Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life in a Breakdown : Necklace review

I was really excited to see Sarah had teamed up with Funky Lazer, to create an inspired necklace collection. She has been an inspiration to me as well as countless other's, plus an amazing blogger. One of the first blogs i read and loved. I must say thank you to Sarah for kindly sending me a necklace to review. 

About : 
Life in a Break Down came about when I stopped wanting to blog about the bad sides of my illness and how bad things are in life, because really they aren’t.

It might feel like it sometimes, but I’m alive and kicking and from time to time having a great time, so yes if your wondering if it’s a play on words you would be correct. Life in a Break Down has progressed since it’s early days but in essence it’s still as it was, I’m here a blogging because I want to be, because I love it and because it helps me. (More information about Sarah on her blog). 

Company : We offer three main services, custom design, custom fabrication and custom woodcutting. Personalised, acrylic, perspex, mirror and glitter too.

Description : Laser cut products, specialising in acrylic name necklace, photo booth props, cake toppers and bespoke design all made with you in mind. We micro manufacture using high speed laser cutting technology. 

Necklace #UKbloggers review
I firstly have to thank Sarah at "Life in a breakdown" for allowing me to review one of her necklace's. I love the red and glitter colour selection, plus being a blogger the "#UKbloggers" choice was perfect. 

So firstly the necklace comes packed in a black gift box with the "Funky lazer" logo. The box is very solid and arrived in a electric blue padded jiffy envelope. It's is well padded with the chain placed behind, so no knots in sight. 

My thought's 

I prefer a more fitted necklace like this, as it's not moving around making me aware its there. It's a perfect length which made it sit flat so its easily readable. If it was any longer I think it would move too much. The edge's on the #UKbloggers are not sharp and do not irritate the skin in any way. It's clear that high quality material's have been used. 

The thickness of the chain was my only worry. Thinner size's potentially can dig into my skin and get sore to the point where i will want to take it off as soon as possible. Ive worn my necklace all day and there are no sign's of irritation (especially around the side's) or that the chain is digging into my skin. 

So overall this is a quirky fun loving and well made item of jewellery, that i can wear when doing my makeup look-book. It's unique and the other design's also are fun yet has something for everyone. I would highly recommend plus I would love to see more type's being released (Ring's, bracelets etc). I love my necklace and will continue to use it for as long as my blogging days last and then keep as a  beautiful memory of these days. 

Shop link

Necklace collection & featured : 
- #Ukbloggers Necklace
The #Ukbloggers necklace is 2cm in size and hangs on a 16inch chain. Coming in colours: Blue or Red - Price : £9.00
"For those who love to #blog"

Made by : 
Funky Lazer -

Friday, 29 January 2016

Ihearthomes - January edition

New year and new monthly edition of ihearthomes subscription. It's a theme mix of thank you, friendship and following your dream's from my understanding of the content's. This is the £15.00 box, which i subscribe to with my own money. 

About :
ihearthomes are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. 

We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.

Content's : 
- Inspirational card 
- Hummingbird keyring & pencil
- Candy striped baggy full of sweet's
- Zebra paper clip's
- Friendship poem
- Make your own bunting kit
- Floral photo frame 
- Scent gel cube 
- "Live & Dream" wall plaque 

- "Live & Dream" wall plaque 
This plaque is colourful and bright to usher in the new year and wave goodbye to winter for another year. It's perfect as a gift to anyone starting a journey with a new home or change up any area's in need of that little pizzaz of colour. Metal feeling and very well made.  

- Floral photo frame by Sass & Belle
Sass & Belle are really ihearthomes subscription box hero's. Every month we recieve a beautiful item from there collection which compliment's the theme perfectly. This floral frame has "follow your dream's" written within the space until you can find a photo to place inside. Thank you again Sass & Belle. 

- Hummingbird keyring & pencil
This keyring reminds me of the Sass & Belle style and i adore it. So well made on a rose golden tinted metal, with a vibrant colourful floral print within to compliment. It's a beautiful and unique item that il be showing with pride. 

Pencil : Now everyone need's a pencil and notepad within there bag, place you write ideas's or information. Handy and very cute stationary addition for this month. 

- Make your own bunting kit
When i saw this kit i thought it again was a beautifully colourful addition to make for an event or just add some unique room decor.  

- Zebra paper clip's
Perfect for my planner and notebook's to keep important documents attached but also reusable. There are 3 clips included and these are made by Sass & Belle. They will add a new and fun dimension to my planner.

- Candy striped baggy full of sweet's
The candy stiped bag in each month of ihearthomes contain's a surprise. This month it contained some fruity milk bottle sweet's. They were lovely and a perfect little snack to have whilst looking at the content's if the box. 

- Friendship saying
This saying plaque is beautiful and it would be the perfect gift to your closest friend whom you may not see regularly. The presentation is stunning and really does make this a unique gift. 

- Inspirational card
These card's i find are the perfect inserts for parcel's, I tend to write a note on the back for the reciever to read. I have kept some that i do like to interchange within a frame on my dresser. It help's give inspiration and happiness depending on your need for that week. 

- Aromatherapy soap cube 
This little soap cube is jelly in texture but smell's of a floral & fruity mix. It is a really beautiful scent and my skin from just unwrapping the paper feels so soft. The oils are definatly present and im going to be using this soap today. Below is a little information about the company. 

"Om Shanti Aromatherapy products offer handmade artisan bath bombs, bath salts, soaps and candles. This company has been born out of a love for aromatherapy and holistic wellbeing. Our aromatherapy products use 100% pure essential oils. Essential oils are obtained by extracted the pure oil from the plant. These oils can help to alter mood, and evidence suggests that they help with psychological and physical wellbeing."

In conclusion : This box was beautifully presented this month and amazingly well constructed. Most of these item's i have planned to gift to some of my closest friend's in thanks for there continued love and support through probably one of my most difficult year's. 

Too end is my mantra for the year and ultimate goal for improving positivity. 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

My little wish box - January edition

Happy new year to all, also how fantastic is the start off box just released by "My little box". I really am excited by this new box and cant wait to show you the content's. 
They say : My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight the lucky recipient.

Content's : 
- Wish Magazine
- Inspirational saying card
- Beauty bag : (Garnier cream, REN cleanser, My little beauty "lipbalm") 
- 2016 Diary 
- Bracelet cards
Wish Magazine - Finally we have our beloved bound magazine back, hopefully it's here to stay. I loved this style of magazine layout, I was not a fan of the fold out paper version. (This format's so popular, I really hope it stays for good.)
Inspiration card - "All your dream's can come true, If you have the courage to persue them" by Walt disney. This is the perfect quote to start the new year with and only make's new year resolutions stronger. 

Beauty bag :
- REN : 3 in 1 Cleanser
A detergent free ‘beauty water’ that will remove everyday make up. Perfect for those with ultra-sensitive skin, the flower water acts as a cleansing agent to remove impurities and make up while toning the skin—suitable for even the most delicate eye area. Skin feels purified, fresh, revived, and toned without tightness or dryness.

- My little beauty "Lipbalm" : Amazingly nice and moisturising lipbalm. I always love my little beauty product's. 

- Garnier Miracle wake up cream : Ive always been impressed with Garnier creams, so im excited to see how this performs over the month.

2016 Diary - This diary is unbelievable in quality. Hardbacked book with inspirational weekly words, quoting and reminder's. The corner's are removable so locating the week is made easier and each month is colour coded. This diary has blown me away with the quality, its just one of the reason's why "My little box" is so unique. 

Inspiring bracelet's - These bracelet card's can be pulled apart, then given to close family & friend's. There is one included for yourself as a reminder for you new year resolution. They are really cute and i cant wait to hand them out.

This months box is really fantastic and the quality is beyond what i expected. The diary alone is hardback and an item i can see myself using for the year. Just as much as i cant wait to hand out the card's within gifts or to friends whom need perking up. The beauty item's were high quality with REN and Garnier, however i would have loved to see more makeup as we have been swamped in cream's the past couple of month's. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dior - Addict perfume

Within my beauty routine is perfume, I find it is part of my overall finished look. Giving me a sense of beauty from the scent's i love, One of these being Dior : Addict. 

Addict is my Dior 
The House of Dior has always fired dreams. Dreams of women and their beauty, their pleasure and their freedom. Dior Addict is steeped in this legacy of desire for joy, youth and boldness. A line of luminous, sensational fragrances revealing a subtle blend of freshness and sensuality. Exploring the territory of a new kind of addiction, positive and vital.

Perfume : 

A sophisticated oriental fragrance with a floral heart, for the passionate, intuitive woman who ignores dictates and follows her own rules. The Dior Addict attitude is best incarnated by its compelling heart note of the Jamaican 'Queen of the Night' a rare and elusive flower that blooms only for a few hours and is considered the soul of enchantment. Intensely seductive.

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum unleashes fresh and captivating top notes that blend Mandarin Leaf with Tunisian Orange Blossom. Intense and vibrant, it reveals a powerful heart of Jasmine Sambac Absolute that blossoms with soft femininity and sensuality. 

Dior addict perfume 

Beautifully presented packaging and bottle within. 

This is a beautiful blend of scents and i really do find its the perfect winter into spring scent. I fell in love with the perfume after being sent a tester vial from  a magazine insert. If you love deep rich but sweet floral scent's. 

Then i really advise you check this beautifully made perfume by Dior.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Joan Collins - Timeless beauty collection

When an Icon such as Joan collins releases a makeup line, you sit up and take notice. This iconic woman has seen hollywood through the golden era, plus know what wonder's makeup can achieve. So i jumped at the given the opportunity to review her new foundation and compact's.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is a new international luxury beauty brand, created by one of the most glamorous icons of our time.  It aims not just to inspire women, but to provide them with the tools to feel and be beautiful at any age.

Now finally, she has delved into her treasure trove of beauty knowledge to create a new line of beauty products with the aim of sharing her experience with us all and allow each woman to obtain what she dreams of: Timeless Beauty.

First base - Foundation 

Is skin care in a foundation. It creates a smooth, flawless complexion with a radiant, natural finish, whilst Re-AgeTM Complex charges the skin with youthful energy, to help increase collagen levels. Light on the skin with excellent adhesion. Includes Hyaluronic Acid & UV filters. Paraben free.

My thoughts :
First base is a light weight buildable coverage foundation. Application is easy (even when using your fingers), plus leaves good distribution of product. On my face my t-zone is my problem area and I deliberately did not apply primer to see how it fared on dry area's. Whilst it was most noticeable on the bridge of my nose, it did not cake or flake anywhere else. So with a primer and my usual exfoliator this foundation would be a good wearing, reliable addition. I had a bare face to see the areas that need building up. I would just need my usual a brightening around my tired eyes. I Also felt the foundation dries down to give a matte finish. Overall I really like this foundation for light to medium coverage and will be using this in the summer when my skin is normal with no dry areas.  

Powder & Lipstick duo

Pressed Powder and a Divine Lipstick together in a glamorous mirror compact. The perfect quick fix combination of skin responsive powder and a hydrating lipstick. Any Divine Lips lipstick will fit in the compact so the lipstick can be changed as needed.

"I love this duo. I can easily find 2 of my most important cosmetics without having to rummage at the bottom of my bag. I can touch up my face quickly with a pat of powder and sweep of lipstick. Perfect!"

My thought's:
I did give a light brush of the compact powder. The addition of powder did not make my skin look cakey nor cling to my dry areas. Its a light and finely milled powder that only is required for touch ups, i found using it once was sufficent. The divine lipstick was creamy and felt moisturising. The pigment was fantastic and even when drink and eating the colour was still left, it became's matte upon wearing and can be easily touched up. Its a beautiful colour and lovely lipstick, I really am in love with this formula. 

Have you tried any of the range ?What  would you try ? 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Tartlette - In bloom palette review

I have to say this year Tarte has become one of my new favourite brands. I purchased the Christmas special release and it is an amazing palette set, in my opinion Probably the best release of the year. Now with the early launch of the new "Tartelette : In Bloom palette". Available to order via Sephora Online. 

What it is: An eye shadow palette with 12 brand-new shades in a mix of matte and luster finishes. (Available at Sephora or direct from there website).

What it does: Take your eye looks to ynew heights with these 12 on-trend shadows. With nine mattes and three lusters, these lid, liner, and crease pairings allow you to create stunning, smoldering eyes. Infused with tarte’s signature Amazonian clay formula, you’ll get the same pigmented payoff, blendability, and lasting color as with the original tartelette—all in a chic, portable palette with a beautiful floral design. Use your favorite shadow brush to create your own custom blended bold eye or more subtle looks for any occasion.

This palette contains: {12 x 0.053 oz}
- Charmer (off white)
- Jetsetter (warm taupe)
- Rocker (shimmering taupe)
- Smokeshow (black brown)
- Flower Child (peachy nude)
- Smarty Pants (tan)
- Firecracker (bronze copper)
- Activist (dark brown)
- Funny Girl (champagne)
- Sweetheart (peach)
- Rebel (chestnut brown)
- Leader (aubergine) 
- Step-by-step tartelette guide 

My thoughts : 
really love this palette as the shadows are buttery and blend like a dream. Its probably the best neutral set i have in my range of palettes. 

The magic moonflower look. 
I achieved this look from the card which was enclosed. Also added some added sparkle plus used the darkest colour for  more definition. It gave the most beautiful finished look, I couldnt believe it was so easy to achieve. Blendability was fantastic, fallout was minimal bar a few specks of glitter. It's highly pigmented and i would recommend to anyone wanting a fantastic neutral palette. 

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