Sunday, 23 August 2015

That'so - New brand review

It's rare that i come across a brand so in-depth and commited to there product's, both professionally and commercially. That'so brand offers professional tanning product's and a new concept of obtaining the most healthy sun kissed bronze. Now available for purchase on Amazon.

That'so :
Professional cosmetics and beauty equipment that embody the concept of Fast Beauty. Simple and quick applications that minimize product waste and guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio.
The principle's 
• advanced technologies, for top quality product  
• cosmetic-dermatologic research, collaboration with research centres  
• Italian design, to provide machines and packaging of unmistakable style 
• eco-sustainability and energy saving 
• innovative services dedicated to national and international customers.
That'so - Glam body
Almond-scented soft mousse. It is the perfect solution to give skin an intense and luminous tan. It leaves skin soft, silky and moisturised.  Colour is instant and will intensify in 3-4 hours. After this time your skin may be washed. It does not leave spots or stains. Safe and natural formulation that does not harm the skin and body. Does not leave patches or an unpleasant odour, it can be easily washed from fabrics and hair.
How to use : Apply smooth evenly over body. To avoid discolouring palms and hands wash with soap and water immediately or apply with gloves. For best results, exfoliate skin regularly. 

 Thought's : The tanning formula is a light airy mousse which smells of nut oils and vanilla. It is a beautiful scent and the mousse easily dispensed. I would advise caution when dispensing the mousse, as its only takes a slight pressure to apply a fair amount of product.  

It is easily rubbed into the skin (or bare hand's if washed off) and does not take much effort at all to apply. It then dries leaving the tan too develop over (3-4hrs) time. The colour left is a sun kissed golden glow which is healthy looking. My skin is beautifully soft to the touch without feeling dry or damaged by the tanning mousse. 
I really do like this tanning mousse and enjoy the application ease plus the result it produces. The below picture i did to show the tanning colour after use and intense colour it gives. It is a beautiful product to use. A small amount needed to produce a healthy glow and then will wash off naturally.

That'so : Deep body lift velvet mousse
Body lifting mousse for the body with instant and lasting lifting effect. A body treatment that acts on two levels: it unblocks and mobilises fat, reducing it gradually (Liporeductyl®and makes the skin more compact, supple and firmer through the immediate tensor effect (Proteasyl®). The gold dust revitalises the skin and makes its firmer and more radiant.

How to use: Shake before use. Apply the product vertically on the area to be treated. Massage until completely absorbed. Apply every day to obtain lasting results.

Thought's : I must admit I'm a true sceptic when it comes to toning and lift products. I rarely see a difference to the area I'm treating. My thigh area was the place i really do struggle with as a body peeve, i don't overly have cellulite/fat on my thighs. So im going to use this till its finished and see what result happens. As i think everyone would like a more toned area's of there body. 

In saying that i have used this product and whilst i cant see any lifting or change as of yet, the mousse is lovely for the skin. It does make your skin feel very soft and moisturised with a very plesant scent. Im going to use this product till its finished and then update any change via social media. Also do a small side post to this explaining the finished changes etc. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

KISS Cosmetic's - Sample Kiss and Sheer Stick's

KISS cosmetic's are line of cosmetic's catering in Lip product's. I was kindly sent one but then i purchased 4 of my own to expand the colour range.
They say :
Colour Is Our Passion Make It Yours. Kiss Cosmetics is a line that solely focusses on quality lip products. The lip shades have been carefully selected to compliment all skin tones and affordability. The nourishing formulations ensure your lips can wear highly pigmented splashes of colour. Appealing to every occasion, offering treatment's to keep lip's healthy or a colour changer to create your own unique shade's.  

"My vision was to create a fashion forward, wild colour cosmetics brand that offers unique innovative twists along the way." Creator - Danielle Fenwick
What are Sample size's ? 
Miniature version of KISStick (Same formula) just a mini. Consisting of 10 pigmented shades. Whatever your doing KISStick wont neglect your lips with this moisturising and enriched formula.

Kiss Stick : Passionate Peach 
Passionate Peach : A ‘cheeky’ yellow based nude peach, perfect for warm undertones. Really like this light nude coral colour which can be used during the day or as a centre highlight for a ombre lip effect. The formula is creamy and easy to apply, very opaque and pigmented for a light coral. 

Kiss Stick : Toxic Kiss 

Toxic Kiss : Dangerous, potent and PINK! A cool toned neon pink destined to brighten up your world.  I adore this colour as its a vibrant, intense pink shade. It gives the most amazing pigmented colour, also when applied it stays creamy and not sticky. The formula is very creamy and applies so easily on the lip's. I will probably purchase a full size of this colour as i really love how it looks. 

Kiss Stick : Frisky Fuchsia
Frisky Fuchsia : A delicious raspberry, not too cool so as to suit most skin tones. This is another personal favourite as its really a bright raspberry shade. It's the perfect transitional shade for the summer to autumn season, when the berry shades start to appear. 

Sheer Stick : Flamingo

Flamingo : A vivid fuchsia pink with blue undertones. The sheer stick is like a balm with a hint of colour, fantastic for the day time or occassions where you may wish to have a more natural look. 

like that KISS specialises on one set of product's as then you become a master of your art. With the release of Sample size you can now trial the formulation, pigmentation and texture before purchasing the full sized product. I would have loved to purchase the whole set to swatch and use to gain a broader idea of the shade's offered.

I really like the formula as it is creamy and applies really easily. The pigment is rich and opaque on application, plus it doesnt  make the lips feel dry. The lips feel creamy and not sticky. It's long wearing and i only lightly re-applied if i was eating and drinking whilst wearing. Im very happy with the product and feel trying the product beforehand is a huge positive. However with every review there are some experiences i would like to give feedback on. 

 I love the sample sizes yet the £2.00 price tag, whilst i can appriciate its a professional finish, I felt it was a little expensive. I'd be happier with a simple design to bring the cost down. Main reason many brands offer full sized lipsticks cheaper. 

 I tried a coupon code to purchase more yet it did not accept. Maybe the website had a bad day and not working for me. Customer service was helpful but i tried all options suggested. I wanted to get this review completed and published so i obtained what i could.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

My little Gypset box - August Edition

My favourite time of the month when a box full of french fancies comes my way. This month is in Collaboration with Antik Batik on the bag and theme. This month's theme is a lovely and very boho chic style of "Gypset". 
They say : 
- Must-have beauty products 
(including one from our own in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 
- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 

- Our magazine (My Little World) 
- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 
Content's : 
- My little World Magazine
- Antik Batik bag 
- Hairband bracelet 
- Saying card
- My Beauty bag (3 Beauty item's)
Saying card 

Beautifully illustrated card that is always enclosed within each box. I love these card's for writing on or displaying. 

My little World Magazine
I really love this magazine's contents, i just wish it was the old format. 
Antik Batik bag 
Is beautiful and I really cannot wait to use this bag. It is a lightweight, printed and the embroidery pattern that's inset is stunning. I used to have a similar one when i was growing up, yet i could never then find one i liked when that one broke. The tie rope at the top ensures your valuables stay in plus you can wear this so comfortably. Im hoping they may do arucksack  similar to this as i adore them. 

Hairband bracelet
Always useful to have but these are much more attractive to look at then a piece of elastic. They are thicker and certainly very sturdy hairband's for on the go. I can envisage these will give a great deal of uses. 
My Beauty bag (3 Beauty item's)
- Korres Body Milk
I love the scent of this body milk (Pear) as its refreshing and so beautifully light on my skin. Really generous sample size also to gain a clear idea if you like the product, which i do as i love Korres products. 

- My little beauty : Bronzer 
 I must say im really impressed, its a lovely soft formula with a good amount of product. The packaging is simple,chic, unique which i love as it stand's out. The pigment is really surprising as it gives a lovely warm bronze colour payoff. This will be a really lovely bronzer to use as we transition in to autumn.

 I really hope My little beauty continue to formulate compact makeup, as i'd love to try a pressed powder or blush. 

- So Susan : Lip & Cheek colour
So Susan is a brand ive tried, im disappointed to see it in My little box. I hope this is a one off as i know it influxes other boxes. I dont enjoy So Susan products as i feel that they are poor quality, not to my taste. 

I love My little beauty for french products/brand's to try as its what makes the box so unique. We dont then obtain UK brands that have done the rounds with other boxes. If there had not been a french brand, I would have loved to try an additional My little beauty product. 
What an amazing box for this month and the theme, it was a cohesive and well planned addition. The art work as always was beautifully presented and bound with the "My little world" magazine. (Wont harp on again about missing the old format). 

Then beneath this was my bag of beauty item's which i was so happy with, exception being the So Susan product. I really hope My little beauty continue to make compact makeup as this bronzer was lovely. The Korres body milk in pear was divine as the scent and lightness of this milk is just beautiful and fresh. So big thumb's up. 

Then a beautiful bag which is stunning and i cannot wait to use, Lovely bag indeed. The Hairbands I like the multifunctional purpose, I can wear it as a accessory or it can rescue me from a hair emergency. 

Loved this months box, it was right up my alley and i adored the time and effort into catering for this theme. Fantastic month My little box, cant wait for next month. 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ihearthomes - Life is a Beach

This is my first box i have upgraded from a £10 to £15 value subscription. I was so impressed with the quality of the past boxes, im really excited to see what this month contains. 

They say : 
ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

Content's of this months box :
- Tote bag 
- W7 lipgloss slider 
- Ice Cream Sticker's 
- Ice cream Earrings 
- Holographic postcard
- Sandle eraser's 
- "Life's a beach" home plaque
- Seashell bracelet 
- Large & Small plaques "lifes a beach"

"Life is better at the Beach" Tote bag 
This tote is a lightweight bag which is brilliant for carrying any excess items you may need to bring with you. 

"Life's a beach" Small home plaque
This cute little plaque is just perfect for small area's in the home that need brightening up. (By the front door, Cork board's etc)

Ice Cream Sticker's
I love stickers as i love to Journal, so colourful and unique stickers add some lovely summertime colour. There is a generous amount of stickers also which is always a bonus. 

Holographic postcard 
High quality and well made postcard that has a seaside view as its artwork. This could be good framed or pinned to the family memo board to add some colour. 

 Sea shells bracelet 
Beautiful bespoke and well made bracelet which includes 3 charms. Very chic with an impressive boho style charm. I really love this bracelet. 

"Life is better at the Beach" plaque
I really love these plaques as they brighten my home and give it a sense of unique style. 

Sandal eraser's
Fun, cute erasers for your desk or home stationary supply. I alway's love cute and bright stationary, so this is fitting for my journalling. 

W7 Slide Lipbalm
I really love W7 and this tin of lipBalm is perfect for on the go. Handbag size and full of fruity scent. Lovely moisturising lipbalm. 

 Ice Cream earring's 
These are a lovely fun and quirky pair of earrings. Very fun sized earrings which will accessorise any summer outfit. 

"Life's a beach" plaque 
This cute little plaque can be used as a tag for your bag to add some style, or a small reminder that you can keep close by. 
This month's box theme "By the Beach" was very well thought out and costructed. I did miss the thought card's which we had recieved previously, as i love to frame them (my box just missed it this month). I enjoyed the plaques which do give me an oppertunity to brighten my home very subtly. My favourite item was the Sea Shell bracelet as it was so unique and i really love these kinds of jewellery. Also i love the stickers for my journaling as it adds lovely unique items for me to use. 

My box was a mix of chic items and classic boho style. I recieved the £15 box this month which did give me more products,  i really enjoyed this months box as it was light and airy. Giving us all a little taste of the seaside and the final parts of summer drawing to a close. This is one box i really do enjoy subscribing too and will continue to do so for many months to come. 

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