Saturday, 30 April 2016

Revel lashes - Natural look

When it comes to eyelashes, I love Revel lashes. As they give volume, are comfortable to wear and are affordable. 

About : 
We stock all of the lashes you love, from the most natural Demi whisp's to the most flamboyant double lashes. When it comes to lashes we've got you covered from your office desk to the dance floor and more. Natural Handmade Lashes that are extremely comfortable. Easy to Apply, Remove and Reusable. Ultra Lightweight Flexible Lash Bands that provide a natural look. Every box includes our European Certified, Waterproof and Skin Friendly adhesive. Fabulous false eyelashes available in 48 different styles

- Charmer's : #014

These delicate lashes effortlessly meld in your lash line making them perfect for everyday use. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. Each box contains 1 pair of lashes & our revolutionary new skin friendly water proof adhesive, guaranteed from 48hrs - 60hrs without retouching. Made with 100% Human Hair.
I really like these lashes. They add a bit of additional volume to your lash line. I use a little bit of mascara first and then apply these lashes. They are perfect for your everyday look and daily makeup. Giving enough of a boost to your look, which allow's you to do a more natural makeup. Another set of amazing lashes. The lash band on these lashes is so thin, I would give the tip of having tweezer's to hand for applying glue.  
- Darling's : #021

Let your dazzling eyes do all the talking for you with the fabulous texture of these lashes. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. Each box contains 1 pair of lashes & our revolutionary new skin friendly water proof adhesive, guaranteed from 48hrs - 60hrs without retouching. Made with 100% Human Hair.
These are by far my favourite for wearing with my glasses. They are amazing length and also give you a natural look. They didnt interfere with my glasses to much, I do typically wear my glasses a bit lower down. (If I push them up to the normal space it can block my sinus' and i suffer bad headache's from that). So if you find they just touch the glass then they are easily curled. They are amazing and easy to apply like all revel lashes, the glue once tacky will adhere them to your lash line so no fiddly movement's etc. Again as the hairs are shorter, you may find tweezer's will assist you.

- Lookbook (Wearing Darling's) 
Overall as always more quality lashes from Revel. The glue is still a little tricky with the wand. (Revel are aware and addressing this situation) The glue is amazing and highly recommended as it does secure your lashes. These two lash style's are perfect for a natural makeup look and daily use. 

If you want to re-use then remove your lashes, gently peel away any residual glue that maybe left. Place back on the original container and keep covered. You can use a lash case, personally i keep the box and keep them also in order. It's easier for me to then find the lash I wish to wear that day. 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ihearthomes - April edition

That amazing time of the month again when ihearthome's happymail arrive's through the letterbox. This subscription box comes in 3 seperate value's of choice, My happy-mail is the second tier value box. Im so excited as ihearthomes is definitely a favourite subscription box of mine.
About : ihearthome's are passionate and a little excitable about all things home. We have always loved making that house into a home and love gorgeous items that really make the difference. From quirky wooden signs to romantic rustic hanging hearts, we love all the items we sell. We have beautiful wedding decorations and gifts, stunning children's items, heart warming hearts, gorgeous signs and plaques. Take a look around the site and see what takes your fancy.  Don't forget to come back again, as we are always looking to add new items.
Content's : 
Inspirational quote A5 print
Absolutely fabulous ring dish
Canvas sunglasses case 
Canvas zip purse 
Microfibre cleaning cloth
"Diva" Luggage tag
Glass nail file in holder
Chunky wooden freestand sign

Canvas sunglasses case 

These canvas bags for your sunglasses (or glasses). I love the sunglasses canvas as I easily just will put them in my bag, which leaves them so open to scratches and breakage. Perfect for spring and summer approaching. 
- Canvas zip purse 
The zip purse could be used for money, makeup or smaller items you may wish protected in your bag. The quote is really something I would say and live by. Im all for the simple pleasures in life to make you happy. Decent size zip purse with adequate space for many essential item's. 

- Diva" Luggage tag

Wow vibrant and so sparkly. This luggage tag with the sunglasses is fantastic. As the box was so black,white upon opening. My eyes diverted to this straight away and the quality fantastic, being of a study material. I love the strap is a traditional one, the buckle gives it character. Vibrant and a functional item, i really love this.
Microfibre cleaning cloth
This is something ive needed and alway's mean to purchase. My glasses i clean every morning as part of routine. So im glad i have a cloth which is a bit more attractive to bring out in public then a little blue cloth.
Glass nail file in holder
I have a glass nail file and holder which has always been reliable, so to have a second is brilliant as I can take one in my travel bag now. 
- Chunky wooden freestand sign
The sign is a square wooden block which is very well made and a fair weight. Painted well and high quality decorative item that im proud to have on my vanity unit.

- Absolutely fabulous ring dish

Now this is beautiful addition to anyone's vanity table. It's a dish of high quality and its golden lettering with detail. It's my favourite item within the box, its given me a place to put my smaller jewellery without risk of loss. 
This month's box is full of high quality chic item's, fitting the being fabulous quote on the inspirational card. You have the canvas bags to keep any glasses you have safe within your hand/travel bag. Also the other bag to bring any keepsake or makeup you may wish to take with you. The homeware's are beautiful for your vanity, plus have uplifting message's for each morning as you awaken. I definitely love this month's edition and it just get's better as the month's pass. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Might fine honeycomb bar's

When your writing, reading or on the go and are wanting a cheaky sweet snack, then I suggest trying mighty fine Honeycomb. It's a beautiful new line of honeycomb treats. 

About : Gwyneth recently revealed that she uses an ancient health treatment in which she is voluntarily stung by bees. If this sounds a little bit drastic to you, may we suggest reaching for some Mighty Fine Honeycomb instead. With their vivid bright packaging on point with this spring's palette, they certainly look the part. Mighty Fine’s range of flavoured honeycomb bars are the ideal sweet treat with a difference. 
Each bar is made by hand in the company’s London kitchen using a carefully developed and closely guarded technique. Setting themselves apart from competitors who use just sugar, Mighty Fine Honeycomb’s ingredients include real honey which helps to create the brand’s signature light and crisp crunch. The products are then dipped into a Belgian Milk Chocolate to 70% Dark Chocolate. The delicious honeycomb with carefully selected tasty flavours from Salted Caramel using sea salt to caramel infused chocolate.

Mighty fine Honeycomb - Salted caramel Honeycomb bar 
This Salted caramel honeycomb bar is 50g, cardboard packaging and the bar is plastic wrapped. The 50g bar is quite substantial when you look at it. I personally divided this bar into portion's, as it's such an amazing size.

The bar is covered with a good layer of high quality chocolate, the honeycomb within is a beautiful rich golden colour. It is easily edible with the honeycomb giving a rich, honey flavour. I really want too be able to describe that the taste is of real honey, not the usual sugar honeycomb. 

I would without a hesitation purchase more from this line. I want to try more of the bar's with different flavour's. Also the honeycomb chip's sound fantastic, plus just perfect as they are more portioned. 
Mighty Fine Honeycomb donates five per cent of its profits to Friends of the Honeybee, a campaign organised by the British Beekeepers Association to halt the decreasing number of Britain’s honey bees and other pollinators and build a better future for them.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Colour portrait Studio - Essie Spring 2016 Collection

Essie are throwing the most fantastic competition alongside the famous photographer Rankin, via a Colour portrait Studio. Join in and see if your nail art can secure you a place at this amazing event on May 17th in London. 

Colour Portrait studio 
This Spring, nail salon expert Essie and photographer Rankin are partnering to celebrate beautifully painted nails. Designed to bring confidence to women every day, the incredible nail colour range  is at the heart of the Colour Portrait Studio, opening for one day only on Tuesday 17th May at a secret Central London location. Attendees will be treated like VIPs from start to finish, nails polished by essie manicurists and their hair plus make-up professionally done. 

Essie is offering everyone the chance to secure a place and be polished and snapped like a star. This unique opportunity will be open until the 28th April. Attendees will leave with their very own colour portrait by Rankin starring their beautiful essie nails. 

To enter the competition, simply follow essie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload your best nail selfie using #essiexrankin and @essieuk for your chance to win. 

Ahead of the once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot with Rankin. Rankin comments; “Colour plays an important role in my photography, as does making the subject feel confident in front of the camera. The Colour Portrait Studio with essie is the ultimate expression of both of these. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the day; we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Essie : Spring Collection 2016
Perfectly timed as we say goodbye to  winter, Essie has released their limited edition Spring 2016 Collection. Featuring six light and bright beautiful shades, that will play a starring role at the Colour Portrait Studio, each one is a little ray of sunshine in a bottle. 
Colour's available
- High class affair : Described as an amorous blush nude
- Lounge lover : Pretty pink peach 
- Sunshine state of mind : Blazing coral 
- Off tropic : Lush grove Green
- Pool side service : Cerulean blue
- Shade's On : Mysterious deep Violet 
must admit the colour "High class affair" I was not expecting much, as it is such a pale colour. However it was amazingly opaque on the first layer and by the second, was ready for the top coat. Im glad I finally have a nude colour that I can rely on, it gives me a lovely base to set against more paler colours. The colour "Off tropic" is a deep green, in paradise it would be equivalent too banana leaf's. I love green polish and all shade's available, so this is the perfect base to some spring glints of glitter. I do so love "Shade's On" with its deep purple tone's, yet almost pastel but not quite. I find this such a beautiful all round colour not only for spring but seasonally universal.  

They are beautiful not only to apply, yet opaque and stunning in person. This formula is amazing and whilst ive never had a bad experience with Essie polish, these colour's certainly are of the highest standard. These 6 limited edition shade's are described as a "Sunshine escape and a slice of colourful paradise". I can't disagree with the statement, im excited to purchase the other 3 in this collection. 

- Essie Spring 2016 Collection
RRP £7.99 *Price is set at retailer's discretion. They will be available in Superdrug, Boots, and online  from 13th April – 30th May 2016

Entry to the Colour Portrait Studio closes on the 28th April, for full terms and conditions visit

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Surprise box club - April edition

This is my first month of using this subscription box. I'm really excited as I hate to be bored. Ive just got my passion back for writing and now im hoping this will show me new ways of crafting. 

About : Welcome to Surprise Box Club – an exciting subscription box club for crafters and wannabe crafters. Join and every month you receive a fantastic box of crafting goodies delivered straight to your door. In every box there is an exclusive jewellery kit and craft kit for you to make up and impress your friends.There are written instructions or links to video clips so that we can do the crafts together.
And there’s more you will build up a collection of jewellery pliers, in month 3 you will receive your charm bracelet kit and one charm (after this you will find a new charm in every box) and I have lots of other exciting surprises throughout the year just to make sure that this really is ‘Happy Mail’.

- Tassel necklace kit 
Have fun making this tassel and choose your necklace length to suit your style.
Video tutorial: 
Contents included are for a tassel necklace and also some paper pompom's. If this is your first box then you will also recieve 3 pliar's which builds up each month to become a full set. Then in box 3 youll start to be able to make your own charm bracelet, with charms added in every box following. 
So in making the tassel Necklace I followed the written instructions,to see if I could do this and how easy its explained. It was very well explained and I managed to make my necklace without having to refer to the video. I found this was a really therapeutic crafting exercise. I did find some parts fiddly, as I have less strength in one hand too hold the pliar's.
My finished necklace 
However I managed it and was really a great feeling when i had made it. I was so happy with the finished necklace and I have enough chain to make a matching tassel bracelet. I just need to get another clasp set for this which is a small price to pay. 

- Pompom decorations 
Bright & impressive pompoms. Great as a party decoration or simply to add a splash of colour and fun to a room.
Video tutorial:

My finished pompom
This was a easy craft to do, I made mine  a pink/white tissue paper mix. I felt the colours would pop more, also would go great with just purely pink or white if being made for a party. The main tip given which is important and noted on the sheet, is to go slow when separating the layers of tissue. Some did slightly tear and it was fine as they do add dimension if not perfectly tipped. Some looked thinner which made it more believable as a pompom. I would say that if your wanting to hang these then after your knot around the paper, then add your hanging string. As it would be such a pain when all fanned out to try and thread a string plus the tissue will rip to shreads. 

My thought's on this month's box 
I really enjoyed this box. The crafting was amazing for me, I found an amazing joy and reward in making something myself. Ive always loved making item's but never tried jewellery, as I didnt think i had the skill's. I guess Triinu is right in that she can teach anyone interested in this field of crafting. I took a few bits of felt to make something beautiful and felt accomplished in doing so. The pompom's are fun and I can see myself helping teach others to make these for event's. Just what a pleasure this box is, im loving it and cant thank Triinu enough for allowing me to review for "Surprise box club". 

More about the boxes creator : 
My name is Triinu and I’m passionate about sharing my crafting skills.I originally trained as a silversmith and jeweller and over the years have branched out into many other crafts. 
I set up Surprise Box Club because I love teaching and helping other people craft fabulous creations. Crafting is a fantastic way to de-stress, relax and to generally feel good about yourself and your achievements. It can also be a great way to bond with your new friends. Sending you happy thoughts, happy crafting and happy mail.
Triinu xxx

Friday, 22 April 2016

Prudence and Crow : April edition (Classic fiction choice)

I really love book's and I am so happy that I found this subscription box. I love the classic literature and want to expand my collection. Im so excited for this subscription each month. 

About : We are Prudence and the Crow, otherwise known as Abigail Shaw and Peggy Seymour, both from London. We love books. We have been working together online for sixteen years and believe wholeheartedly in the power of the internet to enable the greatest geekery and most joyful post. You may well have encountered us in the past in the guise of Mymble's Minion and The Mymble's Daughter.

We wanted a subscription service that would send us an amazing vintage paperback book every month along with added fun and surprises. There wasn't one so we made one. Our aim is to share our love of the content and aesthetic of previously loved paperback books with likeminded people from all over the world. Starting on the 13th of every month we send out exciting book boxes to our wonderful subscribers containing a vintage paperback book, a handmade book bag, a library card to catalogue their growing collection and added surprises. 

April's Edition 2016
Content's : 
- Vintage book 
- Book bag
- Provisions envelope (Includes 2 Pukka tea's and 2 Moam sweet's)
- Vintage treat's (Includes Art postcard with reading list, 3 stamps, Penny and library card number) 

This amazingly decorated envelope arrived with my first subscription and contained another envelope inside.
This next envelope is decorated and has handwritten the content's were specifically picked for you. (Pictured as above). 

Vintage book & Book bag
This book is so amazingly presented and I have not got this edition either, so its fantastic to have a good book to read. Its been picked via the option's I chose when I subscribed. So you can pick what interest's you the most. I love that the book bag will protect my book, so I can take it in my bag with no fear of it becoming damaged. 
Vintage treat's : Art postcard & Penny 
This postcard is gothic art which I love and the book list on the back makes it great. I love finding new books to read and this list helps me find one's I may love. The penny included is in a collecting packaging to protect the coin. It has a saying on how pennies are used, I believe that sending a new purse as a gift you should include a coin. Its a little tradition of luck i have. So this is just amazing and truly a well picked item for me.
Vintage treat's : 3 stamps
The bag that all the items are in is a orange striped paper bag, with a star sticker to keep all the items within the bag. I love collecting items that i can use in my scrapbook or planner. The space and flower stamp's are beautiful and unique, I will be adding these to my scrapbook as collecting items. The space card is very unique and I do love sci-fi items and watch it on tv. So its great that I have a mix of classic fiction and sci-fi in my subscription. 
Vintage treat's : Art postcard with reading list & library card number
The library card shows the edition number of the month and can be used as a bookmark. Also loving the list books that is on the back of my postcard. 
Provisions envelope (Includes 2 Pukka tea's and 2 Moam sweet's)
This was the biggest surprise as its so clever and true, I love to have a calming cup of tea whilst reading. Plus having a sweet is a treat, as I do love to read during the day and the evening. This is a lovely treat that I wasn't expecting. 

So overall, I love my new subscription to Prudence and crow. It gives me a new book every month and extra's which are hand picked. It feel's so personal to me and my passion's. Im loving that im finding new a exciting, unique subscription boxes. 

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...