for my skin certainly. I would encourage anyone to go onto there site and read up on the new botanical finds within skincare, Or just to simply have a browse at some fine and inexpensive products. Good skincare shouldn't cost the earth and Yves Rocher go to prove that it doesn't have too.                      

Now you maybe thinking which set is right for you ? Well on the site is a guide to help you. Basically total up the symbol's that mostly agree to yourself and thats your regime. 

So do you have your tally ? Well here is your regime. (For a clearer copy visit Yves rocher, How to choose)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nivea Q-10 range & 3in1 Micellar water

I love Nivea products as they are affordable and brilliant skincare. So when I saw the new 3 in 1 cleansing water, I was so excited. Along with the cleansing water, I also tried the Q-10 hand cream and firming shower cream. Having dry skin at times the Q-10 range with its Moisturising formula would be the perfect shower cream to help improve the skin's condition.

They say :
For an easy daily routine that will leave your skin feeling spa-firm and moisturised, try our new NIVEA Q10 Energy formula. The advanced ‘energy complex’ features three power ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity. Try it today for energised and firm skin, within just two weeks.

Co-enzyme Q10 is found naturally in our bodies and enhances skin regeneration and repair – increasing the collagen and elastin that keep your skin looking and feeling young, supple and healthy. With these super skin-boosting benefits, it’s easy to see why we picked it as the star ingredient in the NIVEA Q10 Energy Body range. 

Q10 : Age defying hand cream

 Q10 Plus Age Defying Hand Cream effectively preserves the natural beauty of your skin by reducing the appearance of ageing and smoothing your hands.

This cream is lovely on the hands and smells beautiful. Well absorbed and only a small amount is required to hydrate the skin. Its a generous sized bottle too, so it will last. Its a fantastic handbag cream and really is great when those cold days hit. Now coming into spring i want to replenish as well as hydrate. Replenishing the skin is what i want to do in the months nearing spring, as i want to show healthy hands and nails. So far my hands are looking hydrated and my nails are beginning to strengthen and really grow quick so i can shape and paint them. I used to have very weak nails that would break and i would end up having to cut them down, now i have a decent size to paint and decorate. They are really lovely looking and healthy, so I'm really impressed. This hand cream is the one i feel can keep my hands well hydrated and my nails health and strong. 

In-Shower body moisturising firming 24hr Care Q-10 plus

Moisturises instantly to get dressed and go. Normal to dry skin Q10 & massage beads & menthol. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

I love this Shower wash and it is perfect for dry skin. As i feel my skin is amazingly cleansed and then its left moisturised after i leave the shower. It is perfect for that day where you are pushed for time  need a moisturising product, yet don't have time to put loads of cream and serums on. It really smells fresh and gives a great deep cleaning to the skin, without it being irritating or making the skin sore. Whilst it does say it is firming I can see my thigh area is better condition, yet i do tend to massage and really rub this shower wash in as its so moisturising. So i will spend that bit longer in the shower using this wash, to really make sure every part of my body is well moisturised. I can say that in reading on massage is beneficial so maybe it is helping my legs look well conditioned. I really love this shower wash as its just made my skin looking so much better, as i don't have days where my moisturising step is missed due to less time. 

3 in 1 Miceller cleansing water

Daily Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water cleanses deeply, removes make-up from face and eyes and moisturises in one step. It helps protect against the 3 main signs of sensitive skin

Redness, Tightness, Dryness

The caring formula with Dexpanthenol & Grape Seed Oil. Cleanses deeply thanks to its extra effective yet mild cleansing complex. Moisturises and refreshes the skin, Is free of parabens, colours and perfume.

I have to say that in my top Nivea products, this is a definate must have. I love Nivea wipes, however there are months i cant afford to purchase them. So i applied this to my cotton pad, to see if i can get the same cleansing as my wipes. This is refreshing, hydrating, cooling and cleanse's beautifully. It will remove my most stubborn makeup and heaviest eyeliner with such ease. This product is a fantastic addition to my skincare routine and i will always have a backup now. Im so impressed at how well it cleansed my skin and just made me feel refreshed in the morning. Im so glad i tried this product. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

MAC - Cinderella Collection

One of the most eagerly awaited for collections from MAC has been the Disney Cinderella release.  Following the hugely successful Malificent and after the comments made that it was too small, MAC certainly upped there game with Cinderella and the vast collection. Featuring new eye glosses and topped with a beautiful packaging, it was always going to be a blink and you'd miss it must have. I was very lucky that I obtained the items I wanted, the "Royal ball" lipstick being the only item i missed. 

They say : 

The most famous Disney princess of all inspires a limited-edition colour collection magical 

enough to make all your dreams come true. Beloved for her kind heart and determined mind that 

dares to dream, Cinderella envisages enough makeup shades to fill a pumpkin carriage. All 

products are transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging that could 

rival the most regal of gowns.

Beautifully packaged Cinderella collection 

The most beautiful of packaging being a periwinkle blue with gold edging. The Cinderella is also gold embossed with the infamous disney logo above. Its stunning and really quite breathtaking as periwinkle is rarely used and its a shame as its such a lovely colour. This is by far the best packaging I've seen from MAC since the Aquatic collection. 

Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette 

Eyes look entrancing in the softest browns, glimmering champagne and sparkle-flecked black of 

Stroke of Midnight. 

Shades include :
Satin Taupe
Stroke of Midnight

Is a beautifully cased 6 pan of MAC must have shadows from there permanent line, with "Stroke of midnight" being the only exclusive shade. Now whilst i can see MAC having 2 palettes of shadows, including more of the blue's and beautiful shades included in the film. I can see that many women find blue there nemesis (as do i) being that it clashes with most eye colours and can look 80's if not done right. In saying that i have seen blue incorporated within duo chrome eyeshadow shades, that looks stunning and i wish they would have done this and also featured the packaging's duo chrome periwinkle as a shade also. 

Im happy i have this palette as out of all my 2 15 pan's i own, I do not have any neutral shades from MAC. So this is the perfect Neutral palette for me and perfect for travel, plus its beautifully presented. 

Beauty powder : Mystery princess 

Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess gives the face a touch of radiance for skin that seems to glow 

from within. Transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging.

Now i love compact's and will grab a collection compact if i love it as i think they are beautiful to collect. I will hit pan and then still keep the compact and boxing, as i just really think they are beautiful. Plus now pans of powder are being released i can refill them with my own personal shades. 
So onto this Beauty powder, which i will admit is not the most pigmented of all the compacts i own. It is a lovely pearl highlight with a pink tone to it. I will use this more as a highlight then an all over powder as its very shimmery, it has no fallout plus blended in very well using only a small amount. Overall for what i will use it for,  I'm very happy with the powder plus its stunningly packaged. 

Iridescent pressed powder in Coupe D'chic

Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe D’Chic imparts a shimmering sheen that will make you the 

belle of the ball. Transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging

So this powder is very sheer to the colour within the compact and its very hard, with even the biggest of swatches to see any pigment. However being an iridescent powder it is supposed to enhance rather then be the main product you use. So with this powder i would use it to add some shimmer to a matte blush and then blend upwards to give a slight highlight sheen to my cheek. It has the odd glittery speck when applied but i can't see if thats a top spray until i use it more. Overall it could have had a extra bit of pigment to really raise it to a exceptional product. For what I'm using it for, as i said above to boost my blushes then I'm happy with the product.

Of all the product i saw, i loved these 3 and the "Royal ball" lipstick was a beautiful shade, however this collection was really a task to find and grab hold of. I love the palette and the powders will serve the purpose's i have for them. I am now much more aware of what items i want within a collection before i buy. As I'm noticing a lot of the shades being re-promoted, So i don't want doubles if i can help it. Cinderella is a beautiful collection and I'm loving the products. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Discovery club - March edition

Discovery club is a Quartlerly fragrance subscription service. Ive been subscribed for over a year now and its changed so much. This Spring its had a packaging change that is chic and very streamline. There are usually 5 female scents and 2 male scents included in each quarter.  Along with the frgrances you will recieve money off vouchers, for the scents within the box. 

They say : 
- Exciting fragrance samples delivered straight to your home
- Save up to £10 on the fragrances featured in the box
- Female & male samples included
Only £5 per quarter
- No commitment - cancel at any time

Contents of Spring 2015 : 
1 - Hugo Boss - Hugo Woman
2 - Stella McCartney : Stella EDT
3 - Dolce : Dolce Floral Drops
4 - La Petite robe Noire : Eau Fraiche
5 - Versace : Pour femme
6 - Versace : Eros 
7 - Givenchy Very Irresistible EDT 

Fragrances in Spring (L-R : 1, 2, 3, 4)

1. Hugo Boss - Hugo Woman
HUGO Woman is a fruity floral fragrance with an unconventional boyish twist. The scent is a contrast of feminine and unexpected masculine notes. Is the scent for modern, stylish women who live life their way and follow the motto 'invent yourself'.
Top: Boysenberry, Mandarin 
Heart: Jasmine, Black plum, Iris, Black tea 
Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber

2. Stella McCartney : Stella EDT
Stella EDT introduces a lighter fragrance. Continuing the celebration of naturally sexy and confident woman. Updating the rose notes with elegant Bulgarian rose essence. Too develop the fresh and dewy rose fragrance.  Being bright and bold creates a young fresher fragrance. 

This unique scent with top notes of fresh mandarin and frozen lemon. Tones of freesia create a soft, dewy feeling. Infusing feminine rose essence, violet leaves and peony petals. Bring's freshness while amber base notes give a sensual undertone. 

3. Dolce : Dolce Floral Drops
It is the clarity of dawn. The Neroli  enhance's their aroma. Preserving its harmonious signature of white flowers, with White Amaryllis at the heart.

Top - Neroli leaves and Papaya Flower that enriches the fragrance. Defining freshness.
Heart - White Amaryllis, White Daffodil and White Water Lily.
Base - The floral signature is balanced by warm Musky notes, Cashmeran and Sandalwood.
Floral Drops bottle's curved lines, with a sculpted flower shaped lid with milky white petals. The Frosted glass gives a misty green colour, giving a dew-kissed tone. Expressing the fresh delicateness of the fragrance. 

4. La Petite robe Noire : Eau Fraiche
My new petal dress 
An absolute essential and utterly irresistible. Chic and glamorous  creation by GuerlainThe scent is a fresh floral, Joyful and exhilarating.

An explosion of mandarin with a shower of green notes. Then roses with an armful of freesia, caressed with apricot and sun-kissed notes. The pistachio with the white musk, plus patchouli help's keep the delicate silky balance.

5. Versace : Pour Femme
Eros Pour Femme is the ultimate in power and seduction from Versace. A captivating fragrance with elegant packaging. The primal power of a woman captured in a radiant and sensual essence. A new legend bursting with passion, Eros meets his true love Pour Femme (but who’s seducing who?) An invitation to surrender to desire, then to take control of life’s unstoppable forces.

An alchemy of tempting, bright and feminine notes. A refined accord of lemon, jasmine, exalted by sesmooth woods.

6. Versace - Eros 
Greek mythology and classic sculpture has characterised Versace. Eros : God of Love is able to make people fall in love with his bow and arrowThe packaging shows Medusa & Greek fret, a turquoise backdrop  convey's a masculine perception. A racy virility symbolised by woods providing intensity and power.

A fragrance with an intense mix of oriental and enveloping notes. A Vibrant freshness is obtained from  combination's of tonka beans, amber, mint, Italian lemon zest, vanilla and green apple. Etc

7. Givenchy Very Irresistible EDT 30ml

Very Irr├ęsistible Givenchy is the world's first Floral Aromatic perfume. A light, feminine fragrance created with the combination of five beautiful roses. Star anise provides a delicate touch of contrast, freshness and modernity and gives originality to the central floral harmony of roses. A fragrance that brings out the spontaneity in all women.

I really love this set of fragrances, they are spring fresh and light. My favourite being La petit noir's new addition. Its light, fresh and really long wearing on the skin. Also the Versace fragrances last for a considerable time. These vials are perfect for your handbag and travelling. The new packaging is sleek and slim, which is much more postal friendly. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tarte : Duo bronze and blush palette

Tarte is a well loved and respected american brand, that the UK is just so eager to buy from. Now with the opening of online shopping from Sephora to the UK, we are one step closer. However i really would love to see there products on our shelves to purchase. 

They say : 
Today tarte is a leader in healthy, eco-chic beauty, offering cruelty-free cosmetics. Infused with super-fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients. 

 With the Tarte 12-hour power™ you’ll notice it lasts. We've got budge-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof, SPF formulas. Tarte also chic runway-inspired cases and compacts. It's more than just pretty packaging. We care about the environment, to support cooperatives in the Rainforest. Too develop sustainable components that can often be re-used, to help reduce environmental waste.

From our award-winning blushes, breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja complexion products. We're committed to delivering real results for real women. 

Park Ave Princess : 
Product Description 
This fragrance free, talc free powder bronzer delivers  a lightweight finish without clogging your pores. It blends and builds effortlessly to your desired level of natural-looking bronze. Plus if you’re looking to define your cheekbones and jaw line, this bronzer also works as a contour powder. It's the perfect natural matte shade to add depth and it effortlessly blends. Amazonian clay is nature's perfect ingredient it acts as a total skin balancer, by reducing dryness and flakiness. Improving clarity and texture, by removing surface oil for a true Brazilian bronze bombshell finish.

Blush in Dollface:
Product Description 
This 12-hour blush universally benefits all skin types, for a fade-free flawless finish. In shades ranging from soft, vivid, matte to shimmer to suit a wide variety of skin tones. Amazonian clay minimises oil in and around pores to balance skin. Keep the product in place while also hydrating the skin naturally, to restore moisture and reducing the appearance of dry flaky skin.
This Bronzer and Blush duo is stunning. Park avenue princess blends like a dream and is the perfect bronzer, paired with Dollface gives a healthy and radiant glow. The powders are beautifully milled and fantastically pigmented. A simple dab on the brush would suffice for both shades to give a good colour. They are fantastic blending colours and don't leave harshness on the skin after. The powders are not dry or harsh on the skin. Im so impressed and the compact is very stylish and well presented.  

Saturday, 14 March 2015

My little Box - March edition

That time of the month that i look forward to the delivery of "My little box". This french subscription box has become my favourite, out of all the boxes on the market. This month being of a "Superhero" theme. 

They say : 
My Little Beauty is a range of beauty products and cosmetics developed especially for our My Little Box subscribers. Every month, we slip a new product from our range into your Box. We hope you love it. You can opt out of our monthly subscription anytime you want - no mess, no fuss. We already have 80,000 subscribers in France. 

What's Inside each My little box ?
- Must have beauty products (Including one from our own in-house beauty range, My little beauty) 
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories  
- Our magazine (My little world)
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako  
- And other surprise's …

Contents for the March box :
- T-Shirt by Gat Rimon
- Superstickers
- My beauty bag content's
- My little world Magazine 

T- Shirt by Gat Rimon 

This beautiful T- Shirt is a One size fits all. With its loose cut circular neckline, it's a really impressive addition. I love the grey colour choice and it's soft fabric. My shirt says "I believe i can fly" which is fine with me, as i can see this being my comfy shirt. 

My beauty bag content's :
- Garnier's Miracle sleeping cream
- Kerastase Cristalliste conditioner
- My little beauty, Lip Nourishment

Garnier's Miracle Sleeping cream
Its innovative, self-smoothing texture envelops the skin and visibly helps reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue during the night. When used every night, the formula helps reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing and tiredness.
• Skin feels intensely re-hydrated.

• Skin looks less tired.
• Complexion looks fresh and radiant.

The formula helps stimulate surface skin cell renewal for skin that looks refreshed and less tired. Skin looks smoother, wrinkles appear reduced and skin feels firmer, as if transformed.

Kerastase Cristalliste conditioner 
For shiny lustrous locks. This rinse off formula smoothes down the lengths of your hair without weighing it down. A light formula enriched with aloe vera, as well as a ‘Liquid Light’ complex, which smoothes down the hair to leave it looking full of lustre.
  • Leaves ends smooth and polished
  • Rebalances the hair fiber 
  • Purifies roots, leaving them weightless and clean
  • Facilitates detangling for a soft and supple lightweight touch
My little beauty - Lip hydration treatment

Another lovely product from the My little beauty line. This lip treatment not only offers a lovely boost of hydration, but is compact and convenient. I can't wait too see with further and prolonged use what this offers my lips long term.

Another terrific edition of this month's My little box" . Some new product's to try from established  beauty brand's. Im alway's blown away with each edition, I've loved every box since the start. 
This subscription box give's class to its followers, it's a welcome breath of fresh air. This box is a refreshing lift from the endless hoard of beauty sampling. I can't wait for next month, so remember ladies to embrace that inner superwoman passion.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...