Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ihearthomes - May edition


It's that time of the month again when we recieve the ihearthomes box. This box is becoming a real favourite of mine. 

They say :
ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

We wrap all our items in white tissue paper as standard (size permitting), to add that extra special niceness when you receive your order. 

Content's : 
- Polka dot case
- Rose bud chocolate
- Paper tape
- Fridge magnet (Dance like no one's watching) 
- Blue stripey bag (3 Paper clip's)
- Vintage photo frame 
- "Wish upon a string" bracelet 

Polka dot case & Rose bud chocolate

Polka dot case 
I really love this case which can be used in a variety of way's, as a pencil case, makeup bag etc. The simple design goes with any occasion, so perfect if you want to travel with it.

Rosebud chocolate 
 What a lovely addition for the box and such a well made treat. A pink rosebud chocolate on a stick, wrapped and then bound with twine. I cant wait to enjoy this treat. 

Paper tape & Dance like no one's watching magnet 

Paper tape 
This paper tape is fantastic if you like crafting, scrapbooking or using a jazzy tape to make your gifts more special. It has a lovely decorative pattern and will serve me well. 

"Dance like no one's watching" magnet 
 This magnet is a quirky decorative element for what can be a dull appliance. It can also hold paper's up if there is something you need to remember. Its small and in no way offensive or overkill to uplift your fridge/freezer. A nice little gift addition to the box.  

Blue stripey bag : 3 paper clips 

Blue stripey bag : 3 paper clips 
The blue stripey bag is always a lovely surprise and this month was very handy. 3 felt decorated paper clip's which again can be multifunctional. Mine will be used in my planner so i can keep track of important day's. 

Vintage photo frame & Wish upon a string

Vintage photo frame 
 This frame is beautiful and perfect for small photo's. It has a hook for hanging up. You can also hang it as is, with the lovely drawing within as a feature. Either way it will brighten any room. 

Wish upon a string bracelet 
This is beautiful and its the type of jewellry i love. It has meaning and significance when its worn, plus can be a beautiful gift for a close friend. This addition is a lovely way of taking something so simple and making it special. 

This month's box, wow what a lovely set of treat's. All have a stationary or to be used purpose. I love all the item's as i avidly use writing and craft material's. The additions of a Rose-bud chocolate to have as a treat, while you use the other item's was a nice touch to the box. As was the "wish upon a string" bracelet is beautiful, lovely way of giving something special. All in all i think this box is becoming a firm favourite for me. It gives me something i will use, plus they are quality product's that support british brand's. So im all subscribed for future boxes and im so excited for June's box now. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Josie Maran : Watercolour in Polynesian purple

A USA brand which is getting more popular within the UK now, as Sephora has become available to order from internationally. So i was kindly given a watercolour eyeshadow from one of my closest friend's. A beautiful purple shadow which has the consistency of a liquid yet sets on the eyelid like a paint. 

What Josie say's : 

These days, lots of companies are claiming to be earth-friendly, organic, "natural," and socially responsible. As a consumer, it can be hard to figure out what those claims actually mean. I know what they mean to me. I started Josie Maran Cosmetics to make cosmetics that are top-quality and healthy for people and for the planet. I want my customers to know what effect they're having on their own health, and the world's, when they buy my products.

- The key ingredient in my cosmetics line is 100% Pure, 100% Organic Argan Oil.
- We work with our suppliers to use ingredients and packaging that minimise our impact on the earth.
- Our glass, cardboard, and PET plastic containers are recyclable.
- Most of our cartons are made from post-consumer-waste paper and printed with soy-based ink.
- Whenever possible, we source materials that support the people that produce them. 

Josie Maran Watercolour eyeshadow

50% Coconut Water, 100% Hydration. Like a refreshing sip of coconut water for your eyes, this pigment-packed liquid shadow instantly makes eyes look and feel more hydrated. It has two layers: one layer of fresh Coconut Water, and one layer of Argan-infused pigments that instantly give eyes a more youthful appearance. 

Why Josie love's it: Living on the beach in Oahu, I became a devotée of coconut water—and noticed that drinking lots of it seemed to make my skin glow. I created Coconut Watercolor eye shadow to bring that hydrating color to the eyes. Have a sip of coconut water for your face with this shadow that's cool to the touch.

What’s in it: Infused with Coconut Water and Argan Oil to provide hydration.
How I use it: Unscrew cap and insert the doe-foot applicator for a fresh first use. Shake it up! Dab a little bit of shadow directly onto lids with applicator, and finger paint to blend.

You do need to shake this shadow really well, because being a liquid and containing oil it will naturally separate. So shake it well and you can judge by checking the bottom of the glass pot, if the shadow has been completely dispersed then it's ready to use. Now you take the doe foot applicator which is provided within the package. Dip the brush in and then apply to your eye, don't overload the brush as this is still a very thin looking liquid with high pigmentation. So just dab a little off on the side of the container (you can always go back and add more) then apply to the eyelid. 

When i first received this product i was more then happy to swatch, check the consistency to see the best method of application. In my opinion and on feeling the product, i would do my base shadows and then use this shade last as my bold pop of colour or the lid shade to a cut crease. I would say the cut crease would look amazing, as you can apply just this shadow on the whole lid then lightly blend in the crease.

The swatches above are beautiful and the pigment on the shadow is stunning. The shadow dries very quickly and feels lovely on the skin. I cannot wait to use this shadow to do a look, as i want to use this in summer when the evening's are lovely sunset's and you watch the star's roll in. Ive seen the green and rose gold shade's which i would love to also purchase as they are beautiful. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

ImPress Nail - Accent nail kit

I love to do my nails. With the new trend being to show more designs or having an accent manicure. With ImPress nail's if you have short nails or want that fresh manicure look in an instant. I love these kits as they can give me the design and finish i love from a manicure. 
*ImPress nails can be purchased in Superdrug & Boot's*

They say : 
The most flexible and comfortable nail ever.
  • - 2X longer lasting
  • - With revolutionary SafeHold adhesive technology 
  • - Secures like glue
  • - The only waterproof nails 
  • - Gap-free seal
  • - Includes 30 ultra-shine gel nails and 6 accent nails
*When compared to other press-on nails.

- Apply in minutes : Tab side lines up with cuticle. 
- Before application: Select correct size nail for each finger and set aside in order. (Use smaller sizes for best results)
- Wash hands : Use enclosed prep pad to cleanse natural nails.
- During application: Press nails down firmly, first in the middle, then on each side of nail for long-lasting results. (Always apply thumb nails last.) 
- After application: For the first 1/2 hour, repeat pressing on nails to ensure extended wear. Wait one hour before cutting or filing nails and before exposing to water. Glitter may cause an uneven edge; gently smooth with enclosed file. 
- Remove in seconds: Gently peel off from sides or apply polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, peel off.

So with these nail's the preparation is very important, to ensure they stick in place firmly. Do all nail-care preparation before. (i.e cuticle care, removing nail polish etc) Then clean your nail bed with the given wipe included. 

A tip would be to go through the size's and match each nail. This will make application easier, also do your thumb's last as the backing need's a firm grip to remove. Line the nail up before you apply as once they stick, they will not budge. 

So i applied my nail's and none of my nail's with length have moved as of yet. The nail's i have which broke, they do need some nail glue for added security. My thumb nail's are so short the adhesive part only was able to attach to a small part of my nail. So didnt last a long time yet with some nail glue it was able to attach more securely. So if your nail extends past the bed onto the skin your length is fine. If you dont have that then i would get some nail glue, also from ImPress or a kit with this included. 
As they do last and give a lovely summery effect. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

My little Provence box - (May Edition)

So with spring in full bloom, going into summer. The flowers and pollen maybe a  all encompassing part of this season. Yet My little "Provence" box finds a way for us to see the greatness mother nature creates. 

So this month's box is inspired by provence. The best of france being from this region. France is beautiful and i cannot wait too see the content's. 

Contents : 
- Little provence Magnet's
- DIY Bracelet 
- My beauty bag : L'occtaine & My Little beauty's eyeshadow stick
- My little world magazine

L'occtaine : 
Mer & Mistral Shower Gel {Sea & Breeze}
So this aqua coloured shower gel, is giving the sense of summer. With its fresh fragrance this looks like a lovely product. 
Roses et reines Hand & Nail cream
Hand cream from L'occtaine has always been a firm beauty must have as its fantastic. They have a range of scent's available, i love the shea and cherry blossom edition's. Its so nourishing. 
Verbena body lotion
This is a lovely refeshing body lotion with a beautiful lemon fresh scent. It's moisturising and the perfect body lotion. Very Luxurious. 
Verbena leaf Soap
This soap is stunning and crafted in the shape of leaf. It is a perfect travel soap to take on a trip. Especially to give you that feeling of luxury and freshness upon use. 

My little beauty : Amazing eyeshadow
This eyeshadow stick is a beautiful bronze shade and is a twist up mechanism. Its a long wearing product that gives a lovely colour payoff, with a creamy consistency. 

The Sunny cuff 
Is by far the most quirky and inventive product ive had in "My little box" so far. You can wear the cuff as is, or be a bit creative and thread designs onto the cuff. With uniqueness and chic being very stylish, this gives you the perfect oppertunity to create your style. I love the concept of this addition. 


Provence card & My little world magazine
So as with each month we have the beautifully illustrated card, with the inspirational quote. Also the magazine included, again i still do not like this map like format as it seems cheaper. I loved the old format of the magazine as it was easier to read. 

Magnetic provence 
So brighten up your fridge or space with these summery magnet's. Change the outfit with how you feel for the day or to suit the weather. It's all for the immagination and brighten the home, as summer brighten's your day. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colourpop - The Haul

So with everyone going absolutely mental over colourpop. My amazing friend in the USA done me an order and sent me a pile of goodies. On first glance these shadows are stunning, you'll see all the stunning green shade's. So is colourpop worth the hype or is it over rated ? Let's dive in and see. 

They say :

Welcome to ColourPop! ColourPop was born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels (aka Los Angeles) so we can react quickly to the latest and greatest trends and get them in your fabulous hands stat.

We take the phrase “if you can dream it, you can do it” to a whole new level and specialize in making killer makeup in every shade imaginable at prices everyone can afford. We think that whole barrier between fancy and affordable is absolute nonsense. That’s why all of our products have luxury formulas at prices that won’t break the bank. PS. We are 100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact.

Top L-R Bubbly, Cowboy :Bottom L-R Dare, Fantasy

Bubbly - A truly angelic pink with tons of silver and bright bubble gum pink glitter = A princess pink that is totally rave worthy.

Bubbly is a beautiful pale pink with loads of beautiful sparkle. Its perfect for your inner corner highlight, goes well with any look. A must have for any one looking for that perfect pearl pink shade. 

Cowboy - True pastel lavender in a Matte finish, you’ll save a horse alright.

Is a beautiful matte lavender shade which is stunning and comes out so vividly. Not alot is needed, it can be used as a transition shade being so light. I cannot wait to use this in a pale look. 

Dare - Shockingly bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter. This shiz should be on lockdown ‘cuz it practically guarantees a wild night you totally do not remember.

This shade is very vibrant, with intense glitter duochromes. Perfect for those bright bold looks you crave to experiment with. It looks amazing on and the pigment is so bright, you only need tap the colour on. 

Fantasy - Electric neon red violet topped with multi-dimensional glitter. Practically illegal, this is our ColourPop purple fantasy come true.

This again is another favourite but be warned when using this colour. It can stain the eyelid, so i would apply a good primer and base. This should reduce the pink staining. However if you have a day off after washing this off, then its worth a day of staining. This mixed with dare gives an amazing look. 

Top L-R Empire, Chipper :Bottom L-R Snap dragon, Flux 

Empire - Fiercely rich emerald green, just like the city.
The Green shade that all lovers of this colour must have. Its a beautiful emerald green will enhance any look to a new level, with its vibrant beauty. I adore this shade and its perfect for the upcoming summer. 

Chipper - Mid-tone minty green eyeshadow with multi-coloured glitter. This shadow will brighten even the darkest days especially when repping legit mermaid sea foam green.
Again another must have for the upcoming summer, Chipper is a tad lighter and enhances any eyes looking for jewel shades. The multi-tonal glitters make this shade really sing in the natural light. 

Snap dragon - Mid-tone sea foam green in a Matte finish, it’s pretty as a flower and fierce as a dragon.
This colour really surprised me with its mix of green and aqua pairing. Its matte finish does not dull its intensity nor it's presence for your look. 

Flux - What the Flux would you do without this light mint green in a Matte finish?
This shade surprised me the most with its lovely matte light minty almost tiffany mixed green. Really is stunning if u want a nice pastel, day look that brings out the colour of your eyes with a subtle hint. 

Flawless - Deep red violet in a satin finish. It legit woke up like this.
Flawless is a bright and amazing rich red purple colour, said to be a dupe for a popular cult favourite. 
Colourpop has been impressing the USA and those worldwide whom can get it with the help of very lovely US friends. Im in love with this brand and i can't get enough of there intense pigmented creamy eyeshadows. Its really quite something to have a brand not only have one stand out product for a bargain of a price, yet to supply a whole range of them. It really is an impressive achievement for a new company in this day, with societies' emphasis put on "you get what you pay for". Well i think colour pop just broke that mould, as for $5 you certainly can now get more for your money and at a higher quality then some high-end brands. I admit its not all rosy with one minor point, if you get the richly pigmented shades such as Dare, get a strong base as this can stain. However who am i to complain about a eyeshadow with "too much" pigment. Il complain if i need to rub it 20 times and trust me colourpop does not have this problem. So yes the hype is real and yes they are coming to the UK soon, so once they do i can see us UK girls having an all out riot on the website. 
I have 3 more sets of reviews with looks coming, plus new looks on my Instagram feed featuring my colourpop colours. 

I will do a post about how to apply and best way to get the most from cream shadows, for those new to this kind of formula. So for now il say Colourpop, i got to hand it too you all there at HQ "You did it and us girls love the Unicorn dust that land"s to brighten the dreary world". 

So this is using the purple shades Fantasy & Dare with Bubbly as my inner corner highlight. Also used Pre-nup blush on my cheek's to give me that naturally flushed look. I then topped the look off with my Flawless lippystix.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MAC - Philip Treacy collection

This has been the long awaited collection i've been waiting for. The powder's are visually stunning and unique. Another beautiful collaboration. 

They say : 
M∙A∙C Philip Treacy represents a unique partnership – London’s leading couture hat designer collaborating with the world’s boldest makeup brand. Going back through his extraordinary career, Treacy culled inspiration from his work to create a trio of sensational headpieces that showcase the structure of the face. Paired with each hat, a collection of products that enhances the face’s most evocative features.

So the two highlight powder's i picked are a true work of art. The shade's of peach and pink, then the silver overspray. Now im not a big fan of overspray, as i'd love too see the pattern all the way through. It was like some other powder's i have and they just are too beautiful. 

Blush pink highligher 

Nude pink & Blush pink 
High-Light Powder dusts the face in luminous champagne and light pink, each infused with a shimmer of silver that impart a subtle glow. Features an extremely blendable and velvety texture with a sheer finish.

Blush pink is a lovely pink with relfects of lilac almost running through it. The colour is amazing and the formula is very buttery, so it can leave give a powdery apperence. However using a soft brush with a light touch can help application. I really like this shade and it really is a work of art highlighter. 

Nude pink highlighter

Nude pink is a more golden shade with a rosey hint to it. Beautiful for the up coming summer period. Too add when you cheeks are rosey, plus your skin is most radiant. This highlight will give a warmth and highlight to those bronze tones we love to have in the summer. Again the same buttery formula. 

Beautiful collection and although they are not heavily pigmented. They give the right amount of payoff, plus colour for the lighter months of the year. The design is stunning, I openly admit I am a sucker for unique compacts too add to my collection.  

Friday, 1 May 2015

Ihearthomes - Subscription box

A new and exciting subscription box has hit the market. Unique in that they specialise with shabby chic items for the home. So if your sick of the beauty boxes that have swamped the market and sinking in samples. Give this lovely subscription box a try. With a variety of item's, there is no denying there will be something you will love. 

They say : 

ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

We wrap all our items in white tissue paper as standard (size permitting), to add that extra special niceness when you receive your order. 

April's happy mail box

Contents :
Beautiful bunting 
Cherry blossom wax melts
2 Chic straw's
3 Floral tags 
Made with love - Rose earring's 
Single Hanging hook, Magnetic frame, Owl file, hanging floral heart - By Sass belle
Vintage style notebook & sticker's 
& Parma violet sweetie's 

Bunting and Vintage sticker's 

This beautiful bunting is of a floral print with gingham hanging bind. Its absolutly stunning for any room needing a little lift. If that be draping it over your bed or vanity unit, too brightening a study or living room. The bunting's use around the home can just be the start, to a creative chic spark to your home. Great start for this month's box. 

Vintage sticker's 
Are really something i love to have in my stationary box. I love to add personal touches to note's or my notepad. Instead of highlighting, i prefer unique sticker's to make an impact. They are creative and also some of the most lovely victorian imagery ive seen. These will be well used, so i hope i can find additional sheet's on the website. 

Wax melt's, Heart tag's & Sass belle range

Sass Belle
Really did spoil us this month with the box being full of lovely items. They are useable as well as being chic additions to the home. 
- The Single hook in the shape of a bird with floral print, is a lovely well made item. It can be placed anywhere within the home and give some small decorative detail. 
- Owl shaped file which is vibrant and a fun addition to my vanity table. It can stand alongside my mirror as a small decorative item. It adds some colour to my vanity which has very little, so its a welcome addition. 
- Floral heart shaped decorative piece for your home. 

Wax melt's
The wax melt's are packaged in a paper blue chevron bag. The scent of cherry blossom, is resonating from the bag before you open it. Its simple packaging is effective and all thats needed. The product is the main attraction, the scent throw is vast and long lasting. Lovely wax melt's, i will be looking into more scent's for my home. 

Heart tag's
A candy cane style bag that gives memories of old style sweet shop's. Sealed with a sticker which says "be happy" a surprise bag, with 3 floral gift tags inside. Floral heart's with twine to secure to whichever item you wish to use them for. Simple yet a lovely small surprise. 

2 Straw's, Rose Earring's and Vintage items

Made with love - Rose earring's 
These earring's are beautiful and dainty. Perfect for spring and any outfit needing just that little something to add a touch of cuteness. The perfect too for just a hint rather then a bold statement of colour. All around lovely addition for my jewellery box.

2 Chic straw's
Now these are just beyond cute and dainty plus 100% style for any garden event or that unique homely touch. I would be proud to serve these to any adult and child whom was coming to visit me. Now they do feel like paper so I'm going to have to do the "how long will they last" test. Yet I'm sure they will be fine but only single use. Now with 2 i can get an idea of lasting time and if i would repurchase a bigger pack. I would certainly obtain these for get togethers at my home and special occasions. 

Vintage Notebook 
This Notebook is so vintage its screaming for me and my pen to start taking down life notes and words of wisdom. I love old classical books that are hard bound and have a feel of the unique then the standard format. This notebook has an old romantic on the front and the back is set out as a postcard, making it feel like it was almost flashed in time and saved. This is right up my alley and something i will have in my handbag to jot down notes or use as a personal journal of thought's. I will be defiantly looking into the collection available of these notebooks. 

Magnetic photo-frame

This photo frame is so cute. It really does need to be used for those perfect moment photo's to have with your at home or on your desk, as a that smile moment to go too on the worst days. This frame will give you that immediate smile and have the worst of days fade away. Its a beautiful addition to any home. 

I have to say ihearthomes really have hit a home run with this box if you love chic and the unique. But also if your just so sick of the mundane beauty boxes around, give them a go if u want something new and exciting. I truly love the concept and items within my box this month and i can't wait for the next one to style up my home even more. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

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